Gemini Child — Virgo Parent

Gemini and Virgo are signs that Mercury rules, so they are both mind-oriented. But the thoughts of the Virgo, as a sign of the earth, are more rectilinear and directed by a single narrow ray, while Gemini prefers to jump from one thought to another and to bypass. Traditionally, between Gemini and Virgo, friction occurs, because Gemini is the prodigal child of the zodiac, and Virgo is a prudent parent, but they share a love of mental stimulation and they always have something in common, in addition to having much to say to each other.

The disadvantage of the Virgo-Gemini combination is that the child feels the condemnation of the critical parent and is nervous, believing that he can not do any of the things. And although Gemini’s endless chatter can create the impression that he is full of confidence, he often lacks self-confidence. The reason he rushes from side to side is connected with inner anxiety: he thinks that life will take him by surprise if he lingers in one place, and constantly moving, he will not turn into a convenient target. Virgo can also make Gemini move dashes, crouch and loop around to avoid close attention. Of course, Virgo does not at all seek to study people under a microscope, they simply can not help notice every detail and not talking about it.

Virgo Mother — Gemini Child

The Virgo with her living mind agrees to answer Gemini’s endless questions. But will she have enough strength for this? Mercury gave speed to both of them, but Virgo has a stronger terrestrial beginning, and the expenditure of nervous energy often depletes it. The work of the mind only activates Gemini, and he does not want to stop at all. The more things he has, the better.

Virgo believes that her child-Gemini too often changes his mind and thinks too much about himself. She is concerned that he has no desire to serve people and he prefers to spend time not on something useful, but on his own fun. And yet you should not be too picky! Both of them are capable of criticism and can joke for hours, taunting each other. But if there is sarcasm in the course, the matter can take a serious turn. And this, of course, needs to be taken into consideration by the Virgo, in order to preserve the harmony of their relations.

Virgo spends a lot of time, doubting whether she did right, while Gemini almost does not care. He just does what he likes. But he always knows how to talk Virgo - his chatter is just contagious! Virgo also has a good command of the word, but sometimes it’s easier for her to write than to tell what she thinks. And with Gemini, she will discover the true art of conversation. Gemini likes how his mother cares about others, and above all about himself. And the Virgo is happy to note his child’s curiosity and his irresistible manners. And she will still have the opportunity to be proud of him!

Virgo Father — Gemini Child

The father believes that his child will do what he is told, and will always speak only the truth. But the Gemini child finds so much pleasure from the words themselves, which often instills just a little for the sake of fun. Father-Virgo will insist on absolute honesty - he simply does not understand the other. Gemini is capable of brilliant ideas, but is so distracted that it rarely drives them. But the father can do all this to the great delight of Gemini.

Both of them are not very emotional personalities and both consider sentimentality as a crime. But at the same time Gemini knows that he can always rely on his father and rely on his help. And his father likes to answer his child’s inexhaustible questions, because he himself is interested in all this. Father-Virgo is happy that Gemini is pretty neat, but it’s upsetting his son’s lack of taste for money.

The Gemini wants to have his father accept all his wishes without objection, and they are very changeable. Father, of course, knows how to adapt to change, but he is more down to earth, so he values well being and reliability. Gemini can decide that the father with his rules too restricts it, because this child is more comfortable with free regime and infinite variety.

The father loves work and home, but he must try to ensure that his child has all the opportunities for communication: conversations Gemini is needed as air! Papa-Virgo is delighted that his child wants to get an education! In doing so, he will try to teach his Gemini to build realistic plans, and not engage in mirages. And it gives its fruits in the future.

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