Sagittarius Child — Taurus Parent

Only a few parents-Taurus refuse traditional relations in the family. Taurus believes in persistence, continuity and stability and works tirelessly to impart such qualities to his relationships. The most interesting begins when a Sagittarius child appears in the Taurus house: he has other plans, he resembles a chick, who can not wait to hatch from the egg, and then learn how to fly and leave the nest. And the longer Taurus keeps him, the stronger is the desire of Sagittarius to get rid of guardianship. Sagittarius needs the opportunity to live and grow in its own way, and it will take a little time before it breaks free from the safe, but stuffy vessel in which Taurus holds it.

It’s all about the essential differences between Taurus and Sagittarius. Taurus prefers the familiar, Sagittarius - the unknown. Taurus is inclined to routine, Sagittarius wants change. There is no right and guilty here - only two people with inherent features. This does not necessarily mean that there will be a conflict between them: just from life they want to achieve different things. First of all, Taurus diligently builds life in its own way, and Sagittarius, even small, is able to destroy carefully thought out plans. He is not a born destroyer at all, just somehow he manages to raise whirlwinds around him (and Taurus can only watch fragile objects).

Taurus Mother — Sagittarius Child

Taurus mother is one of those kind and loving mothers who find it difficult to understand the restlessness of her child. She is ready to take the child as her property, believing that everything that she likes should be appropriate for him. But Sagittarius will strive for adventure and fun, rather than cozy with a book by the fireplace. Yes, this mother loves the usual quiet life, but it is unlikely that this will please her child. Of course, he will announce it!

Taurus tries to understand their children and will always find the time to listen to them. But the restless and changeable Sagittarius with his endless questions is too much! Mom-Taurus, with her constancy and tradition, simply does not understand his forward-looking and always active nature. Sagittarius tries to move her mother from the usual point of view for her and inspire new ideas, but she really is not interested.

Taurus can not tolerate confrontation and will try not to notice the sharp attacks of Sagittarius. But everything has its limit, and when her child starts to behave too loudly and this is becoming indecent, Mama-Taurus is losing her temper. I must say, this is a bit like an earthquake... And poor Sagittarius can only wonder what he did wrong. Need to say. Sagittarius is not one of those who consciously allow themselves to behave badly. And he is quick-witted and kind, although his mother is not. Immediately forgets his grievances. In fact, it would be smarter to explain calmly to the child why she wants him to behave differently, rather than bring the case to an explosion and not insist on those rules that he simply does not understand, and therefore does not pay attention to them.

Taurus mom is amused by Sagittarius’s merry pranks and the cheerfulness of his humor, and she has a rather sensitive heart to respond to his emotional needs. Besides, she will always help him practically. And he will teach you how to handle money correctly.

This mother is a great cook and loves to feed her children, but she will have to accept that Sagittarius prefers to be fit and will hardly ask for an additive. Taurus can please their children with gifts, but common sense will not allow her to give Sagittarius too much pocket money - he immediately spends it.

This mother believes that a good foundation alone is not enough - there must also be moral principles. She encourages the honesty and independence of the child, because these are qualities and her nature. And she teaches him the most important thing: how to use your restless energy in such a way as to get real results instead of idealistic dreams.

Taurus Father — Sagittarius Child

Although these two are very different from each other, they can get along fine - if they only want. Both have a good heart - in this they converge, but they have completely different ideas about the house and life values. If phlegmatic Taurus considers the house to be the center of the universe, for Sagittarius this is just a place where you can relax between two adventures. Papa-Taurus will repeatedly angrily reprimand the restless Sagittarius, who violates the tranquil and cozy atmosphere of their family hearth.

Taurus likes when children behave decently, gratefully accepting the love and care with which he surrounds them. But from Sagittarius is not so easy to wait for gratitude, if he believes that his father does not allow him what he likes. And Taurus can really become too strict, deciding that with his restless child it is not possible in another way. But it would be more correct to try to agree: Sagittarius will necessarily listen to common sense.

The Sagittarius will only benefit from the solid foundation that the father will provide him, able to approach everything from the standpoint of common sense. This will help the child to distinguish quite real plans from unrealistic plans. But striving for the future, Sagittarius understands that his father will never share his enthusiasm for innovative ideas. Taurus believes that there is nothing better than the established values, and his Sagittarius-child considers almost a revolutionary.

Sluggish Taurus sometimes fails to grasp the swift course of his child’s thoughts, but he will help him to become focused and able to look deep into the phenomena, and this is exactly what Sagittarius needs. Father should be calm about the immediacy and intimacy of Sagittarius and not keep him locked up.

Kindhearted Taurus understands his children well, and if he sees that his little Sagittarius is a freedom-loving nature, he will give him the opportunity to dispose of himself more. And he, of course, will appreciate his truthfulness, his desire for independence and his willingness to help others. In the end, Taurus dad can even offer Sagittarius to work with him together, and this couple, perhaps, was created in order to make money!

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