Gemini Birthstones

Gemini is the third sign in the European horoscope; it’s natural element is air. People born under this constellation are very smart, easily trained, and develop faster than their peers. They are open to everything new, because of which they tend to often change their point of view. They like to be the center of attention and follow fashion trends. Gemini are usually the main instigators of something unusual in the company, so they have many friends. They are excellent speakers whom you can trust to speak to the public. Resourceful, easily find a way out of any situation. They are also good at listening, giving advice and supporting loved ones. Unwillingness to take responsibility and superficial judgments bring this sign the most inconvenience, and the frivolity in the relationship prevents friendships. The twins are dependent on society, therefore they cannot stand loneliness.

Birthstone for Gemini – Pearl

The Western horoscope suggests that each zodiac sign has a personal mascot stone. In the case of Gemini, this is a pearl. This mineral is considered the oldest of those that people used as jewelry. It was believed that pearls are the frozen moonbeams that once came into contact with the water surface. In some cultures, it was believed that stone was the tears of a beautiful girl living in the sea. Now it is known that pearls are a product of the vital activity of marine and freshwater mollusks. This gem begins to form if a foreign body enters the carapace. There are a huge number of colors of pearls: from classic white to rare pink.

Being a natural mineral produced by a living creature, pearls have the power received from the Earth itself. Even in Ancient Egypt, he was credited with the ability to stop aging and have a rejuvenating effect. Thanks to its powerful energy, pearls have a healing effect on a number of internal organs, in particular, on the kidneys, liver and stomach. Also, the mineral unloads the nervous system, weakening the degree of emotional tension of a person. It is believed that pearl jewelry should be worn strictly individually and cannot be passed on from generation to generation. This is due to the ability of the mineral to accumulate the energy of events that occur with a person throughout life.

Pearls are especially necessary for Gemini in stressful situations, since they can not cope with them on their own, which is why they suffer even more. The mineral, in turn, teaches to direct your emotions in the right direction and enjoy every moment of life. In addition, pearls give strength to stable activity, which is important for Gemini, who constantly jump from one task to another. The best jewelry for this zodiac sign will be beads. They will have a healing effect on the body and protect against the negative energy of ill-wishers. With them, the Gemini will no longer depend on their mood swings.

Influence of the birthdate and the zodiac decan

It often happens that people who were born during the reign of the same zodiac sign are completely different. This is due to the fact that each constellation conditionally passes through three phases (decans), approximately equal in duration. In the first third, “pure” representatives of the sign are born. The other two are those who acquire character traits characteristic of the following zodiac brothers of the same element. In the case of Gemini, for the second and third decans, these are Libra and Aquarius, respectively. Due to the differences in characters and shortcomings that representatives of each decan have, they need special talisman stones. In the case of Gemini, this leads to the following:

  • Gemini 1 Decan (May 22-31) — Pure Gemini — lovers to try new things. For them, nothing is impossible. As true representatives of their sign, they try to be guided by logic, but it is unique in them and always encourages them to perform extravagant acts. Birthstone for Gemini of the first decan — Chrysoprase. The main thing that he is able to give is a positive attitude that encourages you to move forward and those who do not give in to negative thoughts. Chrysoprase will bring success in all endeavors and attract luck. A good decoration with this stone is a bracelet or watch. Carrying them on your right hand, you can stock up on optimism and energy.
  • Gemini 2 Decan (June 1-10) — Gemini with the features of Libra are true connoisseurs of beauty. They are stronger than other brothers in the zodiac sign striving for harmony. They value order, are organized, and at the same time are not devoid of creative abilities and the desire to remain unique. Their special stone is Amber. He makes them smarter and more collected, and also develops organizational skills and helps to work in an accelerated mode to achieve the desired goals. Amber will teach them to focus on the main thing, noting the extra information that the Gemini do not like to collect. The recommended decoration is a brooch. Located in the chest area, it will become a shield from external negativity.
  • Gemini 3 Decan (June 11-21) — Gemini with the features of Aquarius — a surprise person. The most unpredictable of all representatives of the sign. If they find themselves in a non-standard situation, their behavior cannot be predicted. Often are too rude and bold. They have an active nervous system, which is why Gemini of the third decan is stressed. Their lucky stone is Beryl. He will give them the desired peace of mind and teach them how to adequately respond to what is happening, reducing the degree of tension and minimizing the risk of emotional burnout. A good accessory with beryl is a pendant. It can be easily removed if there is a feeling of excessive relaxation, harmful work.

Birthstones for Gemini man

Men born under the constellation Gemini are smart and good at communicating, but they are quite shy. Their lifestyle is very chaotic, they are prone to job changes and frequent relocations. As a representative of the air sign of the zodiac, Gemini man is spontaneous and does not like to follow the rules. It is extremely important for them to feel freedom, so it is difficult for them to be in a permanent relationship. Their main disadvantages are excessive emotionality, inconstancy and self-centeredness. The following mascot stones will help them cope with negative character traits and find happiness:

Alexandrite – is the gem of calm. This mineral teaches constancy, indicates the path that you need to follow in order not to deviate from your own principles. Alexandrite will not allow a twin man to become overly narcissistic and greedy for power. The stone helps to become more humble and pay more attention to the spiritual sphere of life. It can be used for meditation practices. It is believed that holding alexandrite in his hand, a person tunes in to a positive wave, recalling the happy moments from life. A pendant with a gem will become a good accessory. Located in the chest area, it will make its owner calmer and become a shield against negativity.

Citrine – is a stone of luck. This mineral will help the twin men cope with the duality of character and develop the communication skills necessary to maintain partnerships with colleagues and superiors. Thanks to citrine, he will get rid of mood swings, becoming more balanced and calm even in stressful situations. The stone will improve the man’s analytical abilities of this sign and make his life more conscious. Recommended accessory — citrine cufflinks. Being close to the head, they will maintain the clarity of mind of their owner.

Tiger’s eye – is a protector against evil eye and jealousy. Thoughtless actions often lead to disruptions in the relationship of a twin man with loved ones. The tiger’s eye will help to forget about this problem forever, making its owner more sensitive, understanding, and most importantly, reasonable. Thanks to this stone, the Gemini man will only make informed decisions, which will positively affect his career growth. The mineral will give him strength and confidence in order to work hard and not be afraid of competition. However, he will not allow him to be arrogant, as he will demonstrate that heights can be achieved only through painstaking work. The bracelet with a tiger’s eye will be an excellent decoration that increases the energy reserves of its owner.

Obsidian – a guard against aggression and unnecessary unrest. This stone relieves the twin man from the habit of protesting and acting contrary to generally accepted rules. He will make him calmer and learns to control momentary impulses. Obsidian helps to be more critical of oneself and less condemn others. Thanks to the decoration with this mineral, you can become a more pleasant person who does not put himself above others and is aware of his imperfections. Keychain with obsidian — a suitable accessory to cope with emotions.

Birthstones for Gemini woman

Women of this zodiac sign are surrounded by a mysterious aura, which makes them especially attractive in the eyes of men. They have good manners, are able to competently present themselves in society, and when they begin to speak in the course of small talk, all attention goes to them. The Gemini woman easily makes new friends, but rarely maintains a relationship due to an inability to concentrate. The main negative traits of her personality: frivolity, distraction and excessive independence. The following mascot stones will help her cope with these problems and enjoy life:

Emerald – is a stabilizer of emotions. Thanks to this gem, a Gemini woman will become less hot-tempered, learn to keep her emotions under control, and will also become more constant in her judgments. An emerald will help in difficult moments of loneliness: a stone will show how to draw strength from one’s own energy, and not try to find motivation in a constantly changing kaleidoscope of events. The gem will make its owner more serious, which will positively affect her career and financial situation. The best jewelry option is earrings. Being close to the heart and brain, the accessory will balance the use of feelings and logic in decision-making.

Moonstone – a charm from ill-wishers. Protecting from gossip and the negative of the world, the mineral improves the state of the psyche and brings harmony to life. The moonstone is also a symbol of love, therefore, having in its arsenal jewelry with it, the twin women can count on a quick meeting with the second half or on maintaining the existing relationship. The mineral will make the owner more constant in sympathies and will teach to recognize the true intentions of people, so she will immediately understand that the right person is next to her. The recommended moonstone accessory is pendant. Being in the area of the solar plexus, the talisman will calm the heart of the twin woman, saving her from windiness.

Jasper – is the “trainer” of self-esteem. This mineral eliminates the habit of positioning itself exclusively as an independent person, able to cope with everything on its own. Thanks to the decoration with this stone, the Gemini woman will be able to get rid of unnecessary experiences caused by fear of not matching the created image in the eyes of others. Jasper will make her more self-confident and show that there is nothing wrong with asking relatives for help or using someone’s advice. The best decoration will be a bracelet. Carrying it on his right hand, the twin woman will protect herself from all the negativity coming from the outside world.

Agate – is a stone that will teach you to correctly plan time and manage to realize all your desires. This mineral will relieve distraction, accelerate thought processes, and help in the development of creative abilities. Thanks to agate, the Gemini woman will become more collected, having improved her position in the professional sphere, will learn to combine work with leisure and meetings with friends. It is recommended to pay attention to the rings with black specimens of stone. They will give their owner willpower, perseverance and determination.

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