July Birthstones

July is the second month of summer. It is associated with a feeling of freedom and lightness, allowing you to escape from everyday worries. In July, it is usually warm and rarely bad weather, so even working people are easier to cope with their daily duties. In the middle of summer, many go on vacation, so the month is also associated with a lot of free time and relaxation. According to the horoscope in July, Cancers and Leos are born. Thanks to the birth in the middle of summer, wearing accessories with a ruby will help them grow as individuals and become more successful.

July Birthstone – Ruby

Ruby is one of the most beautiful and expensive gemstones known to people for several thousand years. In many cultures, it was a symbol of wealth and was used to decorate the accessories of noble gentlemen. Some peoples considered the stone sacred and saw in it a talisman that could protect on the battlefield. The ruby was compared to the flame of a dragon because of its color, and because of this it was called the "fire stone." In nature, there are specimens of various shades from light pink to brown. Ruby often changes its color scheme, being under the sun’s rays resulting in, for example, a red gem seems purple. The most valuable is considered a gem in which you can see a six-pointed star. This subspecies of the mineral is called "star ruby". A similar phenomenon can be found in specimens of all known shades, but it happens extremely rarely, therefore such gems are most valued and sold at the highest price.

In early July, Cancers are born, whose main birthstone is the ruby. Representatives of this sign are excellent speakers and are good at negotiating with people. Often act as a party to help resolve the conflict. Cancers, whose ruby stone is the talisman, can well determine the feelings of others and take good care of them. At the same time, they themselves are quite emotional, because of which they are often not able to make rational decisions. At the end of July, Lions are born, whose main birthstone is chrysolite, but for those representatives of the sign who were born in the last third of July, a ruby is also suitable. They are distinguished by self-confidence and a willingness to go to the end. They aim to win and are not inclined to stop halfway. They succeed in achieving their tasks thanks to willpower and high efficiency.

It is believed that ruby helps to cope with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and is also useful to those who suffer from problems with the respiratory system. The mineral accelerates the process of recovery from colds, in particular, provides the elimination of symptoms that impede comfortable breathing. Ruby helps restore sleep patterns and eliminates nightmares. Thanks to it, a person feels healthier and feels a surge of strength. He becomes more active and begins to use his time more productively. It is believed that ruby has the ability to protect its owner from any negative emanating from the outside world. Also, the stone does not allow its owner to become discouraged and drives away bad thoughts from him. Thanks to ruby, a person is charged with motivation for self-improvement and aims at hard work.

July Jewelry for women

For women born in July, the following ruby jewelry is suitable:

  1. Earrings with rubies are an elegant accessory suitable for any event, provided that they are correctly selected in shape and size. For everyday life, it is recommended to pay attention to the studs, and when you go out, you should choose jackets. Such ruby earrings will help a woman to feel confident in any situation and not be afraid to express her opinion. Such an accessory should be worn to protect against "energy vampires" and prevent the occurrence of fatigue due to communication with them.
  2. Ruby pendant is an accessory suitable for any occasion. It is recommended to choose the shape of the pendant based on what a woman expects to receive from wearing a ruby. A heart-shaped decoration will help to establish personal life, and an animal-shaped pendant will provide protection against accidents. An interesting option may be a flash pendant inlaid with ruby. It will become not only a successful addition to any image, but will also have practical benefits, setting up its owner to work.

July Jewelry for men

Men born in July can be offered the following jewelry with a ruby:

  1. Ring with a ruby is an indispensable accessory for a man who was born in the middle of summer. The recommended option is a signet ring. It will protect its owner from stressful situations, attract financial well-being in his life, and also help to find promising career opportunities. It is believed that a signet ring inlaid with ruby and made of gold is best suited for a man, since this metal is in the best possible harmony with the gem and energy of a man born in July.
  2. Ruby brooch is an elegant accessory for men who do not hesitate to seem an extravagant person in society. It is suitable for those who need a talisman that protects its owner from failure. It is advisable to pay attention to the brooch pin. Such a decoration makes it possible to experiment and change the appearance of your accessory depending on the upcoming event, as you can add additional elements to it. Such a decoration will add strength and energy to a man born in July.

July Gemstones by Horoscope

July gemstone for Aries ♈: Amethyst. They believe that the mineral helps to see the future and guides a person along the path prepared for him by fate. Thanks to the amethyst, Aries in July will become confident in their abilities and will no longer be afraid to make mistakes. The mineral will help the representatives of the fire sign relax and avoid an oppressive sensation due to the presence of unresolved problems. The stone will save Aries from non-reciprocal love in July and will help with high probability to find your soul mate. A beautiful decoration for representatives of the sign in the middle of summer is a ring with amethyst. It will teach you to make the right decisions and make Aries more resistant to stress.

July gemstone for Taurus ♉: Chrysoprase. It is believed that the mineral helps get rid of joint pain, migraines, as well as cramps. Thanks to chrysoprase, in July Taurus will become more proactive and will learn to express their thoughts more concisely. The stone will protect from the negativity of the world and help to ignore people trying to stop them on the path to achieving the desired. Chrysoprase will make them fearless and teach them how to overcome any difficulties in life. It will help representatives of the Earth sign better control their emotions and easily suppress aggression. For Taurus, a bracelet with chrysoprase will be a good decoration in July, which can bring peace and peace of mind to their lives.

July gemstone for Gemini ♊: Charoite. The mineral will help the representatives of the sign cope with any life difficulties in the middle of summer and reward them with good health. In July, charoite will drive away negative thoughts from Gemini and make them more cheerful. Thanks to the energy of the gem, representatives of the air sign will begin to relate more easily to what is happening around them and will stop thinking for too long about each of their actions, analyzing and reproaching themselves for what happened. In July, for Gemini, a ring with charoite will become an excellent decoration, which will give them self-confidence, and will also help to concentrate on achieving what they want, without being distracted by momentary hobbies.

July gemstone for Cancer ♋: Emerald. It is believed that the mineral regulates blood pressure and improves blood circulation, and also improves sleep. The emerald will relieve the Cancers of the desire to lie and manipulate in July. Thanks to the gemstone, representatives of the sign of Water will learn to be more careful about the feelings of loved ones, and will also begin to express their emotions more competently. The mineral will save them from frequent emotional experiences and provide trusting relationships with friends and relatives. Also, the emerald will bring financial prosperity to its owners and help to develop professionally. He will make learning easier and teach you to enjoy everyday activities. In July, a brooch with an emerald will become a good decoration for Cancers. It will attract new unforgettable impressions into their lives and protect them from emotional burnout.

July gemstone for Leo ♌: Diamond. The gem saves a person from bad habits and makes him wiser, learning to take care of his health. Thanks to diamond, Lions in July will be able to start life from scratch, becoming more productive and purposeful. The mineral will make the representatives of the sign less critical in relation to others and will make you look at communication with people from a different angle, indicating the importance of willingness not only to take, but also to give in relationships. In July, a diamond will make Lviv less egocentric and will help to make many new friends. The gemstone will bring good luck to the life of the representatives of the sign and accelerate the meeting with the second half. The recommended jewelry for Leo in July is a pendant with a diamond. He will protect his owner from emotional experiences and teach to be less demanding of himself.

July gemstone for Virgo ♍: Nephrite. In alternative medicine, it is believed that the powder from this mineral is required for oral administration to provide a preventive effect on the whole body. It helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and improves digestion, and also increases appetite. Thanks to nephrite, in July Virgo will feel a surge of strength and will be able to spend every day actively, without stopping to achieve goals due to health problems. The mineral will help the representatives of the sign competently set their priorities, make them more patient and wiser. It will increase their chances of career advancement and simplify the process of mastering something new. A good decoration for Virgo in July is nephrite earrings. They will help get rid of nervous tension and anxiety, as well as protect against emotional burnout.

July gemstone for Libra ♎: Lapis Lazuli. It is believed that the mineral helps with allergic reactions, expressed in difficulty breathing. Lapis lazuli since ancient times has been used as a “shield” against viral diseases, and also as a talisman for pregnant women. For Libra in July, the mineral will be the main source of new ideas and a positive attitude. He will help them to feel self-confidence and not be afraid of mistakes. Lapis lazuli will bring cosiness and mutual understanding to the house of representatives of the sign, drive away conflicts and prevent betrayal. The mineral will make it possible to achieve success in the professional sphere, improve relations with superiors and colleagues, and also help to quickly master new knowledge. The recommended decoration for Libra in July is beads with lapis lazuli. They will help its owner to find love and avoid disappointment.

July gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Garnet. Bright mineral helps to cope with anxiety, and also saves its owner from depression, helping to see the positive side of events. Garnet will become a real savior from seasonal spleen for Scorpions. In July, he will not let them get bored and will help to find inspiration. Thanks to the red gem, the representatives of the sign will easily find something to their liking and will never feel alone. In addition, the mineral will help to become less socially awkward and easier to make new friends. In July, garnet earrings will be a great decoration for Scorpio. They will protect the representatives of the sign from negative thoughts. Also a bracelet with garnet can be a good accessory, which has a calming effect on the nervous system of Scorpio in July.

July gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Chrysolite. It is believed that the mineral helps relieve tension from the eyes, so it is recommended to apply it to the eyelids after a long day of work or when you feel dry eyes. Chrysolite also relieves headaches and alleviates the condition of those people whose well-being depends heavily on weather changes. In July, chrysolite will help Sagittarius to establish relationships with others and learn to keep their distance so as not to disturb the personal space of their friends and relatives. The gem will make the representatives of the sign more successful and protect it from making rash decisions. Also, the mineral will attract financial prosperity into their lives and make them more attractive, increasing the chances of finding a soul mate. The recommended decoration for Sagittarius in July is a chrysolite pendant. It will bring harmony into their lives and fill it with meaning.

July gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Pyrope. The mineral has a therapeutic effect on the entire human body, helping to recover from diseases and injuries. It is believed that it protects against accidents and protects its owner from falling into awkward situations. Pyrope will help heal Capricorn’s mental wounds in July and will bring mutual love into their lives. Thanks to the gem, the representatives of the sign will become better at controlling their emotions and will learn to avoid conflict situations. The recommended decoration for Capricorn in July is an pyrope ring. Such an accessory will help to achieve the desired and build a successful career, while maintaining a warm relationship with relatives and friends.

July gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Aquamarine. It is believed that the mineral helps to bring down the temperature during infectious diseases, and also accelerates recovery from injuries. It strengthens the immune system and protects Aquarius from the negative energy coming from the outside world. It will help the representatives of the sign become happier and not become discouraged in July. Aquamarine also develops intuition and teaches Aquarius to recognize those who lie to them. The mineral can be used as a spiritual guide during meditation, as it helps to clear thoughts of excess and concentrate on the important. A pendant with aquamarine will be a good decoration for Aquarius in July. The mascot will make the representatives of the sign more productive and will teach you how to spend every day with maximum benefit, while not forgetting to use your free time for a well-deserved rest.

July gemstone for Pisces ♓: Pearls. It is believed that the mineral has a healing effect on all internal organs of a person, and also calms the nervous system. Thanks to the pearls, in July Pisces will be able to feel a surge of energy and vigor, they will be able to leave the comfort zone and try something new. Their life will be filled with fresh emotions, it will become much easier to make interesting acquaintances. In July, pearls will make representatives of the sign more self-confident and show them what they are capable of. This mineral will help preserve the youth of the soul and body, improve memory and accelerate brain activity. A good decoration for Pisces in the middle of summer is a golden brooch with pearls. It will help to realize her true desires and achieve success.

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