December Birthstones

December is the first month of winter. At this time, people begin to look forward to celebrating the New Year and the accompanying holidays. For many, December is marked by pleasant efforts to find gifts for family and friends. At the end of the month, it is customary to sum up the outgoing year and plan goals for the coming one. Capricorns are born in the first three weeks of December. At the end of the month, Sagittarius is born. Due to the date of birth, representatives of these two signs have the privilege of obtaining certain advantages when wearing accessories with turquoise.

December Birthstone – Turquoise

Turquoise is a sky blue mineral that is fragile. The stone became known to people about 5 thousand years ago. Initially, turquoise was mined in Iran, and then along the Great Silk Road it was delivered through Turkey to Europe for sale. Currently, known specimens of sky blue, bluish blue, bluish green and pale green shades. Turquoise is widely used in jewelry because of the beauty of the stone and the fact that it lends itself well to grinding. In Islam, the mineral is an indispensable addition to the bride’s wedding dress as a symbol of purity and innocence. Also in some cultures, turquoise represents a symbol of sincere love.

Capricorns are born in the first three weeks of December. Their main talisman stone is garnet, but due to its birth in the first month of winter, turquoise is also an excellent amulet for them. Capricorns are extremely organized and hardworking. They are not intimidated by challenging tasks and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Representatives of this sign love to be alone, prefer to solve problems on their own and are not inclined to demonstrate their feelings to others. At the end of December, Sagittarius is born, whose main talisman stone is turquoise. Representatives of this sign are born leaders. They are extremely energetic and inquisitive. Sagittarius try to keep abreast of events and have a wide range of interests. The main flaw in their character is excessive emotionality, which often causes discomfort among others.

In lithotherapy, turquoise is used to relieve colds and improve skin condition. It is believed that the mineral helps to get rid of insomnia and headaches, and also makes the life of its owner more calm and free from worries. For the purpose of treating the thyroid gland and restoring the vocal cords, a turquoise pendant should be worn. The closer the jewelry is to the focus of the disease, the faster the healing effect will be noticeable. Turquoise attracts love into the life of its owner and helps to preserve it. Mineral helps to improve family relationships and get rid of constant conflicts in the house. Turquoise makes its owner braver and more determined, and also brings good luck in new endeavors.

Turquoise Jewelry for women

For women who were born in December, the following turquoise jewelry is suitable:

  1. Earrings are a wonderful accessory for every day. When going to work or school, women born in December are advised to opt for simple turquoise stud earrings. They are also suitable for everyday wear, charging their owner with energy. As for the publication, in this case, for women born in December, we can advise climbers with turquoise. They will give the fair sex self-confidence and help to show themselves in society from the advantageous side.
  2. Beads are a piece of jewelry suitable for women who do not hesitate to show their individuality. For daily wear, you can recommend a turquoise choker. He will give his owner an endless charge of inspiration and motivate her to actively work on herself. If a woman born in December is going to attend a social event, then she can be advised to wear a turquoise collar. Such an accessory will make her more talkative, help overcome embarrassment and find common topics for conversation with strangers.

Turquoise Jewelry for men

Men born in December are advised to wear the following turquoise jewelry:

  1. A bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry for every taste. For men born in December who like to experiment with accessories, we recommend hinged products made with turquoise. Such decoration will make them more resolute and resilient, help to successfully cope with unforeseen situations and deal with stress. For more conservative men born in the first month of winter, you can offer chain bracelets interspersed with turquoise. Such an accessory will give courage and set you up for productive work.
  2. A ring is an accessory that gives men born in December confidence in the future. The best option would be a turquoise signet ring. For men who were born at the beginning of winter, he will become the main assistant in the fight against stress and misunderstanding from others. The turquoise signet ring will set its owner in a positive mood and give a feeling of freedom and independence from the opinions of other people. Thanks to this decoration, men born in December will become more self-sufficient and no longer need approval from the outside.

December Gemstones by Horoscope

December gemstone for Aries ♈: Azurite. The mineral improves the condition of asthmatics and helps to overcome stress, fear and excessive excitement. It is believed that the gem accelerates the recovery of skin after damage and prevents the appearance of scars. In December, azurite will make Aries more discerning and help them accept their weaknesses. Thanks to him, the representatives of the sign will be able to begin to improve themselves, while remaining calm if the desired result cannot be achieved immediately. In December, a pendant with azurite will be an excellent decoration for Aries. Such an accessory will teach the representatives of the sign to cope with their emotions without projecting personal experiences onto relationships with loved ones.

December gemstone for Taurus ♉: Tourmaline. It is believed that the mineral normalizes hormonal levels and promotes injury recovery. The gem also eases the stress on the nervous system and prevents breakdowns due to excessive stress. In December, tourmaline will save Taurus from accidents and rash decisions. It will make the representatives of the Earth sign more careful when choosing friends and protect them from emotional distress. Thanks to tourmaline, in December, Taurus will become more sensitive to others and will learn to better express their feelings. The gem will make its owner more popular and will help bring the most unusual ideas to life at the beginning of winter. In December, Taurus should wear tourmaline brooches to boost immunity and good luck on the love front.

December gemstone for Gemini ♊: Demantoid. Lithotherapists use the mineral to treat diseases that affect the upper respiratory tract and throat. In December, demantoid will help Gemini to sort out their feelings and desires and begin to live for themselves in pleasure, regardless of public opinion. Thanks to the gem, the representatives of the sign will become more consistent and less windy. It will become easier for them to make decisions and express themselves, without fear of judgments from the outside. In December, Gemini should pay attention to demantoid rings. They will make representatives of the air sign more disciplined and responsible, as well as teach them how to deal with finances correctly.

December gemstone for Cancer ♋: Heliotrope. It is believed that the mineral is able to almost instantly stop bleeding and generally improve the functioning of the circulatory system. In lithotherapy, it is used to cleanse the kidneys from toxins, as well as to speed up the healing of open wounds. In December, heliotrope will become a source of joy for Cancer, setting its owner positive every day. Thanks to the energy of the gem, the feelings of the representatives of the sign will be under reliable protection. Heliotrope will make Cancers less emotional and teach them to be guided by the head, not the heart. The stone will help reveal the hidden talents of its owner and give inspiration for their development. In December, Cancers can be advised to wear heliotrope bracelets to avoid mood swings.

December gemstone for Leo ♌: Emerald. In lithotherapy, the mineral is believed to have antibacterial properties and therefore can be used to purify water. Also, the stone helps with pain in the region of the gastrointestinal tract and blood pressure that is not normal. In December, the emerald will save Lviv from disappointment and deception on the love front, as well as protect it from disagreements with colleagues and bosses. Thanks to the gem, the representatives of the sign will be able to complete everything conceived for the outgoing year without obstacles and summarize it in the circle of loved ones. Emerald will make Lions more discerning and resourceful, tell you where to invest money and improve their financial situation. In December, representatives of the sign are recommended to wear brooches with emeralds to find harmony with others.

December gemstone for Virgo ♍: Lapis lazuli. Mineral helps to improve vision and cope with insomnia. In December, lapis lazuli will fill the Virgo’s heart with kindness, make the representatives of the sign more understanding and teach them to show compassion towards loved ones. Thanks to the gem, its owner will be under reliable protection from the negativity coming from the outside world. Lapis lazuli will help Virgos say goodbye to the grievances of the past and start life from scratch. The mineral will be an excellent talisman against lies and health problems. He will attract good luck to the side of the representatives of the sign and will not allow you to turn off the intended path. In December, Virgos should wear lapis lazuli earrings to build harmonious relationships with family and friends.

December gemstone for Libra ♎: Beryl. It is believed that the gem strengthens the immune system and relieves problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the mineral relieves toothaches and headaches. In December, beryl will help Libra understand what they really want from life and start moving in the direction of the desired result. The mineral will give the representatives a sign of confidence in their abilities and show that they are able to make the right decisions on their own. Beryl will bring good luck on the love front and will not let Libra go unnoticed in any society. Thanks to him, they will find a lot of useful acquaintances and new friends at the beginning of winter. In December, Libra should wear a beryl pendant to ensure harmony in life.

December gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Topaz. The mineral helps to quickly cure in the presence of colds, relieves the symptoms of osteochondrosis and radiculitis. In December, topaz will make Scorpios wiser and teach them to take control of their emotions. Thanks to him, the representatives of the sign will be able to focus on achieving the planned, without being discouraged every time they fail. In December, topaz will protect Scorpios from the bad influence of others and will not allow them to get close to people who may interfere with their success. The mineral will make its owner more discerning and teach to identify liars. In December, Scorpios are encouraged to wear topaz rings. It is desirable that the jewelry is made of gold, since it is with such a combination of metal with a gem that the mineral best helps its owner.

December gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Jadeite. It is believed that the mineral stabilizes the energy balance of its owner, and also helps a woman to bear and give birth to a healthy child. The stone lowers blood pressure and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In December, jadeite will teach Sagittarius to solve problems peacefully, without making scenes and without provoking unnecessary conflicts. He will make them less nervous and show that life can be much more enjoyable if you don’t focus on the negative and don’t get discouraged. Thanks to the mineral, representatives of the sign will feel more comfortable in a new company and it will become easier for them to get to know people. In December, Sagittarius should wear jade bracelets to guarantee peace of mind.

December gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Selenite. The mineral accelerates the healing of wounds and relieves the swelling caused by physical damage. It is believed that it makes joints more mobile, and also helps to bring down body temperature, if you drink a mixture with the addition of selenite powder in the heat. In December, the gem will speed up the brain activity of Capricorns and make them more diligent. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign will learn to better concentrate on work and achieve career advancement. Selenite will make Capricorns more understanding and help build relationships with the family. Thanks to a developed sense of empathy, representatives of the sign will find new loyal friends. In December, Capricorns should wear a selenite pendant to prevent them from getting into unpleasant situations due to rash acts.

December gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Fluorite. It is believed to correct problems with the musculoskeletal system and help you recover quickly from injuries. The mineral is a symbol of family well-being and financial prosperity. Thanks to him, in December, Aquarius will be able to enjoy the warmth and comfort of relations with family and friends, and will also become more diplomatic, which will help resolve conflicts so that both parties do not hold resentment against each other. Fluorite will teach you to think through your actions a few steps forward and always be ready for failure. The mineral will make Aquarius less emotional, help put thoughts in order and start living more consistently. In December, representatives of the sign can be advised to wear earrings with fluorite to maintain physical and mental health.

December gemstone for Pisces ♓: Amethyst. Lithotherapists believe that the mineral accelerates the production of hormones, normalizes the work of the endocrine glands and strengthens the nervous system. Also, amethyst saturates the blood with oxygen and relieves problems with high or low blood pressure. In December, the gem will save Pisces from despondency, bad habits and accidents. Amethyst is a symbol of harmony and prosperity, therefore, thanks to it, representatives of the sign will be able to complete unfinished business at the end of the year and prepare for the holidays. The mineral is incredibly sensitive to emotions, we feel it both by its owner and by people around, therefore, in the event of a quarrel, it is recommended to remove the jewelry with a gem for a while and rinse it under running water. In December, the best accessory for Pisces will be a ring with an amethyst. It will develop the intuition of its owner and make him more discerning.

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