Scorpio Child — Taurus Parent

These two signs look at the world from completely different points of view. But despite being in different corners of the ring, there is a striking similarity between Scorpio and Taurus. First of all, they are both wayward, resolute and resourceful, and besides, they are stubborn - each of them believes that he is right.

In a dispute about which one is the hardier, no one will win, because both are able to stick to the end. They have so much in common, but they stubbornly see only differences. Taurus considers himself extremely practical, realistic and unshakable, and Scorpio is determined to overcome obstacles, he passionately defends his convictions and is not content with superficial knowledge. But they say, opposites attract, and these two signs prefer to see themselves more than two halves than as one whole.

Taurus Mother — Scorpio Child

Mama-Taurus with her kind heart will try to make the little Scorpio grow up in love and well-being. She responds to his emotional demands and warms the child with his warm affection. But sometimes she wants to protect him from life, and she shows her sense of ownership. But she must remember that Scorpio must be given the right to be a person! Taurus does not possess a high level of Scorpio’s energy, and often even she loses patience, tired of serious questions of the child, especially about life.

Taurus prefers a quiet existence, where everything is centered around the house and family. And although Scorpio is also tied to the house, he needs constant activity, because his energy should be used constructively. The wider the circle of his interests, the better. And it attracts science, history, and sports - which is especially important, because it’s hard for Scorpio to resist the magnificent cuisine of Taurus mom...

This mother does not like disputes, and Scorpio often becomes their instigator. Taurus is inferior to preserve peace and tranquility. But she must learn to say "no" to her obstinate child, otherwise he will grow demanding and unrestrained. Scorpio responds best to strict discipline in combination with a logical explanation of existing rules.

Even a calm mother-Taurus is capable of losing her composure, if she is getting out of herself. Scorpio is often unperturbed, although it takes everything to heart. But he is able to take revenge. Vindictiveness is part of his nature, and sometimes he just can not cope with it.

Reasonable mother Taurus will help your child understand the logic of life and deal with their feelings. Under her leadership, Scorpio will be easier to cope with the strongest emotions. But it’s so good to be a balanced person!

Taurus Father — Scorpio Child

Kindhearted Taurus father wants everything in his house to be calm and secure. Scorpio appreciates emotional warmth, stability and predictability, so that he has the opportunity to feel loved and protected. The father hopes that his child will behave reasonably. He will behave sensibly - but do not think that all times.

Sometimes Scorpio can not cope with its powerful emotions and becomes unrestrained and prickly, capable of getting anyone out of themselves - even Taurus. Both will walk in a gloomy mood until Taurus caresses his child and restores their good relations. Taurus is one of the few people that Scorpio really trusts. This father is a person whom even a cautious Scorpio considers it possible to rely on.

Of course, Taurus does not have excessive agility or impetuosity, and little Scorpio needs to keep busy all the time. It would be nice to carry him away with sports or dancing, to help him lose excess energy - so everyone in the house will be calmer.

Taurus does not trust anything too new, and Scorpio is quite curious and enjoys the novelty. Over time - especially in his youth - he can even consider his father an old-fashioned eccentric who is happy to climb into his cozy old suit and you will not get him out of the house to buy a new one...

Both value well-being. But Taurus loves his house and beautiful things, and Scorpio seeks to gain emotional comfort. The father has a flexible nature, and he is able to understand his child. True, sometimes he also has attacks of pessimism, but this does not deprive him of warmth and kindness... Indeed, this is a wonderful father for the Scorpion child!

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