January Birthstones

Winter is associated with long dark nights and snow-covered streets. Perhaps that is why garnet was chosen as the birthstones of January – a bright mineral, the color of the setting sun. The stone is really mainly represented in various shades of red. Garnet has a number of useful properties that positively affect the health status and nature of those born in the first month of the year, that is, Capricorn and Aquarius. The beauty of the red gem is mesmerizing, and this is probably why jewelers around the world have been using it for more than two thousand years.

January Birthstone – Garnet

The mysterious garnet is shrouded in many legends and is often mentioned in the literature describing its miraculous properties. Since ancient times, it has been considered a stone of love and passion because of the dominant specimens of the red tint. Scythians, Persians, Greeks and Romans created beautiful jewelry using garnet. But only in the XIII century it was given its modern name, translated from Latin meaning "similar to grains." In total, six types of this mineral are distinguished. The first of them is Pyrope. Stones of this type are presented in all shades of bright red, because of which they are compared with frozen drops of dragon blood. There are also green specimens: Grossulars (greenish and yellowish), Uvarovites (emerald green) and Andradites (sometimes brown or black). Spessartine is an orange subspecies of garnet, and Almandine, which is often perceived as an independent stone, is a group of gems of all shades of purple.

In early January, Capricorns are born, whose garnet is considered the birthstone. These people are quite extravagant, they are difficult to understand. They like to be in the spotlight and are sometimes overly neglectful of others. At the same time, they are good colleagues who are interested in teamwork and achieving high results. Another feature of Capricorn is conservatism. The end of January is dominated by the constellation Aquarius. According to the horoscope, their main talisman is Amethyst, but both garnets and aventurine are well suited to the representatives of the first decade of the sign. People of the air element are characterized by a freedom-loving disposition, always full of new ideas and do not like everyday boredom. With them, any day turns into a holiday, thanks to their ability to come up with a lot of interesting activities and cheer up. Aquarians are inexhaustible sources of positive energy, which at the same time do an excellent job with school and achieve professional success due to hard work.

In alternative medicine, garnet is used to lower body temperature, fight inflammation, improve breathing, and relieve pain in the gastrointestinal tract. The gem helps with the occurrence of skin allergic reactions and chronic headaches. Wearing jewelry with garnet can prevent the occurrence of depression and protect yourself from daily stress. Garnet is a stone of love. Having him as his main mascot, people born in January are more successful in heart affairs and almost never are alone. He draws many new opportunities into the life of his possessor and makes him more sociable, developing his oratory abilities. Garnet gives inspiration and develops creative abilities, not allowing to succumb to the negativity that sometimes arises from the unfriendly reviews of envious people. It is important to choose accessories that have not been used by anyone before, since garnets are extremely energy-sensitive.

Garnet Jewelry for women

There are two most suitable types of jewelry for women born in January:

  1. Ring with a garnet – it is better to wear it on the ring finger, since it is believed that it is directly connected with the human heart. Such decoration guarantees happiness born in January in personal life and healthy children. The most preferred type of ring is a signet ring. Although it is customary to wear them for men, but for women this accessory is perfect. He gives her self-confidence and makes her more authoritative in the eyes of superiors, increasing the chances of raising wages.
  2. Garnet earrings are an accessory that helps you make important decisions and think about serious situations in the shortest possible time. It is better to choose specimens framed by silver, as metal enhances brain activity. It is recommended to have in stock several types of earrings with garnet: cloves for everyday wear, clusters for going out. For girls who prefer a catchy style and large accessories, cuffs are suitable. It is better for women aged to stick to the classics and not experiment with non-standard types of catkins.

Garnet Jewelry for men

There are two types of accessories that are most suitable for men born in January:

  1. Watch inlaid with garnets is a symbol of power. Thanks to this decoration, men born in January will gain authority in the eyes of others, and will also achieve outstanding success in the professional field. It is recommended to give preference to models with a genuine leather strap and a steel case. For those who do not like watches, pocket watches that can be used as pendants are suitable. It is better to clean them away from the bed to relax from thoughts associated with work at night.
  2. Garnet pendant is a source of understanding and love. The accessory will help a man find a soul mate and mitigate the negative manifestations of his character, while preserving his full willpower and masculinity. An interesting option is flash pendants, which have recently been increasingly used by business people. Thanks to this accessory, a man born in January will never lose a source of important information and keep his nervous system in order.

January Gemstones by Horoscope

January gemstone for Aries ♈: Carnelian. Mineral relieves headaches and slows down the aging of the body. If migraine begins, you should cover your eyes and put the mineral on your eyelids. For wound healing, it is necessary to heat the carnelian and then place it on the affected area. The gem eliminates toothache if it is placed in the mouth for a short period of time. Carnelian prevents mental suffering, helping its owner to find mutual love with a reliable and understanding person. He protects against betrayal and gives incredible intuition, signaling the deception committed by loved ones. The mineral reveals the potential of Aries, indicating its true purpose in life. An excellent jewelry with a carnelian for wearing in January is a bracelet. It refreshes thoughts, brings them into balance and improves the mood of Aries.

January gemstone for Taurus ♉: Chalcedony. Since ancient times, the mineral is considered an indispensable tool for those who suffer from pressure drops. It normalizes blood flow and helps restore heart rate. The stone improves sleep, makes it stronger and healthier. Chalcedony helps Taurus, who often feel a breakdown and lack of energy, to stay in good shape and work hard. It eliminates causeless longing, melancholy and apathy, raising the mood and awakening the desire to live. The stone redirects the aggression of Taurus, transforming it into positive energy. He brings balance to the life of its owner, balancing the various areas of his interests. Signet with chalcedony is the most suitable jewelry for representatives of the sign. Thanks to him, Taurus manages to tune in to work, while realizing the importance of regular rest.

January gemstone for Gemini ♊: Rhinestone. The stone has been used by Tibetans for centuries to treat injuries and bruises. The coolness of rock crystal relieves swelling and relieves pain. The mineral has a disinfecting effect and can be used to purify water from pathogenic bacteria. Rhinestone has an antipyretic effect and can relieve suffering at high temperature. A gem allows a person to predict the future and make plans based on predictions that are very likely to come true. He relieves unconscious fears. Thanks to rock crystal, Gemini will always be healthy and cheerful, all their decisions will be logical and carefully considered, and their family and friends will be protected. Mineral pendant is the recommended decoration for the representatives of the sign in January. She will bring peace to the life of Gemini and help them find their place in life.

January gemstone for Cancer ♋: Pearls. Mineral helps get rid of kidney, liver and gastrointestinal problems. Pearls soothe a person’s nervous system, make them more industrious and more resistant to stress. It helps to forget about troubles and focus on important matters. Pearls make the rest more enjoyable, removing the physical fatigue that has accumulated during the day. It is believed that the stone is even able to warn its owner if he has a chance of contracting a virus or getting into an accident. Pearls suspend aging, prolonging the youth of body and soul. He sets up for self-improvement and conquering new heights. Beads with pearls are perfect for women Cancers, while for the male half of the representatives of the sign, cufflinks with this stone are a great accessory. In both cases, jewelry preserves health and helps to determine their life priorities without outside help.

January gemstone for Leo ♌: Demantoid. It is an ideal protector against disease and gloom. He returns the desire to live and does not let you lose heart because of arising failures. The stone creates an aura around Leo that repels evil people and those who want to communicate with him solely for profit. Demantoid brings cosiness and understanding to the house, brings family members closer, protects from quarrels and disagreements. The gem attracts financial well-being and teaches you to plan your budget wisely so that you always stay in the black. He makes his owner more accurate and attentive, develops his oratory skills and does not allow him to begin to put himself above others. A ring with a demantoid is an ideal decoration for Leo in January. It is better that the jewelry was made of gold, as this metal most harmoniously interacts with the stone, revealing its energy to the fullest.

January gemstone for Virgo ♍: Coral. Since ancient times, the powder from this mineral has been used by eastern healers to accelerate the healing process of wounds and bone fusion during fractures. Coral is useful for increasing overall body tone and enhancing immunity. He gives confidence to his owner, making him bolder and more determined. Coral helps the Virgo to see that not everything in this world is divided only into “black” and “white”, and that sometimes it is very difficult to compromise. The stone protects the family hearth, preventing treason and quarrels over trifles. He makes Virgo more understanding and loyal to relatives, while also helping to make new friends and find common topics for talking with strangers. Bracelet with coral is a great decoration for representatives of the sign. He will save them from the pessimistic mood and add new colors to life.

January gemstone for Libra ♎: Morion. The mineral helps to get rid of the negative energy that accumulates during work and communication with people, and also puts thoughts in order and allows you to forget about the traumatic experience. Morion has the unique feature of giving Libra the feeling that everything that happens leads to a better state of affairs and that all their suffering will be necessarily rewarded. The stone eliminates unnecessary shyness, teaches to stand up for oneself and not be afraid to express one’s opinion. It gives vigor and increases performance, helping to achieve career success. The pendant with Morion is a wonderful decoration for Libra, which will protect them from daily stress and make them happier.

January gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Belomorit. The stone eliminates the wind in the head, helps to focus on achieving goals and getting out of a state of apathy. Belomorite helps fight laziness and increases the activity of Scorpio. Wearing jewelry with this mineral, representatives of the sign usually begin to walk more, play sports, and in general they have new hobbies. Belomorit strengthens sleep by driving away nightmares and improving the quality of Scorpion rest at night. Also, the stone prevents emotional burnout and does not forget about the beautiful things that exist in this world. This white-bracelet is the most suitable jewelry for representatives of this water sign in January. It is better to wear it on the right hand, for more efficient energy exchange with the environment.

January gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Selenite. It is believed that the stone helps to cope with mental illness, and also prevents the occurrence of despondency and anxiety. The mineral successfully fights mood swings of Sagittarius and does not allow it to show aggression in case of the slightest disagreement. Thanks to selenite, the representative of the sign becomes a more balanced and pleasant person. The mineral favorably affects his relations with family and friends, and also strengthens informal ties with colleagues. Signet ring with selenite is a great decoration for Sagittarius. It helps to find harmony in life and learn to enjoy the little things.

January gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Smoky quartz. It is believed that the mineral has an inexplicable ability to alleviate both physical and mental pain. If necessary, you need to hold it in your hand until the pressing feeling disappears. Smoky quartz makes Capricorn less narcissistic, teaches not only to accept, but also to give. Thanks to him, the representative of the sign becomes friendlier, begins to take more care of his loved ones and is more sensitive to the feelings of others. For Capricorn women, earrings with smoky quartz are suitable, and men should pay attention to a watch inlaid with a gem. Both accessories guarantee a worthy reward with intensive work on their goals in January.

January gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Obsidian. The mineral helps to recover quickly if a representative of the sign has caught a viral disease. For Aquarius, obsidian is especially good as a talisman because of its ability to put thoughts in order, to eliminate the constant desire to do crazy things and the habits of acting, without first considering the consequences. Thanks to him, a person becomes more organized, better learns new things and easily sets his priorities. A pendant is a good decoration with obsidian to wear in January. He will tell the heart of Aquarius who it is worth spending his energy on and who is not worthy of his attention.

January gemstone for Pisces ♓: Cacholong. The stone eliminates nervous strain, and also helps to find a soul mate. It protects the romantic and friendly relations that have developed in Pisces, preventing jealousy and jealousy. Cacholong makes them feel better and begin to value themselves as individuals. It relieves Pisces of many complexes and makes it clear that their opinion is important. Thanks to him, representatives of the water element achieve professional success and become diligent students. A good decoration for them is a ring. It will make its owner a stronger spirit person, able to overcome any difficulties.

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