Scorpio Child — Virgo Parent

At first glance it seems that Scorpio is able to endure any tests. But Virgo should be remembered: her innate tendency to criticize destroys Scorpio. Scorpio can look so self-confident that it misleads most people who think that it can not be fumbled with anything. But in the depths of his soul, he is very vulnerable and believes that the scarcely noticeable flaw, the slight oversight pointed out by Virgo, is in fact of great importance. Scorpio remembers insults for a long time. It is important that the Virgo learn to hold the tongue in communication with Scorpio - this is just the case when you can not help the words.

But usually the relationship of the Virgo-parent and the Scorpion-child is warm and peaceful. Virgo with such an art understands people, that it will not be difficult for her to penetrate the heart of Scorpio. Little by little, she will put together a complex mosaic that is the character of Scorpio - bravado and restraint, strength and gentleness, will and sensitivity. Scorpio - a mysterious combination of qualities, this causes interest and admiration for Virgo.

Virgo Mother — Scorpio Child

Hard-working Virgo mom believes that thanks to diligence, you can achieve anything. Scorpio is ambitious enough to be among the first, and only happy with the support of the mother. Moreover, he is proud of his mother. And the way it looks, and the way it contains the house. Virgo - a lover of order, a supporter of once and for all established rules and strict discipline, and all this is just for Scorpio, who loves certainty in everything.

Both of them will not ignore any details or details, and Virgo will be happy to find an application to her living mind, answering the child’s questions. Both of them like to dig themselves to the core, so this kind of communication will bring pleasure to both.

This mother is not very capable of embracing and kissing, but Scorpio accepts her restraint. Virgo will be happy to help her child, but will not come to him in the soul or demand from him love - for her the essence of the relationship, rather than their external manifestations, is more important.

This mother does not always understand Scorpio’s sympathy and antipathy, his mood swings, his jealousy or his desire to take revenge, and even his powerful imagination scares her. The Virgo lives on a more earthly level, and maybe she really does not have strong feelings. In addition, she does not have the desire of Scorpio for primacy. Virgo is often enough the position of the second player in the team, and sometimes it is with great pleasure doing something for others than for yourself. But her child-Scorpio is determined to achieve power and wants to control others. And if he helps others, then something is waiting for it in return.

These two are sometimes quite critical of others, but for themselves they set an incredibly high bar and really want to achieve a lot. The mother will try to do everything in her power to give her child a safe, reliable home, and the skills of good behavior, and the ability to reason. She will make sure that Scorpio gets the education that suits them both. And although both these signs are not from the breed of merry people, Mom-Virgo and her child-Scorpio will be well at each other’s company.

Virgo Father — Scorpio Child

This father loves to have everything in order in his house. Of course, you need to include discipline, and this is what little Scorpio needs. He likes that his father is quite predictable and that you can rely on him. He learns from his father to take care of money and behave properly with others.

Dad-Virgo is all about common sense, which so soothingly acts on Scorpio! This helps the child to feel secure, without doubting that it will always be so. The earthly support that the Virgo father gives to Scorpio strengthens his self-confidence and a vital grasp.

Although even such a serious couple can sometimes quarrel. Scorpio wants independence and insists on independence. If the father sees that this is nothing more than a waste of time, he will necessarily intervene to restore order. Scorpio will resist until he realizes that it is much more convenient to use another weapon - cunning. He knows perfectly well that his father is a kind and resourceful man, and will try to choose the right time to put his father in his place and draw his point of view.

The father encourages the child’s interest in knowledge, because it distracts him from exploring his own soul, which sometimes only contributes to a bad mood. But it would be nice to entice Scorpio more and sports, which would help him get rid of excess energy. Virgo likes to watch how his child grows up and clever, and his serious questions beyond his years are of interest to him. Sometimes Scorpio thinks much wider and more unusual than his father, but he likes the ability of the Virgo to understand all the details, as well as the father’s desire to do everything right.

Both of them are cautious and do not trust the strangers very much. Both will not lose money, which sometimes turns into avarice, and both love their home most. Father-Virgo will be able to teach Scorpio to be more attentive to others, and Scorpio will always fascinate the father with his imagination and the mysterious depths of his nature.

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