Aquarius Child — Virgo Parent

Aquarius is probably the least troubled sign of the zodiac: the details and trivialities of life mean little to him, so he can be compliant and complaisant. However, if you try to limit his freedom, he will fiercely take her back. For Virgo, even the smallest nuances of life are important - trifles absorb her attention. Usually, the Virgo does not miss even the most insignificant details, and her relationship with Aquarius will be cloudless until the Virgo retreats from the temptation to induce Aquarius to follow her example.

Virgo’s parents are practical, and Aquarius, controlled by Uranus, is tuned to a completely different wave. His strength is not to stand with both feet on the ground, but in the ability to wander in the clouds and give out original ideas. However, Aquarius is not carried away to unknown distances: it has iron logic and clear thinking. His decisions and ideas can be genius and simple, and he comes to them without going through numerous options, like the Virgo.

Virgo Mother — Aquarius Child

A reasonable Virgo prefers an orderly life in which everything is arranged in its place. But Aquarius comes up with something unusual. This child has a lot to do, because he is such an inventor! Virgo mom will be surprised to find that there are a lot of things that he would like to talk with her about.

Virgo always seemed that the child should be happy to help her around the house, but Aquarius will shy away from what he does not want to do. Perhaps, this child needs to be put in place, and the Virgo will succeed. She will not allow him to always and in everything act in his own way. True, Virgo likes to make comments, and Aquarius is always ready to object to what he does not want to hear, so that there will be enough disputes between them.

This mother should see to it that she does not overload the child with too many demands or conditions, because if he learns to live "according to the rules," he will lose much as a person. Toddler Aquarius is a born explorer, adventurer, a man who feels his community with other people. The mother should encourage his creative inclinations and his originality. She must take even some of his strangeness and not make her agree with everything, even though she is very practical!

Virgo is not so worried that Aquarius seems a little cold. She herself is not too emotional and prefers the logic of the mind, not the voice of the soul. And yet she should show more love, trying to earn the trust of a small Aquarius, so that he learned to share with her his hopes and fears. He really needs an affectionate approach, because he is afraid that he will be offended if he is too open.

Mother, who likes to do something for others, is glad that her Aquarius is kind, honest and wants to help those who live worse than him. Of course, she can think that his idealistic dreams are unreal, but she is able to show him that his plans are realizable, and that will help him greatly when he becomes more adult.

Virgo Father — Aquarius Child

The persistent father-Virgo must make sure that Aquarius does not evade his duties. In his eyes, this extraordinary child looks like a rebel, but such a strict and reasonable father, like the Virgo, will do everything possible to prevent the child from fighting back. Papa-Virgo wants his child to be obedient for his own good, and therefore insists that Aquarius fulfill all his requirements, at times rather strict.

Well, Aquarius wants to do everything in his own way, not wanting anything but freedom, although the idea of some reasonable limits would only benefit him. The father tries to teach him how to organize his life better, how to properly handle money and, finally, how to manage in school, focusing on one thing, instead of getting carried away by any new idea that came to his mind.

And yet Aquarius should have the opportunity for research or reflection, and its interesting plans must be supported. This child - a little visionary, who can look into the future, and therefore it should not be too critical or restrict - you can extinguish his bright personality.

Father is upset by the habit of Aquarius often change his mind. The daddy-Virgo carefully thinks through everything before deciding on something, but then will not retreat from his own one or even a step. So Aquarius, despite the serious manner of discussing everything, seems to the father to be just a capricious child who wants to be taken seriously.

But the lively inquisitive questions of the little Aquarius surprise and delight the Virgo. A father who loves the work of the mind, with pleasure, ponders detailed answers and finds suitable explanations. Both of them get pleasure from joint conversations, although the father does not always show interest in the new, which, naturally, attracts Aquarius to himself. At heart, the father prefers what has already been tested by time, and therefore reliably.

The father does not always approve of his too original offspring, and the child’s lack of respect for authorities can terrify him. But we will have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that Aquarius looks at life in its own way. Development of its unusual interests, too, should not be discouraged. But this father can really help his child, constantly expanding his horizons and helping him to discover the whole world. We must only remember that sober cold criticism is sometimes just harmful to Aquarius, non-standard ideas of which are so adorn this too terrestrial life!

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