Sagittarius Child — Virgo Parent

When the pedantic Virgo turns out to be the parent of the restless child-Sagittarius, it seems from the outside that these two are oncoming courses and they are facing a collision. Surprisingly, there is no collision. Despite the obvious differences, Virgo is not one of those people who will hide in the corners and take offense, and Sagittarius just laughs, failing. Undoubtedly, they look at life from completely opposite points of view: Virgo pays attention to the smallest details, and Sagittarius is looking to the future. They have a different value system, but their paths do not overlap, but simply pass in parallel planes.

Caution and carelessness are the parent Virgo and the Sagittarius child. No matter how fast the Virgo’s order could be made, Sagittarius creates chaos with the same speed. But for Sagittarius it is unthinkable to accept the organization of the Virgo as a way of life - among the chaos created by him, Sagittarius is especially happy and, strangely enough, does not suffer from the fuss surrounding Virgo. He just does not pay attention to the disorder, as if he does not exist.

Virgo Mother — Sagittarius Child

The merry Sagittarius will fill the life of Virgo with light and laughter. He will teach her not to look too much at others, feel freer and more carefree. She also teaches him a few lessons, helping to become patient, and tells you how to use a sense of common sense to avoid getting into stupid positions.

Probably, he will laugh at the meticulousness of the Virgo. He is burning with a desire to take up something immediately and does not see the point in delving into the details and details. And then, he’s not able to understand how his mother-Virgo can scrape the kitchen all morning, instead of playing with him!

But these two always have something to talk about, and while mom moves around the house with a rag or a vacuum cleaner, a small Sagittarius will follow her, asking questions. They can and discuss the most serious topics, and exchange home news. Both of them are not too emotional or sentimental and will be able to react quickly to a possible quarrel, settling everything without special offense.

The idealistic Sagittarius appreciates in the mother her need to share with others a piece of cake, good advice or to give concrete support to elderly neighbors. The Sagittarius is able, in general, to grasp the Essence, and the Virgo plunges into details, but both are able to think pretty quickly, so that Virgo can easily cope with the flow of uneasy questions of Sagittarius.

A Virgo can be a wonderful mother for this child, if she learns to stay calm instead of making remarks. Sagittarius needs less criticism and more praise. Of course, it’s unlikely that Virgo will like that he turns the house upside down, but a small mess for Sagittarius is an insignificant price for a whole day of fantasies and adventures! Reasonable Virgo has the ability to translate Sagittarius’ dreams into reality, so she needs time to teach him practicality, because he will need it many times.

Virgo Father — Sagittarius Child

Virgo father believes that everything is decided by the head of the family, and the freedom-loving Sagittarius insists on his own choice, especially in adolescence. But in any case, a reasonable upbringing of his father is only to his advantage, because he learns to behave more delicately, make better decisions, use his energy more constructively and use money more wisely.

Father himself works very hard and expects the same from his child. He is ready to give him a lot of advice, helping to decide on the future profession, to understand the many plans and to choose something that can be useful in practical terms.

Virgo dad is a supporter of traditional education and appreciates order and discipline. He does not share Sagitta’s too free views of the world and does not understand his restlessness. He himself loves a quiet, measured life more, but does not condemn Sagittarius’s aspirations for adventure, unless they lead to trouble, forcing the father to intervene.

This father sees himself as a parent-mentor and is ready to encourage any interests of Sagittarius, which may be useful. True, there is a danger that he will expect from Sagittarius actions similar to his own, and not to approve of his pioneering quest. And this child does not have to be restrained at all - he is able to teach his daddy-Virgo much himself.

Sagittarius often idealizes his parents and sometimes refers to the sharp remarks of the Virgo is much more serious than they are worth. But even Virgo can not resist praise, looking at how quickly grasps Sagittarius various ideas. The father is happy if his child captures something new, bright, interesting. And the child’s cheerful self-confidence, its amazing receptivity and ability to handle the word touches anyone!

But sometimes Father-Virgo irritates Sagittarius’s ability to build many wonderful plans - and do not finish anything. True, he understands that the very thought-out of these ideas is already entertainment for Sagittarius and that it is not necessary to put them into practice.

Sagittarius sometimes regrets that his father lacks impulsiveness, although the pope Deva himself believes that there is nothing to rush into everything headlong. Of course, true enthusiasm is always worthy of praise, but everything should be reasonable! He also believes that his Sagittarius child is inclined to exaggerations and too much risk, but Sagittarius would like his father to be a little more adventurous and often play football with him. But if they both understand that they are different, and accept it, they can have a wonderful relationship.

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