Virgo Child — Taurus Parent

These two mundane natures feel next to each other at ease. Virgo is more subtle than Taurus, but they both value safety and reliability. Taurus is an adherent of the traditional and common, and as a parent, believes that providing security for the family is above all. Taurus can be compared to the stone foundation on which the whole family is built and maintained.

If you are one of the people who like to be in safe hands, the better, but some signs regard the seizure of Taurus as steel, and are in desperate struggle to free themselves from it. However, Virgo is not so persistent. Virgo is pleased to feel a reliable support in her parent. Although Virgo is a sign of the earth, and therefore, is made of the same test as the prudent, practical Taurus, these people can be nervous and willful. Thanks to the connection with Mercury, mentally they pass through one million miles per hour and do not hide their anxiety and excitement. It is in such cases that the mitigating influence of the Taurus parent can calm the internal revolution of the Virgo child. Taurus is famous for its ability to drive out any anxiety.

Taurus Mother — Virgo Child

In these two, there is so much warmth and comfort, like in an old woolen pullover! Both mother and child love everything that is reliable and reasonable, and they will not be confused by high-flown phrases - for this they are too practical. Virgo loves to be close to her mother, and while she conjures in the kitchen, carefully places the plates on the table, so that Mom-Taurus is happy that her child grows up so domesticated. Usually the Taurus adore its house, and it is here that the mother can give the tender Virgo a love and well-being about which the Virgo, with her unspoken desire for reliability and peace, could only dream of.

Little Virgo is a diligent creature. She will study well, but maybe she will not brag about it like some other signs. True, Taurus mom does not expect this. She is quite satisfied with the development of the Virgo, taking her as she is. Mother Taurus has an infinite amount of patience, and she is ready to answer the numerous inquisitive questions of Virgo. And the friendliness of the child fills the mother’s heart with special warmth. But if Virgo shows her penchant for criticism, turning it to her mother, she will feel offended, and it will seem to her that all her efforts are not properly evaluated. True, it can be reassured by the fact that Virgo herself is even more critical about herself. So there’s no point in taking offense at her, on the contrary, she needs to be reassured.

Taurus mother can explain to her child what is expected of him, and after all the Maiden gets a much greater confidence in herself, if she knows exactly what she is worth. She often thinks of herself worse than necessary, but a sensible mother will try to increase her self-esteem. Taurus always praises the child for accuracy and efficiency, especially since he is much more like a working bee than his slightly lazy mother. True, Virgo can too much dig in the small details of life, and then a practical mother-Taurus will help her look at everything differently.

There will be quarrels between them, especially since Mom is sometimes too stubborn to recognize the Virgo’s point of view. And she can not be considered that the child is an integral part of her own or her property. But still, the house for Taurus Mom will become empty when one day her grown-up child flies out of the nest... Although she can be calm: Virgo will never forget the love and kindness that she so generously received at home.

Taurus Father — Virgo Child

The Virgo knows that she can rely on her consistent and integral daddy-Taurus. He really knows how to work and does not spare money for his child to be beautifully dressed and well-fed. Taurus is pleased that his little Virgo shares traditional values dear to his heart, and that she loves their happy home, the creation of which he spent so much energy.

Such a father always thinks well before doing anything, and he is convinced that this is exactly what is needed. But if Virgo manages to offer a more effective way of acting and Taurus will understand that she is right, he will only pat her on the back, approving her resourcefulness. If the Virgo begins to argue or criticize him, the father will be obstinate and will insist only on his point of view. He does not recognize any rebelliousness and is sometimes very strict, which definitely does not like his more sensitive Virgo. She may not bear rudeness, because it destroys her self-confidence, but a reasonable discipline is another matter, and her father can and must demand it.

Little Virgo is a worker-bee, especially against the background of her leisurely and sometimes lazy father. But he will gladly go with his child for the city, because they both love nature and animals - as well as work in the garden. Taurus is glad that his little Virgo is always nice and tidy, that she knows how to handle money and always helps him around the house. In the representation of the father she is almost perfect!

Some Taurus labor too much, trying to earn all the money in the world. And when they finally appear at home, laden with gifts, they believe that in this way they provide themselves with the love and affection of children. But the Virgo prefers that the father regularly visited the house, and did not disappear at work, trying then to give her a bribe in the form of sweets or toys...

As you know, Virgo is a sign of the earth, and she wants stability and attention, recognition and approval. Well, the Taurus-fathers quite developed desire to protect the child and take care of it. Little Virgo will probably appreciate it and in return give his father what he needs - his admiration. So he can feel like the happiest father in the world!

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