Aquarius Birthstones

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the European horoscope; its natural element is air. People born during the reign of this constellation are very optimistic and always prefer to give others positive emotions. Even being depressed, they try not to show their true emotions, so as not to spoil the mood of others. Aquariuses are creators by nature, and therefore often connect their lives with art. Representatives of this sign easily meet and make new friends. They are sociable and friendly, able to leave a good impression about themselves. Aquariuses are not afraid to try something new and are always ready to take risks. Their main drawback is the inability to stop in time.

Birthstone for Aquarius – Amethyst

A special birthstone of Aquarius is amethyst. People have known about its existence since ancient times, as evidenced by its name, which means “not drunk”, which is associated with a beautiful Greek legend. Dionysus, the god of inspiration and winemaking, fell in love with the beautiful girl Amethis. She already had a favorite, but despite this, the youngest of the Olympians did not stop trying to conquer her. The goddess Artemis decided to help Dionysus and turned Amethis into a bright purple gem, in memory of the unrequited love of the god of winemaking, endowing the stone with the ability to protect its owner from intoxication. In ancient Greece, wealthy citizens liked to use amethyst inlaid cups during celebrations. They also wore rings with a purple gem to reduce the effect of a heady drink on the body.

It is believed that amethyst has a number of healing properties, therefore it is actively used in lithotherapy to normalize hormonal levels and strengthen the nervous system. The gem saturates the blood with oxygen, which improves the well-being of the person as a whole and helps to prevent a number of chronic diseases. Amethyst is used to combat pain in the abdomen and heart, as well as in the manifestation of skin irritations. Mineral is used to give the skin a more fresh look and get rid of wrinkles. To cleanse the liver and kidneys, it is recommended to drink water in which amethyst has lain overnight. It can also be used to strengthen immunity.

For Aquarius, amethyst is an assistant in the fight against negative emotions and poor health. The gem replenishes the energy reserve of the eternally active representative of the air sign and inspires him to conquer new peaks. The stone also protects Aquarius from aggression and evil thoughts, filling its life with harmony and tranquility. Having jewelry with amethyst, those born during the reign of this constellation will be able to establish relations with loved ones and refrain from conflicts. The mineral gives its owner wisdom and gives it the ability to predict the future course of events. A pendant with amethyst will be a good decoration for Aquarius. It will help to cope with daily stress and find happiness in the little things.

Influence of the birthdate and the zodiac decan

Each sign in the European horoscope goes through three stages – decans. Depending on the belonging to one of them, a person is either a pure representative of the constellation, or shares some personality traits of those who were born under the rule of the same element. In the case of Aquarius in the second and third decans, the "brothers" of Gemini and Libra appear. Also, depending on the date of birth, representatives of the sign are influenced by different planets. All this affects their character, therefore they need special stones-talismans:

  • Aquarius 1 Decan (January 21-29) – Pure Aquarius: a typical representative of its sign. Aventurine is suitable for cheerful and open representatives of the first decan. This mineral will fuel their desire to live an active life, while making them wiser and positively affect how they make decisions. Aventurine charges with optimism and does not allow to lose heart. It saves you from depression and protects against nervous strain. Also, the stone makes its owner a more conscious and mature person, able to consistently go towards his goal. Aventurine bracelet is a wonderful decoration for Aquarius of the first decan, which will certainly bring good luck.
  • Aquarius 2 Decan (January 30 – February 8) – Aquarius with the features of Gemini: intellectuals in the power of Mercury. They are extremely curious and always try to find out the maximum about what is happening in the world. Their talisman stone is charoite. This stone was previously used by philosophers to concentrate and stimulate mental activity. Charoite helps protect oneself from energy vampires and learn the true essence of things. Thanks to him, Aquarius of the second decan is able to significantly develop their abilities and improve in the professional field. A good decoration with charoite is a ring. It will help its owner to enrich himself spiritually and find harmony with the world.
  • Aquarius 3 Decan (February 9-18) – Aquarius with the features of Libra: peace-loving individuals who seek harmony and equality throughout the world. Their talisman stone is zircon. He makes his owner more eloquent, enhances his attractiveness and authority in the eyes of others. The mineral directs a person to the path of good and to do things that are useful to society. Pendant with zircon is an excellent decoration for Aquarius of the third decan, improving their intellectual abilities and helping to cope with diseases.

Birthstones for Aquarius man

Representatives of this sign know how to prioritize and are ready to do a lot for the sake of people close to them. Moreover, what strangers think about them does not interest them at all. Aquarius men prefer solitude to social events and know how to entertain themselves without outside help. They have a strong character, they are straightforward and are not afraid to go against the majority opinion. Aquariuses do not like to hide their emotions, so sometimes they are too aggressive if something goes wrong. To succeed and get rid of personality flaws, they need the following mascot stones:

Emerald — a deliverer from bad habits. The mineral helps to get rid of all the negative character traits that an Aquarius man has, while making him more kind and sensitive. The emerald will not allow the representative of the air sign to change its nature and succumb to pessimistic thoughts. Also, the mineral strengthens health, gives its owner a lot of energy and helps to feel happier. It relieves headaches and stabilizes blood pressure. The emerald is also good because it attracts money to the life of a man-Aquarius, improving its financial situation. Therefore, a wallet inlaid with a green gem is a good accessory. After its purchase and regular use, after a few months, the representative of the air sign will cope with all the shortcomings of its character.

Agate – is a stone of calm. To suppress aggression, Aquarius men need yellow agate. The mineral will make them more balanced and relaxed, teach them how to relax from work and maintain a warm relationship with colleagues. Yellow agate will help to correctly allocate time, as well as concentrate on important matters, not to postpone them and always complete tasks on time. Stone makes its owner more disciplined and organized. A pendant with a pendant will be a good decoration with yellow agate. It is believed that it helps lower body temperature during illness, and also suppresses pain in the oral cavity.

Sapphire – is a gem from space. This mineral helps to reveal the best qualities in a person. He will help Aquarius man become more confident in himself, and he will also teach to correctly distribute strength and energy so that there is no emotional burnout and the person does not suffer from daily stress. Sapphire develops the intuition of its owner, giving him the opportunity to pre-guess the actions of others and make better decisions. Also, the gem attracts harmony and love to the house, strengthens family relationships and helps to find new true friends. A good decoration with sapphire is a watch. They will inspire the Aquarius man to work much and hard.

Moonstone – is a love magnet. This mineral will make the representative of the air sign more emotionally open and will help easier to let in new people. Thanks to moonstone, the Aquarius man will be able to find a loved one and will begin to look differently at the world, becoming more positive and peaceful. Moonstone will help to cope with aggression and negative thoughts, relieve nightmares and headaches. Also, the mineral is recommended to be used by those who have linked their lives with creativity, since the moonstone is able to give its owner a huge charge of inspiration. A good decoration with this gem is a ring. It is better to wear it on your right hand to create a favorable field around you that attracts people who are temperamental.

Birthstones for Aquarius woman

Representatives of the sign are very freedom-loving and are able to charm anyone. They are constantly on the move and do not know how to do one thing for a long time, as this quickly affects their emotional state, and they begin to get bored. Aquarius women give the impression of ever flirting people, but in reality it’s just their manner of communication. Most often, they are not at all interested in the person with whom they are currently communicating. Representatives of the air sign are extremely eccentric and can easily shock with their actions. Boredom is deadly for them and makes it difficult to enjoy life. To get rid of character flaws and attract good luck, Aquarius women will need the following mascot stones:

Aquamarine – is a shield against negativity. The mineral has the ability to protect its owner from gossip and accidents. The stone protects her peace of mind, not letting negative situations and evil people who want to harm her into her life. Aquamarine also signals, changing the shade, if there is someone next to his mistress who harms her well-being. It is believed that having jewelry with this stone, you can find the missing things, as well as find true love. A good accessory with aquamarine for a woman-Aquarius is a ring. If the stone begins to grow cloudy, then you need to carefully think about whether there are people nearby who interfere with the happiness of the representative of the air sign.

Topaz – is a source of calm. The extravagant Aquarius often lacks harmony in life, and the blue mineral can solve this problem, as it cleans thoughts and the soul of unpleasant feelings and ideas, forcing one to look at the world more optimistically. Topaz helps calm down in stressful situations and makes it possible to rest morally after a hard day. Thanks to him, the Aquarius woman feels happier and experiences greater satisfaction from life. Also, the stone makes it wiser and helps not to get into ridiculous situations because of hasty decisions. A good decoration with blue topaz is earrings. They will remind the representative of the air sign of the need to more often be guided by logic, rather than emotions when making a choice.

Lapis lazuli – is a symbol of sincerity. The stone is able to protect the sensitive Aquarius woman from betrayals by loved ones and provides her with harmony in life. Thanks to lapis lazuli, she will always see the best in others, but she will not forget that it is necessary to criticize everything and prevent people from using her kindness. Also, the gem will help get rid of negative experience and stop being afraid to enter into a new relationship due to failures. Lapis lazuli will make the representative of the air sign stronger and protect against emotional burnout. It is believed that the mineral improves health and is especially useful for women who are preparing to give birth to a baby. A good decoration with lapis lazuli — beads. They will bring new opportunities to the life of their owner and help make the right decisions.

Fluorite – is a source of constancy. The mineral will make the Aquarius woman less volatile and windy. This will allow her to move up the career ladder and take place in the professional field. Fluorite also prevents burnout, making its owner more balanced. Thanks to him, the representative of the air sign will be able to reconsider her life values and understand whether she really needs to look for something better or whether she has already found true happiness. Fluorite protects against panic attacks and emotional stress. A great decoration with this gem is a ring. It will draw love into the life of the Aquarius woman and help her to keep it.

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