Capricorn Child — Virgo Parent

As signs of the earth, Capricorn and Virgo perfectly understand each other. Both of them are attuned to practical aspects of life, order and everyday affairs, so that their life together will be quite smooth. According to the Virgo, a child who does not throw clothes around the house and does not leave things unfinished is a real gift. In the house of Virgo, Capricorn knows exactly what is good, and what’s wrong, since Virgo does not tolerate such questions in such matters.

Parent Virgo encourages children to be diligent, and Capricorn internally aims at achievements. In the zodiac there is no second such sign that can satisfy the Virgo’s demands for zeal and activity: Virgo is always busy with something, even if her deeds seem insignificant. Capricorn does not need constant relaxation: it is quickly lost, not knowing what to do. Together, Virgo and Capricorn bustle like two bees.

Virgo Mother — Capricorn Child

These two intelligent creatures want to be respected. Both are able to handle money, have a developed sense of duty and are well aware of what responsibility is. The mother is happy with her child, because he is trying so hard at school, helping her at home and very rarely naughty. Capricorn reminds an adult in miniature, and Virgo is happy that you can rely on him even where other children have to be reasoned, explaining to them the meaning of what is happening.

Capricorn understands that the mother’s passion for order requires respect, and it is unlikely that she will bring a kitten or a puppy into the house, if this will bring additional troubles to an already busy mother. Virgo will focus on teaching her child to do practically necessary things and achieve meaningful results. Capricorn learns all this quickly, as if by itself, so that both will be happy - both the mother-teacher and the child-pupil.

What Capricorn clearly does not like is the special talent of the Virgo to criticism. Capricorn already has rather high demands on himself, and he is upset if he does not reach them, so that his mother’s sharp word will be superfluous. The mother should praise him more, because Capricorn often lacks self-confidence. Over time, of course, everything will fall into place, but so far he needs help and support.

Both of them are not the ones who can show their affection, but Capricorn needs to know that they love it. So the mother must take care of the child to feel it. Well, the rest of the little Capricorn is quite pleased. In their well-kept house everything is thought out, everything is in place, and he has such a clever, practical mother! She not only knows how to organize everything, but she will also explain what she is going to do. They have a reliable relationship, not without humor, and when together you can not only do business, but also laugh, is not it wonderful?

Virgo Father — Capricorn Child

Virgo dad likes obedient children who know how to behave. And if they still love to study… Therefore, he is happy that his Capricorn child is so responsible and serious almost from the first days of his life! Capricorn is determined to succeed, and a caring Virgo daddy will do everything to help him achieve his goal. Admittedly, his father is amazed at his child’s ambition, and he himself would like to have such a desire to reach the very top.

They both sometimes lack optimism, although Capricorn knows that if he works hard, he will eventually achieve his goal. But his Virgo father is never sure whether any of his efforts will come out… Both of them are honest, practical, and they will not make a step without looking around. They can not be considered big cheerful people, although they amuse each other with sharp remarks when they watch life. Capricorn did not hurt to laugh more often, because sometimes he looks at everything too seriously. And it is good, if the father-maiden devises entertainments and surprises, to lift to the child mood.

Virgo loves to help people, but little Capricorn sometimes thinks that a father could achieve more if he used his time and energy to make money. Virgo is able to adapt to any change much better than Capricorn, so the father should prepare the child even to move to another apartment, not to mention the appearance in the family of younger brothers or sisters. Capricorn is not ready to accept anything that looks like a threat to his well-being, and a new member of the family can make him believe that he is no longer loved. Generally the child-Capricorn is good with his father-Virgo. He knows that he can rely on his father and count on his support. And his experience and practicality, his almost encyclopedic knowledge - this is generally no price!

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