Taurus Child — Virgo Parent

Virgo attaches great importance to prudence, because the parents gratefully perceive the discretion of their child-Taurus. Taurus is by nature unperturbed: he moves forward in an even step, not forgetting about passing things, and the Virgo is pleased to perceive this calmness - after all, it is born of common sense!

Virgo and Taurus agree on all basic life issues, they attach importance to the same aspects. As signs of the earth, both parents and the child will be happy to do business together. Something to make, build, repair, dismantle - this kind of work absorbs them entirely. They do not like talking, they want to act.

Virgo is an organized nature and refers to her role as mother, as a permanent job, which must be performed flawlessly. It will establish firm standards, rules and requirements and will expect others to obey them. Taurus is important to know where it is and where it is going, but sometimes it can be condescending to yourself - you just have to look at the empty cookie box to see what his indulgence is! Virgo does not forget that it is useful and harmful for the child, and it is not too lazy to count the cookies beforehand to make sure that he ate not too much. But due to discretion, they can come to a practical solution to the problem.

Virgo Mother — Taurus Child

Serious little Taurus will appreciate the reliability and tranquility that the smart, practical Virgo gives him. This mother’s house is in perfect order, and she carefully takes care of everything her child needs. And she is always there, if you need to help make lessons, change your soiled clothes or make something tasty. And this Taurus is satisfied!

Virgo likes the stamina and purposefulness that manifests in her child, if he likes what he does. But she is terribly annoyed when Taurus starts to balk and refuse to admit that something is wrong. Taurus does not listen to the mother’s advice from the heart, until one day she realizes that there is common sense in this.

But Virgo is so pleased that Taurus is firmly on the ground and looks at life just like her. Taurus enjoys home peace no less than Virgo herself, so this child does not cause the mother to feel guilty for her sitting at home. Taurus, too, is not disposed to extensive acquaintances - although the mother will try to ensure that the child has all the opportunities for both communication and education.

The mother with pleasure notes that her Taurus is not reckless. But she wants so much that from time to time he was more adventurous! If they have to move, the Virgo herself will easily adapt to the changes, but the small Taurus may have to be persuaded. The mother will look forward to the novelty, while Taurus will resist the move until things are loaded into the car.

This mother will carry her Taurus on excursions that can expand his horizons, - historical places like both. But Taurus can spoil her mood, begging for ice cream, with which Deva, who recognizes only healthy food and a respectful diet, is difficult to agree.

Virgo will also try to teach the grace of a few scruffy Taurus. A similar child loves everything that is comfortable, even if it is an old, lost sight of a thing. Well, my mother will insist that everything be neat and well looked.

In all other respects, this couple will have a beautiful relationship. Taurus is happy to receive lessons from his mother in good manners and rational behavior, and he likes that his mother always helps others. True, a small Taurus may sometimes lack a little affection, but Virgo will give him a sense of security, and this, perhaps, is the most important thing.

Virgo Father — Taurus Child

Taurus-child happy, seeing next to his father-Virgo, who spares no time or energy, trying to fix the clock for a broken toy or bicycle. These two mundane natures know what pleasure can be gained from practical matters. In addition, the Virgo is endowed with the talent of the teacher, and loves to explain to others how to properly perform this or that work. Fortunately, Taurus’s patience is enough to go through all the stages of work, slowly and without losing interest. In many respects, the Taurus child and the Virgo father are an ideal couple.

Fathers-Virgo are prone to criticism: despite the love of loved ones, they do not miss a single, even the smallest flaw. Taurus is usually very flexible. He will certainly ask himself whether it is worth attaching such importance to trifles - he seeks an easy life. Taurus rarely comes into dispute, because it has an innate respect for power. He will obediently listen to the censure of his father, the Virgo, even if he secretly considers his claims unreasonable.

Virgo dad loves order in everything, and Taurus likes this, especially with regard to things. True, from time to time the stubborn Taurus can rest against, refusing to fulfill the demands of his father. But you can not expect from Taurus full compliance - disobedience is part of his nature! It is important that the father always remember that basically his child-Taurus is a nice little creature who agrees with his ideas about behavior, morality and conscientious attitude to work.

Virgo father adheres to traditional views on life - as well as Taurus. Both are not those who live dreams of the future. They prefer to look back at the good old days, distrusting a new way of life and new ideas. This father will try to find a school for his child with good traditions, where they respect discipline and seriously study the most reasonable subjects in order to give him a decent education. In addition, the father will teach Taurus something and independently, encouraging his interests and understanding at the same time what to expect from his child. And he will always appreciate him for showing strength, purposefulness, self-confidence and courage.

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