Pisces Child — Virgo Parent

These two signs occupy opposite positions in the zodiacal circle. Of course, the parent means more than the child, and the scales lean toward the accuracy and orderliness of the Virgo. But even in this case, no matter how quickly Virgo tied her shoelaces to Pisces, they again turn out to be untied! Pisces is continually carried away to the world of dreams, and the Virgo constantly has to return them to the earth.

But Pisces can be extremely slippery and not be satisfied with the views of the Virgo on the state of things. This is because the attention of Pisces is distracted: blurred eyes indicate that they are absorbed in their own dreams and fantasies, and the small things that so occupy the Virgo, they consider unimportant. However, these two are unlikely to cross swords and shed blood. Of course, short skirmishes will erupt - the Virgo will not miss the chance to insist on his own - but in the end, will win the kindness. Virgo does not like to be an unyielding commander, and Pisces does not always shy away from obeying orders.

Virgo Mother — Pisces Child

Virgo mom tries to be useful to others, and her little Pisces has a kind, encouraging smile for everyone who needs it. As you can see, they are similar, only unlike their practical mother. Pisces lives in a contrived world - a world of its illusions. She likes to fantasize and create, while the Virgo gets to the very foundations of life, digging to the bottom and figuring in the smallest detail.

Probably, this mother has nothing to count on the significant help of her child in household chores, because Fish does not tolerate cleaning and quite agrees to live in a mess. A lot of grief will cause in the practical Virgo the inability of the Pisces to manage money intelligently. This child seems to be a thrifty Virgo just a spender. Perhaps, Pisces will want to have a cat, dog or guinea pig at home, but she will have to settle for a goldfish in the aquarium, as the mother simply can not stand the dirt.

As for education, Virgo mom tends to the traditional style, but she needs to take into account that Pisces should have the opportunity to display creative abilities. Boring teaching methods are just catching up on this child. Well, the mother of the fish can learn the most important thing: how to become stronger in the real world and be a person of the matter, and not an empty dreamer.

The Virgo should take the time to, in spite of her employment, show attention to her child. He is not always sure that he is loved, and he should talk about it more often. Shouts and punishments can deeply injure this little sensitive person, depriving her of self-confidence. Similarly, she will take sharp criticism from her mother, so that the Virgo will have to be more reserved. From Virgo-mother a Pisces can learn a lot, including good manners. Well, the Virgo will take a break from everyday worries, comprehending the depth of imagination of his little Fish.

Virgo Father — Pisces Child

The main task of this father is to do everything that is necessary for his child, or rather, everything that is considered correct. He develops his interests, helps to learn and teaches something himself and also closely follows his successes. Probably, all this is really good, unless the father crosses the line that separates the freedom of choice of his offspring from the desires of the parent himself. In the case of Pisces, this is especially important, because she will not learn independence at all, if her father decides everything in her life for her.

As for discipline, the Virgo father can be very strict, wanting to teach his child good manners, reasonable behavior within the framework of morality and common sense. Only let him not overdo it with remarks, because Fish takes them too close to heart. This sensitive child needs praise more than criticism.

Father will try to provide a happy future for Pisces, but if she decides to become a "free artist" and will live completely incomprehensible to the Virgo unorganized life, he will become enraged. He himself is very practical and expects from his child the same. And you want to see more in life and not be tied to one table in the office until your pension.

Still, the lessons of a practical father will benefit Pisces, and if in the end she begins to behave more intelligently, it is thanks to the good counsel of the Virgo. The difficult period of the growing up of the Pisces child can be accompanied by clashes between this emotional teenager and his logically thinking father, especially because of Pisces’ habit of lying a little. But one day she will thank her father-Virgo for his common sense, reliability and support. He may be deprived of her imagination, but he has a kind heart, and he will always come to the rescue if his child needs it.

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