February Birthstones

February is traditionally associated with the period of the most severe winter frosts. Perhaps that is why the birthstone of the month is Amethyst, resembling a piece of ice, painted in purple. The name of the stone is associated with a beautiful legend born in Ancient Greece, telling about the unrequited love of the god of wine Dionysus to the beautiful Amethis. The mineral has a positive effect on those born in February, namely Aquarius and Pisces. Thanks to its incredible beauty, amethyst has been loved by jewelers for several centuries.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the varieties of quartz. In nature, it occurs in the form of transparent or translucent crystalline formations. There are also instances resembling an elongated rhombus. The color palette of the stone varies from pale purple to richly screaming. The shade of each amethyst is most fully disclosed when exposed to daylight, demonstrating its brilliance and depth. There are several types of amethyst, combining stones with different characteristics. Of these, Chevron-Amethyst is the most common in nature, but is rarely used in jewelry. Ametrine (a two-color mineral that formed a symbiosis with smoky quartz) and rutile amethyst are also distinguished. A unique type of February mascot stone is Brandberg, in individual crystals of which you can see organic inclusions, for example, plant particles.

In early February, Aquarius is born, whose amethyst stone is a talisman. These people are peaceful and seek to live in harmony with others, they are not interested in intrigue and gossip. They value true friends and always provide them with the necessary support. Aquarius, having amethyst as a talisman stone, is characterized by a high level of empathy and noble intentions. The family is in the first place for them, while they successfully cope with any training or work project they undertake. The end of February is dominated by Pisces, whose main mascot is aquamarine, but the amethyst is perfect for them. Representatives of the sign born this month are calm and prefer to treat everything philosophically. It is difficult to get them crazy and to get astray. Fishes of the first decade, having amethyst as a talisman stone, are ambitious and inquisitive, they perfectly absorb information, demonstrate success in school and work.

Lithotherapists believe that amethyst helps with violations of the endocrine system and a weak nervous system. It saturates the blood with oxygen, and also reduces the discomfort that occurs due to the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Amethyst is used to massage facial skin, as it is believed that this procedure improves its color and smoothes wrinkles. Water, in which the gem was placed at night, can be drunk to prevent colds, to cleanse the liver and kidneys. Amethyst eliminates bad thoughts, eliminates anxiety and strengthens sleep. It attracts promising career opportunities to its owner and helps to cope with stress. The gem teaches to build trusting relationships with others and prevents conflicts. Amethyst also develops intuition and helps to find true love.

Amethyst Jewelry for women

There are two most suitable jewelry for women born in February:

  1. Amethyst brooch is an accessory that will protect a woman from emotional experiences and protect her heart from unhappy love. The most preferred types of this accessory are pin brooches. It is better that their base be made of silver, since it is this metal that enhances the positive effect of amethyst on human health. Also a good option is a brooch-needle. An elegant accessory will ideally fit into any look and bring its owner good luck at work or study.
  2. Earrings with amethyst — a guarantee of the preservation of strong nerves and a stimulator of active brain function. Climbers, representing “cloves” in the form of a stalk rising up the ear, are perfect for everyday wear. They will set up their owner to work productively and will not give up halfway. To go out, broach earrings are good. They will help not to go unnoticed at a social event, give confidence and attract new useful contacts.

Amethyst Jewelry for men

There are two types of accessories that are recommended to be worn by men who were born in February:

  1. Amethyst ring is a magnet for profitable career offers and financial well-being. Signet ring — the most preferred option for men, enhancing their performance and giving strength to achieve their goals. It is recommended that specimens made using silver be selected to maximize the impact of amethyst on one’s life. Such an accessory will improve the oratorical abilities of its owner, tell him the right way out of difficult situations and help to always stay in high spirits.
  2. Amethyst bracelet — an assistant in the fight against routine. This accessory brings bright events and unforgettable meetings to the life of a man born in February, and also allows you to re-look at the world around him. Amethyst glider bracelets are the best way to wear this talisman. They will become a source of joy for its owner, make it more stress-resistant and help to forget about unpleasant memories that have accumulated over their lives. They are best worn on the right hand to create a favorable energy field that attracts new interesting acquaintances.

February Gemstones by Horoscope

February gemstone for Aries ♈: Diamond. Lithotherapy uses the mineral as a tool for color therapy. Cathodic or ultraviolet radiation is sent to the diamond, as a result of which a bright blue glow appears, which cleanses the soul and body of a person. It is believed that if you regularly drink water in which the mineral has been lying for three days, then you can safely get rid of kidney stones and infectious diseases. Diamond makes Aries more powerful and decisive, guaranteeing the respect of colleagues and bosses in February. The stone brings good luck and success in all endeavors, giving confidence and making it clear that everything conceived can be carried out on condition of hard work. A good decoration for Aries in February is a pendant with a diamond. It will protect its owner from illness and nervous tension.

February gemstone for Taurus ♉: Turquoise. In the second month of the year, the mineral will give the representatives of the sign of the earth harmony of soul and body, will bring a sea of positive emotions to their life. Turquoise will set them up for productive activity and charge them with energy that helps them survive dull winter weekdays. The stone will improve the skin complexion of Taurus and strengthen the immune system, as well as increase the chances of finding a soul mate. A beautiful decoration for the representatives of the earth sign in February is a ring with turquoise. He will calm their wild temper, teach them how to concentrate and suppress aggression. It is recommended to choose rings with green turquoise, since it is best suited to Taurus according to the horoscope.

February gemstone for Gemini ♊: Rhodonite. In lithotherapy, the effectiveness of the stone on vision has been proven. It is recommended to apply flat specimens of Rhodonite to closed eyelids for several months daily to prevent infections and get rid of them. The stone should be placed under the pillow if the Gemini experiences increased anxiety, suffers from lack of sleep or often sees nightmares. Rhodonite brings peace to their lives and makes decision-making less stressful. The mineral will help the representatives of the sign to reveal their creative potential in February and move up the career ladder, impressing the leadership with outstanding professionalism. A bracelet with interspersed Rhodonite will be an excellent amulet in the second month of the year for Gemini and put everything in their place in their places.

February gemstone for Cancer ♋: Agate. Mineral helps with heart disease. To relieve pain, it is necessary to wear a ring with agate on the ring finger, and if you have trouble sleeping, it is recommended to change it on the middle finger of the hand. It is believed that it also relieves headaches and improves brain function, increasing the concentration of Cancer in February and increasing its chances of success. Agate makes its owner more purposeful and confident, allows you to get rid of addiction in the approval of others and start living in accordance with his desires. A good decoration for Cancer in February is a pendant with red agate. He will attract loyal friends into their lives and teach them how to learn from their own mistakes.

February gemstone for Leo ♌: Rose quartz. Jewelry with this mineral improves the general condition of the body, prompting a person to more active activity. Rose quartz pushes Leo to new achievements and guarantees protection in February. The stone protects against injuries and helps to avoid quarrels with loved ones. He makes Leo less egocentric and teaches to appreciate the feelings of others. Thanks to the accessory with rose quartz, representatives of the sign make friends more easily and spend less time on resolving conflicts. He makes them soft, responsive and condescending to the frivolous mistakes of people. A good decoration for Leo in February is pink quartz beads. They will help them find a soul mate and find peace of mind.

February gemstone for Virgo ♍: Rhinestone. The mineral helps to get rid of nervous strain caused by a large amount of work, which the representatives of the sign always try to perform perfectly. He gives them self-confidence and does not let them get upset due to failures. Rhinestone teaches you to make decisions consciously and be careful. Thanks to him, Virgos begin to enjoy life more often and spend their free time away from the desktop with friends and relatives. An excellent decoration for the February earth sign is bracelets. With them, the Virgin will be able to look into the future without fear, without fear of not justifying anyone’s expectations.

February gemstone for Libra ♎: Tourmaline. The stone relieves anxiety and improves sleep. He helps Libra release accumulated stress, teaches to express his thoughts correctly and not be afraid of misunderstanding on the part of the interlocutor. Thanks to tourmaline, representatives of the air sign cease to doubt their abilities, express their point of view more actively and make new acquaintances more easily. The gem reveals their hidden talents, helps to overcome laziness and teaches you to concentrate during work and study. In February, Libra is recommended to wear earrings or pendants with tourmaline. Both types of jewelry guarantee them a measured life, throwing up convenient cases for the execution of the plan on time.

February gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Malachite. The stone has a healing effect on the body of the representatives of the sign, strengthening their immunity and increasing their vitality. It helps to get rid of the often manifested apathy and teaches to think positively. Thanks to malachite, Scorpio begins to take a fresh look at his life and realizes that he can make even the most dramatic changes. Also, the mineral guarantees the water sign successful career offers and financial prosperity in February. To get all the benefits of using the green mineral, Scorpio is recommended to have a brooch with malachite. She will make him happier and increase his daily productivity.

February gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Sapphire. It guarantees the absence of colds in the last month of winter and protects against vitamin deficiency. It is believed that water, in which sapphire has been for some time, cleanses the blood and normalizes blood pressure, as well as strengthens the immune system. The stone helps Sagittarius not to be disappointed in people, developing their intuition and making it clear in advance who it is better not to start communication with. Sapphire can be used during meditation, due to its ability to calm a person’s thoughts and develop him spiritually. The mineral makes the representative of the sign more industrious and prudent, eliminates the habit of making rash decisions. In February, Sagittarius will be able to cope with all the problems with a sapphire ring. For energetic cleansing of the stone, it is sometimes recommended to remove the jewelry.

February gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Chrysoprase. Mineral stimulates metabolism, makes a person more active, gives both physical and mental strength. Thanks to him, Capricorn’s mood improves markedly, he is less likely to be depressed, and often spends time in fun companies. Chrysoprase relieves the representatives of the sign from the habit of neglecting the desires of loved ones and focusing solely on their opinion. In February, the stone will make Capricorn more loyal to others and to himself. The mineral will relieve him of mood swings and teach him how to find joy in the little things. In the last month of winter, Capricorns need a bracelet with chrysoprase to save energy for hard work in the spring.

February gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Nephrite. Lithotherapists recommend eating a spoonful of grated mineral and drinking water to prevent health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Nephrite can be used to massage the face and body. It is believed that this eliminates rashes, makes the skin softer and slows down the aging process. The mineral makes Aquarius more permanent and informed, prevents hasty decisions and reduces the likelihood of getting into awkward situations. The stone helps to fully realize their mental abilities and makes the representatives of the sign more humane. In February, Aquarius needs a nephrite suspension to get rid of apathy caused by a cold winter.

February gemstone for Pisces ♓: Aquamarine. It is believed that the stone effectively helps with the manifestation of allergic reactions and lowers body temperature during illness. The mineral teaches representatives of the last zodiac sign to decisively defend their position and not depend on the opinions of others. He protects the sensitive Pisces from the rumors that ill-wishers are spreading about them, and surrounds them with true friends. A ring with aquamarine is an indispensable accessory for Pisces in February, filling this month with a sea of pleasant meetings and warm memories.

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