Virgo Child — Virgo Parent

From the first days of life together, the two Virgos intend to stick together, keep their eyes on each other and amaze each other with observation and intelligence. The Virgo houses usually set a clear schedule, and the Virgo child feels in it, like a fish in the water. Each of them knows exactly what to do, and observes the rules with pleasure.

Fanatical desire Dev to cleanliness is a myth. They are obsessed with little things, things that no one else will notice. The rest of the family may not appreciate their efforts, but Virgo knows how important it is to pick apple green instead of pink soap to a green bath. Such problems are important for Virgo regardless of their age - they enjoy themselves, achieving perfection.

The Child-Virgo can be fastidious in food, he decisively turns his back on the dish if the appearance or smell of its contents does not match his tastes. Fortunately, the mother-Virgo always remembers the whims and fancies of all family members, so she is unlikely to give the little Virgo something unacceptable for dinner. With such a mother, the Virgo child will consider that his weaknesses are justified. His mother simply calls them legible: from her point of view, legibility is a very important quality, a sign of intelligence and good taste.

Virgo Mother — Virgo Child

This couple can establish a society of mutual veneration. Virgo, the youngest, does not doubt that her mother knows everything and knows how. Her house is cleaned to a shine, she cooks superbly, she has an enviable job, and she still knows how to arrange her life so that the little Virgo never feels deprived of her attention. In the closet, always cleaned and ironed clothes, and tea always appears on time on the table. It does not matter that the mother of Virgo stumbles to achieve such perfection. Rest for her is possible only when all this is done...

The Virgo-child is ready to respond to all the efforts of the mother with the most sincere gratitude. The mother is also happy: her child does not disgrace her parents, because he is so zealous about schoolwork, so gently folds his clothes before going to bed and always helps around the house, if necessary. There is nothing to say about the order in his room. Well, not a child, but a little angel! Still, these two samples of virtue, no one is going to put a monument, and they gladly criticize others for slovenliness, lateness, inaccuracy and laziness. Two sharp-tongued Virgo - this is serious!

But even worse, if their harsh remarks are directed against each other. Both can not stand criticism, taking it too closes to the heart and also easily lose confidence. Mother Virgo, as anyone, should remember that Virgo, the youngest, just comes to life from any praise and drops her hands, not meeting with approval. A little Virgo must understand that even a superman is not always self-confident and far from being capable of anything and that one should not demand from himself the impossible. Both Virgos have a wonderful property: they are happy to serve others. The mother will gladly help the child to bake pies for school sales, and together they will look after the elderly neighbor, making purchases for him and checking if he ate it in time. And both have a useful tip for everyone who needs it.

Virgo mom herself is worried about anything, so it is not easy for her to help her child get rid of unnecessary anxieties. And it is unlikely that she will teach Virgo to sociability, since she herself does not like to be in society too much. But the mother-Virgo can become an excellent teacher, helping to develop the child’s innate abilities, teaching him to read or offering to express his thoughts in writing. It accompanies any walk by showing new sights, deliberately expanding the horizon of the child.

She teaches the youngest girl to be polite and patient, to be interested in and use her time wisely. With her care she gives her child to feel that they love him, that everyone sees how clever he is and how he can help others.

Virgo Father — Virgo Child

Always busy, Virgo dad wants to make sure that his child is also working like a bee. The father shares his inquisitive attitude to life and understands the interest in any information. Therefore, he will take his child-Virgo with him wherever it can be interesting, and tell him about all the amazing events. He will draw the attention of the Virgo to the details of animal life in the zoo, and when they return home, he will find those books that can complement what he has seen. He is, of course, a man of traditional views, but he is not alien to new ideas either, though first he will check all the details to make sure of their effectiveness and only then adopt them.

At home, the father loves to lead everyone, and in the person of a little Virgo he gets a child who will not question his authority. Virgo is neat, diligent, helps a lot and in general a very well-bred child. She is rational and not too emotional - by the way, like him. And she also reacts painfully to criticism.

Father, like no other, should understand that his Virgo needs serious support, because she is so not confident in herself! Best of all, it responds to praise, although it often doubts that it can be trusted. Both are energetic enough, but they need breathing space. They prefer the habitual management of cases to risky activities, because they would like to know exactly what they are going to do, this keeps them from worrying, because they are both troubled people. In addition, the father-Virgo is even more worried about her child, if he sees in it this feature.

A little Virgo needs communication, and the father must take care that this is enough. In addition, the child needs encouragement so that he can believe in himself, for all too often the Virgo children underestimate their abilities. The father will sympathize with this and help little Virgo avoid being depressed if she somehow fails to behave in accordance with her own requirements, sometimes too high. The father may have the same problems, and he will especially have to try to help his child develop a sense of the winner: with such diligence a person should think better of himself!

They do a wonderful job of anything if they take it. They like to exchange opinions, tell each other about their hobbies, these lively conversations give them pleasure. But they are too strict when it comes to someone else. Little Virgo should explain that people have the right to be what they are. And although the search for flaws in others can be for her just an innocent fun, a way to develop her analytical mind, those to whom it relates, sometimes perceive it very painfully.

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