Cancer Child — Virgo Parent

Cancer and Virgo are kindhearted people. They understand what it means to worry and worry. In fact, at times it may seem that the cause of Virgo’s anxiety is self-restlessness. Her mind constantly calculates millions of possible outcomes of the upcoming events and, in addition, analyzes endlessly what has already happened, and mentally decomposes what happened in stages.

Cancer is not fixated on the little things of life, like the Virgo, but can become irritable, painful and eventually fall into despondency if the atmosphere does not suit him. From the Virgo, Cancer gets attention, brightens his way, but he still insists on roundabout ways - this is how Cancer is created.

Virgo Mother — Cancer Child

Hard-working mother-maiden does everything to ensure that her child-Cancer was happy. She is pleased that her little Cancer is so sensitive and responsive, and she is glad that they can be friends. They understand each other well, and when the baby Cancer is worried or waking up at night, the mother is always there to calm or lull him, because she knows what fears and fears are.

Virgo loves to be useful to others and therefore respects the readiness of Cancer to protect and protect its loved ones. She even likes that he knows how to be faithful, and his affection does not bother her. Virgo is not very inclined to manifestations of heat, and it is touched by the love that little Cancer so openly displays. Virgo is too practical to be hammered by dreams or unrealizable plans, but her child has such an ardent fantasy! Most likely, a small Cancer will tell a story to his mother at night, and not vice versa...

Of course, Virgo teaches Cancer practicality - she would not want him to live only dreams and did nothing. Cancer exists in the world of emotions, and at times it may seem that it is divorced from reality, so the Virgo must help him to feel what life is.

Cancer is so calm with Virgo that he will not close in his shell and will be happy to tell her about himself, although usually it is more restrained. Virgo loves to clean up the house, and she likes that Cancer is always ready to help her in this. This child is accurate and cautious, and Virgo appreciates both these qualities highly.

Well, as for the remarks, here the loving criticize the Virgo must follow after herself. Cancer takes everything to heart, and it can hurt any keen word. Of course, the mother will have to point out the child for his shortcomings, but very carefully, because Cancer pleases only praise. Therefore, the Virgo needs to notice and what he does well to cheer him up in time.

Cancer likes the well-being that his mother-Virgo can provide. He feels good in this quiet house, where he does not expect too much from him, and since Virgo also loves her house, they must have a great time studying the world from the window of their kitchen.

Virgo Father — Cancer Child

Virgo dad is happy that his Cancer child listens attentively to everything he thinks about good manners, morals and style of behavior. He likes when children behave well, and the house is in order, so that both the father and the child are quite happy with each other - until the first conflict.

Virgo dad should not demand anything without explaining what is behind this, because Cancer is capable of rebelling against rules that are incomprehensible to him. This does not mean that he is a difficult child, he simply does not know how to accept what he does not see the point. He has a very kind heart, and he wishes everyone good. And as soon as he understands why there are rules in society, he himself will want to follow them.

Both Cancer and Virgo spend a lot of nervous energy and sometimes get tired of life, so both of them should not forget about rest. Luckily for Cancer, his father, Virgo, understands that the child needs to sometimes be a little alone to recharge energy.

Father-Virgo should help Cancer, finding for him such activities that would strengthen his self-confidence, help to enjoy life and not worry about anything. The father himself is inclined to worry, so that it will not be easy for him to get his child out of a state of melancholy and despondency.

Cancer also needs help to become physically stronger, and since Virgo dad is not too athletic by nature, it is difficult for him to be a good example. Yes, and unless you will force the child to do what is most not interesting? So you can stop at an easy gymnastics and gradually build up a stock of vitality. The father will be pleasantly surprised at how hard Cancer tries to achieve his goal, if he has decided something.

A small, loving Cancer will come to his father with sympathy, a smile and caresses when he is unwell or has troubles. Cancer is a pleasure to console people by offering them a helping hand, and the Virgo will certainly appreciate it. But the father must make it clear to his child that they love him not only for the care that he shows to others, but also simply because he is!

Well, if a little sister has a sister or a brother, the father will have to make extra efforts to prove to Cancer that he is loved no less than he was loved always, otherwise he can show unexpected ill-will towards the new member of the family. Cancer, as you know, hates changes and everything that threatens his well-being.

The key here is the attention. The Virgo needs to remember that Cancer especially needs emotional participation. Everything will be fine if the father will comfort and support the child with the same perseverance that he shows in practical matters, where he feels himself at the height.

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