May Birthstones

May is the last month of spring. It is associated with weekends spent in nature, the sun and an approaching vacation. At this time, nature finally blooms, nights become shorter and people are more often in high spirits. In May, representatives of the zodiac constellations Taurus and Gemini give birth. Thanks to the birth in the last month of spring, they receive special benefits by wearing accessories with emerald, considered one of the most exquisite gems.

May Birthstone – Emerald

Emerald is one of the varieties of beryl, the color palette of which includes various shades of green and blue. The name of the mineral is directly related to “aquamarine”. You can also come across cases of the mention of emerald as "green ice". The colors of the mineral are due to the content of chromium in its composition. The ancient Greeks called it the "stone of radiance" and considered it a symbol of wisdom and hope. In Egypt, the emerald first began to be mined another 2000 years BC. Slaves at a depth of 200 meters worked in search of a gem, being in total darkness. They believed that the emerald is afraid of daylight and loses the magical powers enclosed in it. It was believed that he has a connection with the goddess Isis ☥, who used him to preserve youth and beauty. The rich Egyptians considered it an honor to be buried along with their jewelry made using emerald.

At the beginning of the month, Taurus is born, whose main birthstone is the emerald. They are not used to taking the initiative, while they are very hardworking and willing to work hard to achieve their goals. These are wise people who are able to think through their actions in advance, predicting their results. They are charismatic, able to present themselves in any society, people want to be friends with them. Stability and confidence in the future is extremely important for them. At the end of May, Gemini appears, whose main mascot stone is pearls, but the emerald also suits them perfectly. Representatives of this sign are intelligent and inquisitive, they learn quickly and are usually more intellectually developed than their peers. They like to be the center of attention, they like to try something new. The twins, whose emerald stone is the talisman, are extravagant and often do extraordinary things, but they always think with their heads and do not do what they will regret later.

It is believed that the emerald helps to stabilize blood pressure, and also normalizes sleep patterns. It helps to get rid of joint pain and reduces discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. In alternative medicine, it is recommended to wear jewelry with emerald if a person suffers from a migraine. It is believed that the emerald is able to defeat the evil inclinations of a person and eradicate the negative traits of his character, if you wear jewelry with him for two or more months. A gem cleans the biofield of its owner, strengthens its immunity and helps to forget about negative moments from the past. Thanks to him, a person can start life from scratch.

Emerald Jewelry for women

Women born in May are advised to wear the following types of jewelry:

  1. Emerald earrings are an elegant addition to the image of women born in the last month of spring. Stud earrings are a great option for everyday wear. They will be advantageously combined with any clothes and will not look too defiant even for office work. On holidays, women whose month of birth is May can offer broach earrings. They look appropriate with both a cocktail dress and a business suit. Such an adornment will definitely not leave a woman unnoticed in society. It is recommended that the earrings be made of gold, since it is this mineral that is in perfect harmony with emerald.
  2. Emerald hairpin is a necessary accessory for any lady who was born in May. From a huge selection of such jewelry, every woman will be able to choose something to her taste. Hairpins of strict geometric shapes are now in fashion, however, for lovers of something more vivid, you can advise options with large details in the form of flowers. Such accessories will give a spring mood and help to cheer up. Emerald goes well with stones such as aventurine and green amethyst, so you can wear hairpins inlaid with several minerals.

Emerald Jewelry for men

Men born in May can be offered the following accessories:

  1. Emerald bracelet is a stylish jewelry suitable for men who are not afraid to experiment. It will give them self-confidence and help them cope with their daily responsibilities. It is advisable to pay attention to massive options that are made in the style of Shambhala. Braided bracelets have a special energy that cleanses the human aura. Such an accessory will become not only a wonderful decoration, but also a spiritual mentor, helping men born in May to survive all life difficulties.
  2. Wallet decorated with emerald is an accessory that brings financial prosperity. For men who were born in May, he will become a guarantee of success in his career and a way to demonstrate his greatness to others. An ideal option would be a wallet made of genuine leather or high-grade eco-leather. Of the color solutions, it is recommended to choose brown or blue options, since they are the ones that best complement the beauty of green emerald and give the stone additional strength.

May Gemstones by Horoscope

May gemstone for Aries ♈: Garnet. This mineral is intended for lovers. He will surely help Aries to find his soul mate in May and will attract loyal friends into his life. Garnet will add passions to existing relationships, revitalize them, bring them to a new level. Thanks to the mineral, the representative of the sign will establish relations in the family and become a less conflicted person. The stone brings good luck, makes Aries more active, sociable, motivates for productive work. He will not allow laziness and will push representatives to improve themselves. In May, a garnet ring will be a good decoration for Aries. This accessory will help to complete all important projects before the holidays and increase the likelihood of promotion on the career ladder.

May gemstone for Taurus ♉: Black Agate. This mineral will save the representatives of the sign from negative thoughts, make them calmer, help to avoid conflicts. It will strengthen their immunity and change the vision of the world positive. Thanks to black agate, Taurus will learn to control his anger, will be more understanding with others and will be able to make new friends. The mineral will help get rid of nightmares and headaches. He will improve the daily mood of Taurus in May, teach to rejoice in the little things. The recommended decoration for representatives of the sign in the last month of spring is a pendant. Being next to the solar plexus, it will soften the character of Taurus, making it more enjoyable in communication.

May gemstone for Gemini ♊: Alexandrite. The mineral helps to calm down, relieves nervous tension and prevents the likelihood of emotional burnout. In April, he will teach Gemini to concentrate and not leave his work halfway. Thanks to the mineral, representatives of the sign will become more consistent in their preferences and will be able to achieve impressive results through consistent work. Alexandrite will save them from hasty decisions and save them from the wind in their heads. The mineral will give the representatives a sign of confidence in their abilities, will bring peace and satisfaction. A great decoration for the Twins in May is a ring with alexandrite. It will keep them in high spirits for a month and help not waste energy in vain.

May gemstone for Cancer ♋: Amethyst. The mineral strengthens the nervous system and normalizes blood circulation. In lithotherapy, it is also used to combat diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract. In May, the amethyst will save Cancers from emotional distress, set him up for work and help solve all matters before the summer vacation. It will strengthen the dream, drive away misgivings and make the representatives of the sign look at the world more positive. Thanks to the stone, Crayfish will learn to determine which people are better off not getting involved, and will also be able to avoid constantly clarifying relationships with their loved ones. The mineral will help preserve the youth of the mind and body, protect it from accidents. The recommended decoration for Crayfish in May is an amethyst bracelet. He will bring good luck and peace of mind.

May gemstone for Leo ♌: Topaz. The mineral will get rid of nightmares, make the dream deeper and help less focus on the negative. The stone will accelerate the healing of wounds and the healing process after viral diseases. Thanks to topaz, Leo will become less narcissistic and learn to open up to others. In May, he will make many versatile friends, acquire new hobbies and attend a variety of cultural events. The stone will push the representatives of the sign of Fire to study the unknown and will help you move up the career ladder. It will have a beneficial effect on the learning process, improving memory and developing logic. A great decoration for Leo in May is a brooch with topaz, which will help achieve financial stability.

May gemstone for Virgo ♍: Pearls. The mineral helps to cope with diseases of the kidneys, liver and stomach. Pearl relieves nervous tension, makes Virgo calmer, teaches not to pay attention to minor failures in May. The stone reassures representatives of the sign of the Earth when they are under pressure due to their inherent perfectionism. Thanks to him, the Virgin become more free, begin to relate to their problems easier and enjoy life. A good decoration in May for them will be a bracelet with pearls. He will make them real diplomats and help to make many useful contacts that can further positively affect their career.

May gemstone for Libra ♎: Opal. Mineral protects against stress, helps to less worry and better cope with their emotions. It clarifies the mind, sets up a working mind and accelerates thought processes. Thanks to the stone, Libra will feel confident in their capabilities and will have the motivation to work actively in May. Opal will help get rid of despondency and again begin to enjoy work, study and rest. The mineral will attract interesting career offers to Libra and bring good luck on the trip. The recommended decoration for the representatives of the sign in May is a pendant with opal. He will develop their intuition and give inspiration.

May gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Serpentine. It is believed that the mineral promotes painless bone fusion after fractures and accelerates the formation of muscle mass. He takes in all the negativity that happened to the person in a day, so that he remains in high spirits. Therefore, it is recommended to remove jewelry with a serpentine at night to cleanse the stone energetically. The mineral will help the Scorpions to work productively and achieve their goals in May, without falling into despondency from the slightest setbacks. It will help to take a fresh look at the world and find new hobbies for yourself. A good decoration for Scorpio in May is a silver bracelet with a serpentine. It will protect the representatives of the sign from accidents and bring comfort to their home.

May gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Tiger’s Eye. In lithotherapy, it is believed that the mineral most effectively helps to recover from serious injuries and illnesses. The stone will make Sagittarius more sensible in May, save you from embarrassing situations and help to cope with the pressure arising from increasing responsibility at work. The tiger’s eye will help to bypass all competitors, will give strength, confidence and determination. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign are aware of their potential and will receive an additional charge of motivation. The recommended decoration for Sagittarius in May is a tiger eye bracelet. He will make them invincible and help you get the most out of life.

May gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Carnelian. It is believed that the mineral improves the metabolic process, helps fight heart diseases, normalizes blood circulation and tightens the walls of blood vessels. The stone relieves toothache, and also teaches you to deal with the excitement that appears before going to the doctor. In May, carnelian will make Capricorn less stubborn when it comes to relationships with loved ones, and will teach you to control your emotions, avoiding frequent conflicts with others. He will protect them from disappointment and make them stronger in the spiritual and physical senses. Carnelian will protect the representatives of this sign of the horoscope from betrayal by loved ones and will not let unworthy ones into your life. The mineral will help you to realize your potential and fully demonstrate your talents. The recommended decoration for Capricorn in May is a pendant with carnelian, which will bring him peace of mind.

May gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Amber. It is believed that the smoke generated during its burning cleanses the lungs of a person and helps to cure diseases of the respiratory tract. The radiance of amber will calm and give confidence to Aquarius in May. The mineral will make them less windy and teach them how to focus on the task. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign will be able to competently combine work and rest in May, thus relieving nervous tension. The stone will drive away negative thoughts from them, make them more collected and make them believe in the fulfillment of all dreams. In May, Aquarius is recommended to wear a brooch with amber to attract good luck and good mood.

May gemstone for Pisces ♓: Amazonite. It is believed that the mineral stops aging and allows you to preserve the youth of the body and spirit for many years. In May, Amazonite promises Pisces success on all fronts. He will save them from emotional experiences, help them find true friends, strengthen relationships with their families, ensure the respect of colleagues and, possibly, even lead to career advancement. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign will learn to express their thoughts more competently and will become more interesting interlocutors. In May, a good decoration for Pisces is a ring with amazonite. It will absorb all the negative and transform it into positive energy.

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