March Birthstones

March is the first spring month. It is associated with the awakening of nature, better weather and increased daylight hours. In the northern regions, snow begins to melt in March, and in the southern regions it often rains. Perhaps that is why the birthstone of the month is Aquamarine, associated with the water element. The gem positively affects the lives of those who were born in March, namely, Pisces and Aries. The beauty of aquamarine is admired by many jewelers, and thanks to its growing popularity among buyers, the number of various jewelry with this stone is increasing.

March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the main mascot stone of March. In Ancient Greece, it was believed that a piece of the sea was contained in the gem, and the French believed that the blue mineral was a source of love and family happiness. From Latin, its name translates as "sea water". Initially, the stone was used by sailors when they went on a long voyage, since the Greeks and ancient Romans believed that it was a gift from Poseidon. They believed that the stone would save them from pirates, shipwrecks and help them return home unscathed. Over time, interest in aquamarine did not fade and several gem varieties were found. The most characteristic specimens are blue and azure. They are mined in Transbaikalia and in the Middle Urals. In the south of the Ural Mountains there are minerals of green hue. Sapphirine-blue specimens were found in Brazil. In honor of the place in which it was first seen, this kind of gem is called "maxis-aquamarine".

In early March, Pisces is born whose mascot is aquamarine. Representatives of this sign are peaceful and calm. They prefer to act slowly and do not require too much from life. It is imperative for them that others think of them. The words of others can easily injure sensitive Pisces, whose main mascot is aquamarine. Representatives of this sign can easily adapt to circumstances and never complain if something goes wrong. The last weeks of March are dominated by the constellation Aries. Purposeful people are born at this time, one of the mascot stones of which is aquamarine. They are ready to do anything to achieve their goal. Hard work for them in the order of things, rest is often an unfortunate waste of time, so even try to spend Aries, whose main stone, the talisman diamond, productively, for example, reading educational literature.

Lithotherapists believe that aquamarine is able to fight diseases that affect the throat, liver and stomach. It has an inexplicable effect on the respiratory system, cleansing the sinuses in the presence of signs of acute respiratory viral infections in humans and relieves coughing. It is recommended to wear jewelry with it when symptoms of an allergic reaction appear to alleviate pain and relieve redness. Aquamarine also relieves heat and helps to cure the throat faster. It is believed that the coolness emanating from the gem helps relieve stress accumulated during the day from the eyes, so it is recommended to put it over the eyelids in case of unpleasant sensations in this area for ten minutes. Aquamarine is able to protect its owner from gossip, maintaining its peace of mind and strengthening the nervous system. The stone develops intuition, helps to determine when the interlocutor is insincere. The mineral makes a person bolder and more determined, teaches to stand up for oneself, and develops oratorical abilities. It brings luck in love affairs, and also increases the chances of building a successful career.

Aquamarine Jewelry for women

There are two types of jewelry with aquamarine for women born in March:

  1. Aquamarine earrings are an indispensable accessory for any person who was born in the first month of spring. A good option for everyday wear is jackets. They look more interesting than classic stud earrings, which adds to their owner an additional charm. They can also be used in case of going to a social event or a meeting in honor of a birthday. Jackets with aquamarine will make their owner more confident and will not let go unnoticed. Depending on personal preferences, it is possible to make a choice in favor of clusters in which the main talisman stone is combined with other minerals suitable for a personal horoscope.
  2. Aquamarine ring is an accessory that can protect a woman born in March from any life difficulties. Trinity (interweaving of three rings) is a great option for ladies always relevant. It is recommended to choose specimens made of silver, since this particular metal is in the best harmony with aquamarine, revealing all its properties improving the life of its owner. Unclosed rings are another interesting wearing option. Such a model will save a woman born in March from wasting time on unnecessary people and help build a career.

Aquamarine Jewelry for men

For men born in March, it is recommended to wear the following types of jewelry with aquamarine:

  1. Signet ring — an elegant jewelry that develops the intellectual abilities of its owner. This version of the ring is one of the first known history of the types of this accessory, which was originally used by men. In order for aquamarine to fulfill all its inherent functions, the ring must be purchased independently, having opted for jewelry made using silver. Any metals other than gold are acceptable, since it suppresses aquamarine in its energy, it can negatively affect the health and mood of a man born in March.
  2. A pendant in the shape of a totem animal is the guardian of the happy life of its owner. Such an accessory protects a man born in March from possible disappointments in love and friendship, surrounding him with faithful people who are always ready to support him. It is better to wear the pendant on a silver chain, but if you wish, you can simply keep it in your breast pocket or even put it in your wallet. The main thing is that the accessory should always be close to the man, protecting him from emotional upheaval and motivating him to new achievements.

March Gemstones by Horoscope

March gemstone for Aries ♈: Pyrite. The stone has incredible energy, able to clean the biofield of its owner, giving him a new life. In March, pyrite will inspire Aries to new achievements and relieve the prejudices accumulated due to negative experience. It is also common for a mineral to suppress anxiety, prevent apathy and uplift its owner. Pyrite improves sleep, makes the representative of the sign more efficient and allows you to start the spring productively. A good decoration with a mineral in March is a pendant. She protects Aries from nervous strain, helps to have a good rest in her free time, and at the same time does not let her relax too much, having forgotten about her duties at home, at work or at school.

March gemstone for Taurus ♉: Anhydrite. In lithotherapy, the mineral is used to strengthen immunity, protect against infections, therefore it is especially useful for representatives of the sign in early spring, when there is a sharp change in weather, and the chances of catching a cold increase. It is believed that a stone connects a person with his guardian angel, protecting him and not allowing to make the wrong choice in life. Due to the strength of the mineral, in March Taurus expects many situations that can radically change his life, making it more successful and happier. Recommended decoration with Anhydrite — bracelet. It will help to cope with mood swings and will make the representative of the sign a calmer and more sensitive person.

March gemstone for Gemini ♊: Calcite. It is believed that the mineral is able to help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also accelerates recovery from muscle injuries and damage to bone tissue. A pendant with calcite relieves Gemini of headaches in March, and also reduces the risk of dental problems. Beads made using the mineral guarantee strong immunity and protect against colds. Calcite will make the Gemini more insightful in March, avoid false judgments, and increase their chances of success. The mineral will help the representatives of the sign forget about laziness and make them smarter.

March gemstone for Cancer ♋: Ruby. It is believed that the mineral helps to get rid of joint pain and accelerates the progress of recovery after injuries, and also improves blood circulation. Thanks to the decoration with a red gem, Cancers in March will sleep well, will not be discouraged and will be motivated for active work. Ruby will make them more productive and help focus on important projects. A good decoration with a red gem for Cancers in March is a ring. It will make its owner stronger in spirit, bring more positive emotions to his life, protect him from emotional feelings and increase the chances of finding soulmate.

March gemstone for Leo ♌: Opal. It is believed that the mineral brings peace and harmony to life, eliminates unnecessary experiences and makes a person less impressionable. In March, opal will help Leo become less self-absorbed and teach not only to receive, but also to give. Flashes of anger and aggression will disappear from the life of the representatives of the sign, and the sleep of the representatives of the fifth zodiac sign will become stronger. In the first month of spring, opal will make Lviv less forgetful, help to stock up on energy after a long winter, and give strength to active work. An excellent decoration with a mineral in March is a brooch. She will make Leo calmer, protect from rash decisions and help maintain friendly relations with others.

March gemstone for Virgo ♍: Diamond. In alternative medicine, the mineral is used to treat infectious diseases and relieve joint pain. It is believed that, looking at the diamond, a person can gradually get rid of bad habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse. The gem helps the Virgin to relax and get more pleasure in life in March. The stone cleans their thoughts of unnecessary and makes it easier to realize plans for the near future. The recommended decoration for Maidens in March is diamond earrings. They will help to complete all projects for work and study and will make the representative of the sign more sociable, helping to make new useful contacts.

March gemstone for Libra ♎: Charoite. The mineral is good to wear as a talisman that strengthens the immune system and brings good luck. It relieves stress from the nervous system and helps to relax. In March, for Libra, charoite will be a real salvation, allowing you to reboot after a hard winter spent at work. He will clear their thoughts and help them feel the approaching summer, inspiring them to continue the ongoing projects. A charoite bracelet will make Libra a true philosopher, adding wisdom to them. Thanks to this, in March they will be able to achieve success at work and study, earning respect from others.

March gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Alexandrite. The mineral eliminates problems with the endocrine system, and also does not allow you to become discouraged. It fills the life of Scorpio with meaning and gives him many pleasant moments every day. Alexandrite teaches representatives of the sign of Water to enjoy what is happening and share positive emotions with others. Mineral relieves them of harmful prejudices and allows you to look at the world from a new point of view. A good decoration for Scorpions in March is a ring with alexandrite. It will make them more confident and active, help them to leave the comfort zone and teach them how to exchange positive energy with others.

March gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Lazurite. It is believed that the mineral helps restore visual acuity and soothes the nervous system. In order to calm down and feel that there is nothing to worry about, Sagittarius just needs to look at the blue gem. It makes the representative of the sign less nervous and helps to combat mood swings, removing the excess expression that is characteristic of fire signs. A mandatory decoration for Sagittarius in March is a pendant or beads with lazurite. Both accessories will let the representative of the sign understand whether he is moving in the direction and will help determine his further actions.

March gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Obsidian. Lithotherapists recommend wearing jewelry with these minerals for those who suffer from problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as it improves digestion and relieves heartburn. Also, stone helps people suffering from nervous disorders. Looking at the black or rainbow obsidian, Capricorn will feel calm and find peace of mind. The mineral will realize the most cherished desires, making March a great start for a new page in the life of the representatives of the sign. In the first month of spring, Capricorn is advised to wear an obsidian bracelet to improve concentration and prevent accidents.

March gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Zircon. The mineral is used in alternative medicine as an impurity in ointments designed to get rid of problems with the digestive tract. It is believed that jewelry with zircon helps to regulate blood pressure, bringing it back to normal. In March, the stone will help Aquarius realize his hidden talents and begin to develop them. Also, zircon will make the representative of the sign more charismatic and create in the eyes of others an image of an independent and serious person. A good decoration for Aquarius in March is a brooch. The talisman will make them more insightful and protect them from emotional burnout.

March gemstone for Pisces ♓: Spinel. There are many colors of the mineral that have a specific effect on the health of its owner. For example, if it is necessary to get rid of a migraine, green spinel will help, and if a person suffers from nervous strain, pink specimens of gem come to the rescue. The stone allows its owner to change his life for the better and in fact guarantees a bright future with minimal effort. It brings good luck, attracts faithful friends to Pisces, helps to find love and build a strong family. In March, a pendant will become a good decoration with spinel for this water sign. It is recommended to choose accessories made using gold, since it is this metal that enhances the positive properties of the mineral.

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