Taurus Child — Taurus Parent

Two bulls are usually firm in their intentions, they have great respect for each other and are treated with understanding. Taurus parents go through life at the speed that their Taurus child needs, and the right pace is of great importance for this sign. Rush causes Taurus mental "indigestion": they need time to understand and understand what is happening. Two Taurus usually go in step - if none of them will swing a red rag, irritating neighbor!

The only drawback of the relationship between parents and children born under one sun sign is an excess of similarity in the absence of stimulation. Taurus parents stick to the beaten track, instead of encouraging the child to go his own way. Taurus likes the usual things and the measured regime. It’s fine, but a small Taurus is threatened with shock if in the future he encounters an energetic sign of fire or an unpredictable air sign. He will be unprepared for such a meeting, and Taurus tolerates such situations with difficulty.

Taurus Mother — Taurus Child

Little Taurus loves a comfortable, comfortable house, which was created by the hands of his mother Taurus. The atmosphere of reliability and peace helps Taurus feel loved and protected. He likes practicality and, maybe, some old-fashioned way of looking at life, which he will discover in his mother. They understand each other and accept what they are without demanding more. Taurus mother maintains a tranquil environment that allows the Taurus child to feel safe in his still small world. She understands the emotional demands of her child, shares his love for comfort and possession of things tangible.

Mother teaches Taurus good manners, honesty and kindness, but at the same time he wants to teach and think. She is a reasonable and practical person, and in her little Taurus finds a good student who without any resistance perceives her life lessons.

But not everything here is so cloudless, and the problems will arise immediately, as soon as they begin to quarrel. Two roaring bulls, facing each other, are a spectacle that causes anxiety! And none of these stubborn personalities born under the sign of Taurus, and will not think to retreat. Mom-Taurus should learn how to help your child express his desires and emotions in such a way that there are as few clashes as possible. Only it is necessary to find a balance between compliance and discontent, so that the feeling of hopelessness does not grow in it.

When it comes to food, Mom-Taurus shows off her culinary talents, which is very welcome, since the Taurus child is one of those who will quickly eat everything and come for an additive! Delicious mother dinners plus sweets that little Taurus gets in the form of a reward can add to the child unnecessary kilograms, so follow it!

Little Taurus is pleased that the mother does not try to write it to all the sports sections at the same time and encourages his love of art. And although there is always a danger that the Taurus mother does not strongly demand something from her child, but he will grow up in an atmosphere of warmth and reliability. He loves the warm embrace of his mother, her patience, kindness and understanding, and most importantly - her willingness to accept her little Taurus as he is.

Taurus Father — Taurus Child

Usually Taurus dad loves his children dearly. But if his child is also Taurus, he is generally ready to melt! He will not ask his offspring for exemplary behavior, but will encourage him in every way when he begins to receive good grades in school. And he will not drive up the development of his child. He does not hurry to see him as an adult, preferring to love him and take care of him, have a measured lifestyle and a stable home. Little Taurus likes it very much, but what else does his father need? Therefore, each of them is happy.

However, there are cases when, due to the slowness of the child, the Pope-Taurus is losing patience and losing his temper. However, internally, he realizes how much this can be harmful for Taurus, the younger, and therefore tries to restrain his temper. Taurus also knows how difficult it is to establish relations with a stubborn little Taurus. None of them is ready to forgive and forget everything that happened, so these two are better off simply avoiding quarrels.

Taurus dad prefers a classically old-fashioned upbringing and chooses for his children traditional schools, where the orders are strict, but they are just, and the demands are high. This is fine for Taurus, the younger, because he, fortunately, shares the views of his father about what is right and what is not. Both of them love country walks, work in the garden and in general nature, and it’s easy for the father to persuade Taurus to do what other parents do not always succeed.

Both are purposeful enough, and both do not like to waste their efforts in vain, and therefore they know exactly what they will or will not do, and will necessarily leave time for themselves to relax and relax between classes. To get out of the way, coping with the work, they will not. It may seem that they are quieter than other signs, and they just understand sitting in front of a cozy fireplace, that this can get no less pleasure than from a dizzying adventure.

This loving couple is endowed with an increased sense of humor. A father can enjoy spending time with a Taurus child, listening to him and helping him to do his homework. Both willingly share their memories and cherish what they have: they can hardly be called people who are willing to take risks. The father will encourage Taurus in his steady advance, rejoicing that his child is not noisy and not demanding. A little Taurus will feel with his father as calmly and comfortably as with his old kind and always beloved teddy bear.

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