April Birthstones

April is the second month of spring. It is associated with the warm rays of the sun, followed by short rains. This month, snow almost completely disappears in almost all regions of the world, and the temperature no longer drops below zero. During this period, representatives of the most purposeful zodiac signs are born: Aries and Taurus. Thanks to the birth in April, a diamond brings them luck and protects them from troubles. The gem has been appreciated by jewelry lovers for many years and is losing its relevance.

April Birthstone – Diamond

Diamond is the main birthstone amulet of April. Three thousand years before our era, the ancestors of the inhabitants of modern India began to look closely at the beautiful diamond. They saw in him a “energy bridge”, allowing them to communicate and nourish forces from spirits enclosed in other stones. Hindus believed that diamond is able to interact with the deities of all natural elements, and therefore was very popular. In East, until the XVII century, a diamond was not considered precious, and it was not used by jewelers to inlaid jewelry of noble persons. In Europe, already in the 15th century, people learned to give an attractive cut to a diamond that many women loved, in the medium of which spread the trend of wearing accessories using this gem. At the moment, it is known that in nature there are specimens of all kinds of shades from white to brown and completely transparent.

In early April, Aries are born, whose main stone, the talisman, is diamond. They are used to taking the initiative, they love to discover new things and always strive to develop. They do not like routine, as they draw energy to achieve new goals. Sometimes they don’t have enough zeal to finish what they started to finish, as they quickly get tired of monotonous work. Aries, whose diamond is the talisman, love change and new experiences. In the second half of April, Taurus is born. Their main talisman is an emerald, but the diamond is also perfect for them. Representatives of this Earth sign usually have many friends, they are charismatic and they are warmly received in any company. It is hard for them to make decisions, Taurus prefer to carefully think over each of their actions and do not seek to change something. Jewelry with a diamond as a talisman stone will protect them from possible mistakes.

It is believed that the mineral is able to calm the soul and body, bringing peace to life. Water infused with diamond strengthens the immune system, improves a person’s daily condition, makes him more hardy and hardworking. Thanks to the mineral, its owner begins to feel omnipotent, which allows to achieve goals that previously seemed transcendental. Diamond teaches people to dream, inspires travel and knowledge of the world. It encourages you to learn new things, improves brain performance and memory, makes a person more successful at work and study, concentrating his attention on important things, not allowing him to be constantly distracted. A diamond provides success in any endeavor, brings good luck and strengthens confidence.

Diamond Jewelry for women

Women born in April are advised to wear the following types of jewelry:

  1. Earrings with diamonds are an indispensable jewelry for women born in the middle of spring. For everyday wear, original clips, as well as climber earrings, which have recently become popular, are especially suitable. For the publication of women born in April, it is recommended to pay attention to pendant earrings. It is better that they be made using silver. This metal in the best way in harmony with diamond and helps to realize its positive effect on the owner of the jewelry in full.
  2. Diamond ring is an accessory that brings good luck to a woman born in April. Such a decoration seems to stop time, slowing down the aging of the soul and body of its owner, filling her life with positive emotions and improving her health. Trinity is a great option for diamond rings for those born in April. An elegant accessory can be worn both in everyday life, and it will not look too defiant, or during social events at which its radiance will not allow a woman to go unnoticed.

Diamond Jewelry for men

Men born in April can be offered the following jewelry:

  1. A diamond inlaid watch is a stylish accessory for a man whose month of birth is April. He guarantees him a successful career advancement and respect from colleagues and employers. Such decoration will help to improve relations with the family and strengthen friendship ties. It is recommended to choose a watch made of silver. Metal is best combined with diamonds. In this case, the strap should be leather or made of eco-leather, so that silver does not conflict with other materials.
  2. Diamond tie holder — the choice of business people. Such an accessory is best suited for those who, on duty, are forced to dress in classic costumes and wear ties. For such men, this jewelry will be a pleasant addition to the image, which at the same time motivates to work more and better. In everyday life, this accessory can be put in a wallet. In this case, the holder for a tie with a diamond will keep the money of its owner in order and even increase its condition.

April Gemstones by Horoscope

April gemstone for Aries ♈: Ruby. This mineral was considered the greatest among other gems in antiquity. It is believed that water infused with red stone helps to cope with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes blood pressure, as well as reduces joint pain. In April, the ruby will save Aries from disappointment and save energy to continue working until the summer holidays. He will allow them to recognize their true enemies, protect them from accidents and illnesses. The red gem can calm Aries, making him feel better and more confident. The recommended decoration for the representatives of the sign in April is a ring with a ruby. He will make Aries more ambitious, teach to dream and attract financial well-being to his life.

April gemstone for Taurus ♉: Emerald. It is believed that it relieves headaches and nightmares. In April, an emerald helps Taurus recover after winter, protects against vitamin deficiency, strengthening its immunity. Thanks to the energy of the stone, the representatives of the sign become happier and do not pay attention to minor troubles. Within a month, the emerald will actively deal with the flaws in the character of Taurus, cleanse its biofield and save from prejudice. The stone will push away all the negativity from the life of its owner, help to focus on its goals and will not let you lose heart. In April, Taurus is suitable bracelet with emerald. It will facilitate the establishment of relations with relatives and friends, will bring comfort to the house of a person born under this constellation.

April gemstone for Gemini ♊: White Agate. Even in antiquity it was noticed that if a small piece of mineral is applied to the wound, healing takes place faster. The stone also helps to relieve pain during childbirth and make the process easier for women. White agate calms the nervous system and fights respiratory problems. For Gemini, he will become the main assistant in getting rid of the blues and fatigue in April. The mineral will set the representatives of the sign positive, clear their head of negative thoughts and make them kinder. Thanks to white agate, Gemini will devote more time to the needs of others, as a result they will become closer with family members and will make new friends. The mineral bracelet will be a wonderful decoration for the representatives of the sign in April. It will help to get an unforgettable experience and bring success at work or school.

April gemstone for Cancer ♋: Cat’s Eye. The mineral helps people suffering from problems with the cardiovascular system, improves heart and liver function, strengthens blood vessels. It alleviates the symptoms of viral diseases by cleansing the respiratory system. In April, a cat’s eye will help Cancer concentrate on study and work, protect it from useless doubts and increase the likelihood of achieving its goals. It will improve the memory of the representatives of the sign, improve their reputation in the eyes of others and will attract new career opportunities. Thanks to the stone, Cancers will find their soul mate or transfer existing relationships to a new level. The recommended decoration for them in April is a pendant or beads with a cat’s eye.

April gemstone for Leo ♌: Heliodor. Mineral prevents nervous strain and saves you from fatigue. Thanks to him, the Lions will be full of energy in April. Heliodor will help representatives of the sign to find inspiration, motivate for new achievements and protect against stress in difficult situations. The mineral will make Lviv less egocentric, which will bring them closer to friends and relatives, as well as attract new beautiful people to their lives. A good jewelry for them in April is earrings with heliodor. They will help to relax after a hard day’s work, clearing the Leo biofield of negative energy. Thanks to this decoration, those born during the reign of this constellation will maintain their emotional mood and will not be too tired of everyday activities.

April gemstone for Virgo ♍: Aventurine. It is believed that the mineral helps restore vision, accelerates wound healing, weakens allergic reactions and eliminates skin problems. Aventurine will make Dev more gambling and decisive in April, push for action and reveal new aspects of their personality. Thanks to him, they will learn not only to work, striving for excellence, but also to relax properly, temporarily forgetting about daily problems. The mineral will bring to life the representatives of the sign confidence in the future and will teach to quickly forget about failures, making them optimistic. It will attract luck, increase the chances of building healthy relationships with a partner. A good decoration for the Maidens in April is a bracelet with aventurine. It is recommended to remove it at night, otherwise the person will become too frivolous.

April gemstone for Libra ♎: Aquamarine. It is believed that the stone helps lower the temperature during the treatment of viral diseases, and also accelerates the restoration of the vocal cords. Representatives of the elements of air are recommended to use it in April, then it will protect Libra from diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. Aquamarine will make decision making easier, reduce the stress of everyday activities and help you relax. The stone will save Libra from nightmares and guarantee a healthy sleep. He will develop their oratory abilities, make them more self-confident, teach them to stand up for themselves and not let them remain unheard. The recommended decoration for Libra in April is a pendant with aquamarine. He will calm their heart and help them believe that everything that happens is for the better.

April gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Hematite. In lithotherapy, it is believed that the mineral helps well in the fight against diseases related to the circulatory system, it dilates blood vessels and normalizes blood flow. For Scorpions in April, he will become a good motivator, pushing to study, work and his favorite hobby. He will save them from apathy, make them more friendly and teach them to treat others with understanding. The mascot with hematite motivates them to self-improvement and the search for new interests, which will increase the likelihood of pleasant acquaintances. Having developed empathy, representatives of the sign will be able to avoid constant conflicts with friends and family. In April, a brooch with hematite will become a good decoration for Scorpions. She will save them from bad thoughts and calm their nerves.

April gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Turquoise. In ancient times, the mineral was used to determine whether a person is healthy or ill. Turquoise does not tolerate humidity and high temperature, therefore it dims if it is affected similar. In April, the stone will protect Sagittarius from nervous tension, help to love yourself and teach you how to dream. Thanks to him, the representative of the sign will understand that there is nothing impossible, and will begin to work actively. Turquoise has an inexplicable energy that can make people around Sagittarius more loyal and friendly to him. For representatives of the sign, the best decoration will be a bracelet with this mineral, which sets them to a working mood during April.

April gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Almandine. The mineral has a pronounced therapeutic effect, helping people recover from serious shocks. It also reduces the chances of depression, nervous strain, and burnout. Almandine makes Capricorn feel better, clears his thoughts and helps to understand his place in life. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign become happier and find a dream job. The stone is an energetic magnet that draws true love and strong friendship into the life of its owner. The recommended decoration for Capricorn in April is earrings with almandine. Women can choose any option according to their preferences, and men should pay attention to tapeworms.

April gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Amethyst. It is believed that the mineral is able to protect the representatives of the air sign from committing rash acts and infatuation with bad habits. Thanks to amethyst, Aquarius will learn to better control their emotions, will more carefully express their thoughts and will be less likely to get into awkward situations. The mineral will contribute to the development of their creative potential and will help to reveal new talents. He will improve their memory and oratorical abilities. The stone will make them real diplomats, carefully considering their actions and predicting further events. A pendant with amethyst is a good decoration for Aquarius in April. The best setting for such an accessory is silver.

April gemstone for Pisces ♓: Jet. The mineral is warm to the touch, so from a single touch a person can feel better and find peace. The stone also helps to relieve pain if it is applied to the place in the area where the person experiences discomfort. In April, the jet will protect Pisces from negative influences. Astrologers believe that if someone tries to harm the representative of the sign of Water, then he will not succeed. The mineral is also good for meditation, as it helps to relax and clear your head of unnecessary thoughts. The jet helps in concentration and can serve as a love tool. Thanks to him, the representative of the most romantic zodiac sign can easily conquer any person. A good decoration for Pisces in April is a brooch with a jet. She will make them more active and help improve her financial situation.

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