Libra Child — Virgo Parent

Between Libra and the Virgo reign peace and harmony. Self-control of Libra often makes life easier for the scrupulous Virgo. Many of those things that annoy Virgo simply do not matter to Libra, who, not wanting conflicts, willingly accept both good and bad - in the end, thus balancing.

As a parent, Virgo is very demanding of herself, she constantly observes herself, as if asking: "Am I doing the right thing?" This belief "I can do better, I should put more effort" is passed on to a child, Libra, whose doubts arise only at very Severe imbalance. Just calmly the child treats himself, accepting everything and seeking to reconcile with what is happening, while Virgo does not like what does not fit the ideal.

Virgo Mother — Libra Child

Virgo strives for excellence and wants everything to be done properly - and immediately! Libra will not do anything in a hurry, and my mother, looking at the lazy actions of her child, will sometimes become desperate. For Libra, an inner sense of balance and harmony is important, and sharp conversations or family disputes can knock the child out of the rut. Tell him more often that you love him and that if the house quarrel, it’s not his fault. All this is so important for his well-being!

Managed by Mercury Virgo-mother appreciates the word, and she will enjoy the conversations and discussions. Libra is much more contact than his mother, because she is too shy and too worried about what others will think about her. She is pleased to see that her child feels fine in any company, though she is afraid that he is very trusting. Although she herself is sufficiently homely, but must take into account that in four walls her child-Libra can feel unhappy.

The Virgo will teach her child good manners and patience and make him apologize if he offends another child or blames him. And she will not tolerate any laziness! Virgo expects the best results from her son, well, Libra will be useful to get a push to act.

This mother insists on cleanliness and neatness, and the Libra baby also likes a pleasant environment. However, he often lazy when it comes to cleaning. He hopes that his charm will help him get rid of this unpleasant occupation. But with a neat and restless Virgo this does not work! Of course, it is unlikely that this mother will spoil her child, but she must remember that he needs both love and affection. The Virgo, with her endless daily worries, can simply forget about it. The Libra child will benefit greatly from that sure start that his mother will provide him. She will teach him many valuable lessons, and maybe he will finally understand that there is no need to postpone for tomorrow what it makes sense to do today.

Virgo Father — Libra Child

Practical Virgo dad loves an orderly life. He believes that his Libra baby should first of all learn good manners and common sense. He will be able to show his indecisive offspring how important purposefulness is, and with a firm hand lead him to fully achievable goals. The father will teach the child to make full use of his potential and shake him well if he feels that he has overcome laziness!

This father will gladly help Libra organize and plan everything, but it is not worthwhile to interfere too much in the child’s life, taking decisions for him, even if this will give a greater effect. Of course, the Virgo father can not wait, but if the Libra child does not learn how to make decisions himself, he will simply lose his head when there is no father with his willingness to help.

So from time to time it is necessary to allow the child to act independently, and his enterprise should be encouraged in every way, and not be suppressed by a careful father. In addition, the stable order Virgo insists on can become a firm foundation for Libra in later life, facilitating this or that choice. All this will help the child grow strong and active, not weak and indecisive.

Virgo is not one of the overly emotional zodiac signs. So this father will not show his affection. But his child-Libra probably loves affection, and do not assume that this is slander. The father also should not laugh at the numerous fantasies of Libra. This child is much more imaginative than his father, and needs not criticism, but help, so that his plans can become a reality.

These two people like to talk: the father can explain everything to the smallest detail, and the child listens with pleasure. But he himself can learn a lot from Libra - for example, to rest more often or to communicate with people more often, being inspired by new ideas. In turn, Libra will understand what common sense is, how to implement their plans and achieve real achievements. See - these two are able to offer each other a lot!

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