Aries Birthstones

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the European horoscope; its natural element is fire. People born under this constellation are extremely initiative, are not afraid to try something new and like to choose unusual solutions to problems. Aries are charged with energy, setting new goals, but they are not always able to complete what they have begun. This happens because of their dislike of routine. Representatives of the cardinal sign adore change and adventure, in the pursuit of which they are able to take risks. They are extremely straightforward and express their displeasure too clearly, which makes it difficult for them to meet people. This feature is able to prevent Aries from finding harmony and taking place in the profession.

Birthstone for Aries – Diamond

In the western horoscope, it is assumed that each zodiac sign has a main birthstone. In the case of Aries, it is a diamond. This mineral began to be appreciated long before our era, mainly among the Indians, who believed that it combines the power of four elements: fire, water, earth and air. In Europe, diamond was noticed only in the 15th century, after which it became one of the most expensive and desired gems. There are different colors of diamonds: from white to brown. Depending on the shade and size, the further fate of each instance is determined.

It is believed that diamond has incredible energy that can completely change a person’s sense of self, making him more ambitious and confident. The main thing is to treat the gem with respect, otherwise it will have an overwhelming effect on the identity of its owner. It is believed that diamond is a symbol of innocence, which is able to cleanse a person’s thoughts from bad ideas. The mineral is also attributed some healing properties: the water in which the stone was for some time is used to provide a tonic effect on the body. Diamond also improves the emotional state of a person, calming the nervous system.

For Aries, the gem is important as an assistant in achieving goals, as this gemstone is able to develop determination and help to concentrate on tasks. For an active representative of the elements of fire, a red diamond is best suited. From jewelry, it is recommended to pay attention to pendants. Located close to the solar plexus and the heart chakra located in its area, the diamond will not allow the fire to die out in the heart of Aries, will not allow you to stop on the way to achieving the cherished goal.

Influence of the birthdate and the zodiac decan

People born under the auspices of the same sign often differ from each other. And without knowing the exact date of birth, you never think about the proximity in the calendar of the days on which they were born. This is due to the fact that in Western astrology it is assumed that each zodiac constellation is divided into three decans. Depending on the period of domination of what period a person was born, his character acquires additional features that distinguish him from his zodiac brothers. The first decan is a pure representative of the constellation. The second and third acquire the qualities of the following in order zodiac signs of the same element. In the case of Aries, dividing into thirds leads to the following:

  • Aries 1 Decan (March 21-30) – pure Aries. A tireless adventurer who is ready to turn mountains to implement another crazy idea. Has a passionate nature, which is subject to momentary desires. The Aries of this decan have every opportunity to become a leader. They are very likely to find themselves in a risky profession or even be able to go a unique career path, opening a new direction. Ruby will be the perfect companion for Aries of the first decan. This gem will not allow you to lose faith in the best, will teach you not to give up and will help overcome the most difficult periods in life. A ruby ring is a suitable decoration for this sign. It will protect its owner from the negative energy emanating from the outside world.
  • Aries 2 Decan (March 31 – April 9) – Aries with the features of Leo. A man for whom in life there is nothing more important than fame and success. The desire for ideals pushes him to commit reckless actions more often than it should. Aries of the second decan is not afraid of anything, he is perfectly able to organize his own time, but more often manifests himself as a leader and leader. Freedom is important to him, any restrictions are destructive. If he can find an interesting profession, he will improve in it, not trying to find something new. Aventurine will suit Aries with the features of Leo, as this stone has a calming effect on the nervous system of its owner. It not only helps to achieve peace of mind, but also helps to become more judicious, to avoid making rash decisions. The best wearing option is Aventurine earrings. Located close to the blue chakra of the head, they will develop sanity in Aries of the second decan.
  • Aries 3 Decan (April 10-20) – Aries with the features of Sagittarius. A vocation traveler who feels like he is in prison if he has been in one place for a long time. He converges well with others, easily making acquaintances. Openness and cheerfulness stand out from other Aries. In periods of calm, she is studying something new. Gaining knowledge is not a problem for him. For such a person, Agate will be the ideal mascot stone. He will save Aries the third decan from the tendency to be guided by feelings, and not by logic and reason. This mineral makes the owner more penetrating, develops intuition. Earrings or hairpins will be a good decoration with agate. They will cool the ardor of Aries, similar to Sagittarius, help to become a pleasant conversationalist and reliable friend.

Birthstones for Aries man

The Aries man is decisive and purposeful. His ambitions and desire to succeed. Men of this sign do not fear responsibility, their strength of character and energy can only be envied. In addition, Aries have flexible thinking, they can adapt to any situation. Their main weaknesses are obstinacy, unwarranted aggression and excessive emotionality. The following gems will help to cope with these character flaws and find harmony with a man Aries:

Zircon – is a source of vigor that helps to produce energy “reboot”. Thanks to this stone, the Aries man will be able to forget about the problems associated with emotional instability. Zircon calms and helps to realize the highest goal of existence. Wearing a watch encrusted with this gemstone, Aries will be able to cope with outbreaks of aggression and will understand that there is something more important than material things that overwhelm the physical world.

Amethyst – is a traveler in the world of hidden talents. This gem will help to see the Aries man unrevealed abilities. The stone will teach to value the people around and take into account their opinion. He is able to overcome egocentrism and inability to listen to other people’s opinions. Amethyst expands the boundaries of thinking, making a person less principled, but more flexible and tactful. The keychain will be a great accessory for the Aries man. And if it is a gift from a beloved woman, then their relationship will be doomed to success.

Pomegranate – is a gem that will not allow to fade away the longing for life inherent in the Aries man. This gem will protect its owner (including from its own inadequate decisions and actions). It will help to understand true desires and begin to move along the path of their achievement. Talisman with pomegranate improves relationships in the family and develops spirituality. Therefore, the gem is not necessary to always carry. It will be more effective by constantly being in the house of its owner.

Citrine – is an “energy orderly.” Allows you to get rid of negative emotions, avoiding conflict situations. This gem activates intuition, taking it to a new level. Citrine is good for use in meditation practices. For Aries men, he will become an assistant in accepting himself and realizing his own shortcomings. Thanks to him, a person will embark on the path of correction: get rid of mood swings and other problems that impede the building of healthy relationships with people. Recommended decoration with citrine — cufflinks and brooches. Being in proximity to the heart and brain of a man, they will balance these two principles in him.

Birthstones for Aries woman

Women of this zodiac sign are extremely charismatic and people like. Usually they have many friends and a successful career, especially in the case of choosing a professional path associated with direct communication with clients. Representatives of the constellation Aries love to be in power, they like to realize that the situation is under control. They can hardly be called soft, because it is extremely important for them to defend their position and realize themselves as individuals. The main flaws in the character of the Aries woman are greed, selfishness, and narcissism. In addition, because of her self-sufficiency, it is difficult for her to find a life partner. The following birthstones will help to cope with the negative features inherent in women of the first sign of the western horoscope:

Sapphire – is a gem that attracts love to its owner. Thanks to this mineral, the Aries woman will be able to find her happiness by finding a person equal to her in all respects. Sapphire will develop its insight, which is necessary in order to determine that “the very one” has appeared on the horizon. The stone is also attributed the ability to develop the spirituality of its owner, giving the woman wisdom. In addition, sapphire is a faithful assistant in recovering from painful failures. He will not allow the occurrence of depression and the manifestation of symptoms of energy burnout. A pendant on a long chain will be a wonderful decoration with sapphire. He will melt the heart of the Aries woman, teach him not to be afraid to be weak, and help open up new feelings.

Carnelian – is a source of vital energy that helps to cope with selfishness. It has a complex effect on the personality of the owner, making her more sensitive and mature for a serious relationship. Carnelian traditionally serves as a talisman, attracting new love or helping to maintain an existing connection, breathing new life into it. The mineral will protect the Aries woman from conflict situations, teach her to be more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings, and not a meticulous perfectionist. The gem helps to achieve financial well-being, providing all your desires on their own. A beautiful decoration with a carnelian will be a ring. It is better to wear it on your right hand to create an energy channel directed to the outside world, to get rid of all the flaws of character.

Rock crystal – is a magnet for good people and the right decisions. This gem will fill every day with meaning, making it unforgettable. Rock crystal has an amazing feature of attracting to one who chooses jewelry with him, love and harmony in relations with others. With him, the Aries woman will forget about all mental problems and begin to live at full strength, not afraid that something might go wrong. In addition, rock crystal expands the boundaries of thinking, making it more open to new ideas and opinions, which contributes to a shift in the focus of attention from oneself to what is happening around. A rhinestone bracelet will be a wonderful decoration for a woman of this zodiac sign. He will protect her peace of mind every day and will not allow her to turn off the road leading to personal happiness.

Moonstone – is the key to alleviating the imperious nature of the Aries woman. This gem teaches to be closer to nature. Thanks to his influence, you can become a calmer person who does not try to prove that he is better than others. Moonstone helps relieve nervous tension, makes the hostess good-natured and caring. Wearing jewelry with this mineral, you can completely get rid of the habit of transferring a model that works at work to the family. If an Aries woman wears moonstone earrings, she will not only become a more pleasant person to communicate with, but will also establish relationships with loved ones.

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