August Birthstones

August is the third month of summer. This time is for many the most beloved: the heat subsides, making it possible to fully enjoy the pleasant warmth. At the end of summer, it comes to the realization that the weather will begin to deteriorate soon and it can be difficult to drive away thoughts of a passing warm season. In August, people enjoy enjoying walks in the fresh air, and in these last summer days we want to look especially elegant, romantic, feminine. And what can help in such a business better than jewelry and precious stones? According to the horoscope, in August Leo and Virgo are born. Thanks to the birth of this month, they can get significant benefits from wearing accessories with peridot, for example, get rid of bad habits.

August Birthstone – Peridot

August mascot birthstone: peridot is one of the valuable varieties of olivine. The name of the mineral is translated from ancient Greek as "golden stone". The most common type of peridot is a transparent gem with a greenish tint. The mineral is able to change its color in the light, which is why it is called "evening emerald." The first mention of peridot dates back to the fourth millennium BC. It is believed that he was one of Cleopatra’s favorite stones and began to be mined precisely in her homeland — in Egypt. According to legends, they went in search of peridot only in the dark, because they believed that it could not be found in daylight. The ancient Slavs used peridot to decorate clothes and church attributes. In Europe, the gem gained particular popularity after the birth of rumors that it is able to revive a faded passion and helps to conceive a child.

In early August, Lions are born whose main talisman is peridot. Representatives of the sign of Fire in many respects depend on public opinion, requiring approval from the outside in order to feel their significance. Lions, whose peridot stone is the talisman, are creative and able to find a way out of any situation. They need the support of loved ones, but it is difficult for them to reciprocate, as they are quite unemotional and selfish. It is common for lions to be jealous for no reason and create a conflict situation without serious reason. They hardly manage to bear criticism and put up with the fact that others may not like them. At the end of August, virgins are born, whose main mascot stone is sapphire, but peridot can also be a good helper for those who were born in the last weeks of summer. Representatives of the Earth sign are extremely hardworking and pedantic. Often they are true perfectionists, unable to come to terms with their shortcomings and the imperfection of others. Virgo, whose peridot stone is the talisman, prefer to be in motion and after reaching one goal they immediately set a new one.

Lithotherapists believe that peridot is able to improve visual acuity, relieves stuttering and helps to cope with pain in the gastrointestinal tract. In alternative medicine, a powder from a mineral is used to improve the overall health of the body and cleanse the blood of toxins. For centuries, people believed that peridot is endowed with a special power received from the Sun, and therefore is able to improve the mood of its owner and tune his thoughts positive. The stone returns the joy of life and develops mental abilities, improving memory and emotional intelligence. Peridot gives a person insight and helps to protect yourself from getting into unpleasant situations. It brings good luck and protects from insidious enemies.

Peridot Jewelry for women

For women born in August, the following jewelry with peridot is suitable:

  1. Hairpins with peridot — an accessory familiar from childhood, able to decorate any image. For women born in August and not afraid to experiment, twister hairpins decorated with peridot are suitable. For more conservative ladies, studs inlaid with natural gems are suitable. Such a decoration is almost imperceptible and therefore suitable for any event. Such hairpins will give a woman who was born in August, self-confidence and will not allow her to stop on the way to achieve her cherished dream.
  2. Peridot earrings are an elegant decoration for every day. For everyday life, simple cloves with peridot, preferably made using pure silver, are suitable. They will not attract too much attention, while adding some zest to the image of their owner. For festive events, clusters with peridot can be advised. Such earrings will not allow a woman born in August to get lost in the crowd and increase the chances of a pleasant and useful meeting.

Peridot Jewelry for men

Men born in August are advised to wear the following peridot jewelry:

  1. A ring with peridot is a simple accessory that guarantees a man who was born at the end of summer, a strong loving family and financial well-being. The signet ring with peridot is most suitable for daily use. If desired, you can hang it on a silver chain and carry the resulting accessory around your neck or in your breast pocket. A signet ring with peridot will add to a man born in August self-confidence and give an optimistic mood.
  2. A watch inlaid with a “golden stone” is an accessory that helps to achieve what is desired, and also demonstrates the position of a man in society. Both watches designed to be worn on the hand and watches on the chain, which are usually worn in a pocket, are suitable in this case. Both accessories will help its owner to fulfill his plan and will protect him from troubles. It is extremely important in this case to purchase a watch yourself and, if possible, engrave your initials on them to personalize the accessory.

August Gemstones by Horoscope

August gemstone for Aries ♈: Jasper. It is believed that the mineral helps to prolong life and improves health. It stops aging and improves facial skin condition. Thanks to jasper, Aries become more active and energetic in August. They will be able to competently distribute forces so as not to face excessive fatigue. The mineral helps to cope with negative thoughts and cleans the aura of the representatives of the sign, eliminating the negative energy that fills their life. He develops intuition and teaches to understand the feelings of others. Jasper will force Aries to rethink their ideals of life and help correct negative traits of their character, such as stubbornness and temper. Also, the mascot will help to concentrate on work and fulfill the planned deadline. In August, for representatives of the sign, a bracelet with jasper will be a wonderful decoration. He will increase Aries’s chances of promotion on a career ladder and will help not to be depressed because of the end of summer.

August gemstone for Taurus ♉: Topaz. The mineral helps to cope with nervous tension and protects the representatives of the sign from emotional burnout in late summer. Thanks to topaz, Taurus develops empathy, it becomes easier for them to get along with people who hold different views. The mineral reduces the number of conflicts in which representatives of the earth sign find themselves, and gives them inspiration to achieve their goals in August. At the end of summer, topaz helps Taurus realize its priorities and desires, and also contributes to the emergence of determination to make crucial decisions. A good decoration for representatives of the sign in August is a ring with topaz. It will help to emerge victorious from any situation and give strength to cope with any difficulties.

August gemstone for Gemini ♊: Jadeite. It is believed that the mineral helps fight kidney and cardiovascular diseases. In August, jadeite will become an inexhaustible source of energy for Gemini, allowing it to realize all its plans and at the same time not achieve complete exhaustion. At the end of summer, the mineral will make the representatives of the sign less windy, teach how to maintain warm relations with loved ones and give inspiration to learn new things. He will make them more diligent and increase the chances of getting into a prestigious educational institution or a high-paying position. The recommended jewelry for Gemini in August is a bracelet with jadeite. He will endow the representatives of the sign with mercy and will not allow to do what they later regret.

August gemstone for Cancer ♋: Aquamarine. The mineral is the main assistant for those who suffer from frequent mood changes. In August, aquamarine will make Cancers more emotionally stable and will teach them to be less keen on what is happening. It will help to become representatives of the sign more eloquent and teach you not to be afraid to openly express your opinion even to a large audience. The gem will show the Cancers that they are able to cope with everything on their own and that for making decisions, they do not need anyone else’s help. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign of Water will become more confident in themselves and will no longer be afraid to ask for advice from those who understand a particular issue better than they do. In August, Cancers should wear a pendant with aquamarine to enjoy every day they live.

August gemstone for Leo ♌: Sapphire. Gem relieves headaches and improves sleep quality. It is believed that he does not allow to fall into despondency and drives away the spleen. In August, sapphire will teach Leo to be more attentive to others, while becoming less dependent on their opinions. Thanks to the mineral, the representatives of the sign will be able to make true friends and maintain relations with them for many years. Sapphire will show the Lions the right path, will help to realize their desires and how to translate them into reality. The gem will add color to their life and attract good luck. In August, Leo can be advised to wear sapphire earrings to gain control over their bad habits and develop self-discipline.

August gemstone for Virgo ♍: Serpentine. It is believed that the mineral helps to cope with physical and mental pain, and also makes its owner wiser and more penetrating. Thanks to the coil, in August Virgo will begin to better distribute their forces and time, stop putting situations in themselves that require continuous work, and finally learn how to relax. Exposure to the mineral will rejoice at little things and easier to relate to temporary lesions. He will make the representatives of the sign less demanding of himself and strengthen their faith in future success. For Virgo in August, you can recommend a bracelet with a coil. Such a decoration will charge the representatives of the earth sign with energy and will help to rest the rest of the summer period.

August gemstone for Libra ♎: Malachite. The mineral helps get rid of attacks of aggression and is regularly in high spirits. Thanks to him, in August, Libra will become calmer about the unpleasant turn of events and will learn to overcome obstacles without unnecessary excitement. Mineral drives away from representatives of the sign of ill-wishers and attracts people with similar interests and views into their lives. Malachite is especially good for Libra, students of the profession or working in the field of art. He gives inspiration and teaches to receive new ideas for creativity, contemplating. In August, Libra should wear a malachite ring. Such an ornament will attract financial prosperity into their lives and make them more determined.

August gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Opal. The mineral improves the overall well-being of the owner, helps to cope with the excitement before responsible events and motivates for active development. In August, opal will relieve the Scorpions of uncertainty, making it clear that the complexes interfere with success. Thanks to the stone, the representatives of the sign will become more confident in themselves and will no longer be afraid of the condemnation of strangers. Opal will save Scorpions from distraction and accelerate brain activity. He will also increase their chances of finding a second half. In August, Scorpios should pay attention to brooches or hairpins with opal to attract good luck in their lives.

August gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Sardonyx. The mineral is able to help in the fight against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as bringing oneself to the desired physical form. For Sagittarius, he will become an indispensable assistant in August, improving their communication skills, attracting new friends and useful contacts to their lives. Thanks to the gem, the likelihood of getting approval from the authorities increases dramatically, as the sardonyx teaches the representatives of the sign to use their advantages as a professional more competently and to hide the flaws, while working to eliminate them. In August, a bracelet will be a good decoration for Sagittarius. A similar accessory made using sardonyx guarantees financial well-being.

August gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Tourmaline. Mineral strengthens the immune system and reduces the likelihood of colds. The gem will teach Capricorn to look at any situation from the point of view of other interested parties, helping to avoid a lot of quarrels and misunderstandings in August. Thanks to tourmaline, representatives of the Earth sign will become softer in relation to others and will understand that they too can sometimes be wrong. It is believed that the mineral is able to indicate its owner to people who wish him harm, and protect themselves from their effects. It is believed that this stone has a special spiritual power, so it can be used during meditation. In August, Capricorn can be recommended to wear tourmaline earrings to attract good luck and family well-being.

August gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Lapis-lazuli. It is believed that the mineral helps protect against diseases that arise on the nervous system, as it calms and tunes its owner to a positive wave. Thanks to lapis-lazuli, in August Aquarians recognize their importance as individuals and cease to be afraid to express themselves. New routes will be opened for them, previously inaccessible due to insecurity in their abilities. Lapis-lazuli will give inspiration and make you more determined. Wearing jewelry with this gem, it will become easier for the representative of the sign to make the right decisions and stick to them. His life will become less chaotic and finally gain a goal. In August, Aquarius can be advised to wear brooches with lapis-lazuli as an accessory to cleanse the mind and find harmony.

August gemstone for Pisces ♓: Moonstone. It is believed that the mineral helps to calm down, makes its owner more balanced and improves its emotional state. Thanks to the moonstone, in August Pisces will get rid of oppressive thoughts and will be able to enjoy every day. The mineral will weaken the effect exerted on the nervous system of the representative of the sign, help get rid of the chronic feeling of fatigue and begin to live in a new way. The moonstone will make Pisces less susceptible to criticism in August. He will teach them to focus on their desires, listening to themselves, living according to personal preferences. In August, Pisces is recommended to wear a pendant with a moonstone around his neck, which will give them inspiration and attract good luck in their life.

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