Virgo Parents

Virgo realizes that a child is a creature that requires attention and love. As children grow up, such parents try to teach children to perform a variety of different tasks, answer all the questions that arise, temper the children and feed them with useful food, teach them how to clean and order, establish their demands, and demand their strict observance. They are ready to help their children in everything, especially in that which requires careful execution and slowness.

Usually one child is born in the family, and parents completely devote themselves to his versatile education, pushing their personal affairs and interests aside. They are trying to grow a full-fledged personality, so that there is harmony of physical, spiritual and moral directions. Children just love their mother. If the life situation develops so that the parents are divorced, the Virgo still feels obliged to take an active part in the upbringing of the child.

Virgo Mother

Some Virgos fear that pregnancy can spoil the figure and deprive them of femininity, beauty and attractiveness. The rest of the women of this sign devote themselves so much to children that they allow them to lead themselves. Mamam-Devam is not easy to cope with his role, they are often tormented by exaggerated doubts and fears that other parents do not even pay attention to. They try to show high consciousness in any business.

Virgo mother is sensible and constantly analyzes the thoughts and feelings of people around her. Therefore, feelings and love for your child do not show in the presence of others, hides from prying eyes. Only alone with his child, the mother of Virgo gives vent to her feelings and love. She uses all the possibilities for this. She tries to put her child to bed, talk to him alone with him, and so on.

The Virgo mother - as a permanent sentry, from her keen glance will not escape. She pays much attention to the appearance of her children and even on the street will not let them out in stained, torn clothes, with dirty hands or unkempt hair. For such a mother, grafted manners, success in school years, behavior of children "in public" are important. She teaches her offspring to be independent and very happy, watching their progress.

Virgo mom from the birth of her child thinks about his future, she is tormented by problems that do not concern other parents. She already knows in advance how she should help her child, and what she will do. Unfortunately, such excessive care for the child’s future does not always lead to good results. Virgo mother forgets about herself, her own happiness, her husband, who also needs attention. This can destroy the family, because of which the child will suffer and will not understand the sacrifice of his mother, and with the years will even condemn her for it.

Virgo Father

In the role of the father, the Virgo serve his child as an example of honesty, responsibility, accuracy, accuracy, the ability to tidy up all the affairs. In the first months of the life of their child, they try to reconcile with the appearance of a new member of the family and begin to pay attention to it. Such fathers can walk with the child by the pen, read to him a children’s book, help them to do the lessons they have given at school. They teach their children that the case should be in the first place, and in the second place - the game. Fathers of the Virgo instill in their children morality and discipline, develop their intellect.

Virgo-Fathers can not stand the cry of a baby for long or can tolerate its restlessness. They lack the patience to withstand children’s noisy games, mobility, mood changes, laughter and the child’s tears. They are annoyed, they make comments to children, openly criticized and often punished. In the family, they build a hierarchy, where the father plays the role of chief, while the child plays the role of subordinate.

It happens that children do not meet the expectations of their fathers who can reproach them for this. Some fathers treat children fairly cold, preferring to withstand the age range. As a result, children take offense at their father, lose confidence and love for him. They cease to understand each other, and in the future even perceive. This alienation has a negative impact on the future of the father and child. In order to avoid such a turn of fate, the Virgo father must appreciate the love of his child above all else and put it first.

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