Aries Child — Virgo Parent

Aries and Virgo will have to work hard to achieve mutual understanding and learn to appreciate each other. Aries is full of desire to act, and Virgo ponders, weighs and assesses. Two so different people will need a lot of time to get used to each other’s point of view. But if it’s a child and parents, they need to establish contact and come to an agreement. In fact, they have much to offer each other, despite differences in thinking.

Both Aries and Virgo are striving for achievements, but for different reasons. Aries burns out of the desire to win, to overcome rivals, to be better than others. Virgo values excellence, excellence and accuracy for their own sake. Because the Aries-child will triumph, receiving a prize for the best drawing, while for the Virgo parents, the quality of the drawing itself will be important.

This child simply can not take care of boring trifles, such as unfolding toys in places. He is able to focus only on what attracts his attention at the moment, and as soon as the game is over, Aries’ enthusiasm quickly switches to something else. Fortunately, it is possible to interest such a child by giving some everyday task under the guise of a feat. Aries need a goal. They do not have fun doing anything just like that. Here the Virgo’s ability to analyze is coming to the aid.

Virgo Mother — Aries Child

Control is the key word for Virgo’s mother. She loves that her family behave properly and that order reigns in the house. But with a child-Aries on such a well-organized quiet life, there are few chances. His unpredictable behavior and innate irrepressibility can turn everything upside down.

She will never understand why he grasps everything without thinking, and does not follow her example and does not weigh everything in the most careful way before acting. But she admires his vitality and enthusiasm and even is pleased when he occasionally violates her measured life. She also likes his directness and practicality, and she is glad that he is mastering everything at once, without wasting time.

Virgo herself would like to be as firm and assertive as her child Aries, but sometimes she worries that he is not spending his energy on what is needed. And she hurries with her advice and suggestions. Aries pretends to listen to her, and then does everything in her own way. No one should teach him how to arrange his life!

Aries believes that his mother is too busy with what she does to fix the house. It seems to him that she is wasting time on insignificant things, instead of deciding the cardinal issues of life. Virgo can cope with the difficult character of Aries - for this it is quite practical. But she should less criticize him for his folly. Too often condemnations can undermine Aries’ confidence in her. Instead, he should often be praised for his courage, fearlessness and enterprise, because he needs her encouragement! If there are enough of them, Aries will decorate her life with fun and ebullient energy.

Virgo Father — Aries Child

When Aries does not doubt that all his plans will be realized, his father-Virgo is filled with anxiety, since he believes that nothing will come of it. Aries can consider his father too restrained, but he really does not have enough warmth and enthusiasm. And Aries is looking forward to the day when his father-Virgo will lose his temper, and, finally, it becomes clear what is on his mind!

Nevertheless, the child will take a lot from his father, learning from him patience and decent behavior. A small Aries, in turn, reminds his father that you need to believe more in your own abilities. Such a father will do everything in his power to give the child a good education and a quiet settled life at home. But he is not inclined to kisses and hugs, and a small Aries can sometimes seem to be indifferent to his father. Of course this is not true! But a child-Aries can become gloomy and unresponsive, if not completely sure that he is loved...

Father Virgo begins to get angry if Aries stubborn and rebels against the settled, predictable way of life that is so dear to his father. The child’s endless energy, his noisiness and quick temper can provoke stinging remarks of his father, and between them often there are verbal battles, especially in the turbulent youthful years of Aries.

Perhaps the father wants his child to share his interests like fishing or playing cricket. But Aries is too active to sit quietly beside his father, waiting for the fish to finally start pecking. So it’s better for the father himself to show interest in the child’s hobby and sometimes allow him to be a leader. And Father-Virgo will have to endure, if his Aries pocket will be with holes: he will never accustom his child to the thrift that he himself is different.

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