November Birthstones

November is the third month of autumn, influenced by Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. It is associated with the final wilting of nature, when colorful autumn leaves disappear without a trace in a snowy winter breeze, and frosts are no longer rare in the northern regions. In November, many people feel joy over the upcoming holidays, while others feel longing due to diminishing daylight hours and lowering air temperatures. Along with preparing for the holidays and communicating with your loved ones, this is the month of the birth of Scorpions and Sagittarius. Thanks to the birth in the last month of autumn, representatives of these zodiac signs are able to receive certain advantages when wearing accessories with topaz. This November stone has a calming energy, bringing good luck and warmth to the owner.

November Birthstone – Topaz

Topaz is a semi-precious stone, characterized by a huge palette of shades, which makes it very valuable in jewelry. The exact origin of its name is still unknown. According to one point of view, in Sanskrit, topaz means “flame”. There is also a theory that the name of the gem was given in honor of the island of Topazios, located in the Red Sea. By its nature, stone is aluminum fluorosilicate. Topaz is characterized by high transparency, durability and a bewitching gloss. Its color depends on the impurities that make up the stone. In nature, the gem is represented in various shades, one of the most popular is yellow. In addition, instances of blue, purple, red, rainbow and even colorless are common. There are stones that include several colors at once. The most valuable is pink topaz and topaz, framed by a smoky film.

In the first three weeks of November, Scorpions are born whose main mascot is topaz. Representatives of the sign are extremely hardworking and hardy people who always bring the job to the end. For them there are no barriers and the words "no". Scorpios will never go with the flow, preferring to set their own rules and obey only them. In order to understand what kind of people they really are, you need to talk with them for some time, because they are rather secretive and stingy with emotions with strangers. At the end of November, Sagittarius is born. Their main talisman is turquoise, however, those representatives of the sign who were born at the end of autumn will also use topaz. Sagittarius are very energetic and are born leaders. It is not difficult for them to make new friends, as they are able to find a common topic for talking with anyone. Sagittarius, whose topaz stone is the talisman, have an active citizenship and are extremely erudite.

Topaz is associated with qualities such as strength, determination and sustainability. The gem enhances spirituality and promotes the development of wisdom throughout life. Many members of the royal family wore Topaz, because it symbolized luxury and protected the owners from evil. In lithotherapy, topaz is used to relieve anxiety and get rid of heavy thoughts. It is believed that the gem weakens problems with the functioning of the respiratory system and prevents the appearance of chronic diseases. Topaz is also used as a talisman against evil eye and accidents. The mineral gives its owner calmness and the ability to control emotions. Anyone who owns a jewelry with topaz, becomes more prudent and judicious, and also learns to contemplate the world around him.

Topaz Jewelry for women

For women who were born in November, the following jewelry with topaz is suitable:

  1. A brooch with topaz is an adornment necessary for every woman born in the last month of autumn. An ideal option for this accessory is an openwork brooch. She is elegant and goes well with both casual wear and outfits. An openwork brooch with topaz will make a woman born in November more confident in her abilities and will radically change her life, as well as save her from congenital phobias and accumulated negative experience.
  2. A bracelet is an accessory that can be worn every day at any event and in any weather. Women who were born in November can be advised to pay attention to chain bracelets with topaz. It is recommended to purchase specimens made using white or yellow gold, as this metal helps to reveal all the useful properties of the gem in full. A chain bracelet with topaz will make its owner more ambitious and decisive, opening up many new career opportunities.

Topaz Jewelry for men

Men born in November are advised to wear the following jewelry with topaz:

  1. Pendant is a delicate accessory that can be hidden under clothes or flaunted, if required by chance. Men born in November are advised to wear medallions inlaid with topaz. Such a decoration will give them comfort and push them in the right direction in life. Thanks to the medallion with topaz, men born in late autumn will get rid of bad habits, become kinder and begin to take care of loved ones. The accessory will relieve them of the obsessive feeling that everyone is trying to use them, and will let new wonderful people into their lives.
  2. A ring is an indispensable decoration. For men born in November, topaz signet rings are ideal. They will make their owners wiser and learn to act in accordance with common sense. Thanks to this decoration, men who were born in the last month of autumn will be able to prevent many quarrels and disagreements with colleagues and family, and also will not commit rash acts. A signet ring will become a protector from negative thoughts and emotional burnout.

November Gemstones by Horoscope

November gemstone for Aries ♈: Heliotrope. It is believed that the mineral improves the circulatory system and strengthens the cardiovascular tissue. Lithotherapists believe that stone accelerates metabolism and helps fight infectious diseases. In November, the heliotrope will bring Aries into the life of a soul mate and indicate the path along which the representatives of the sign should develop in the professional field. Thanks to the mineral, its owners will not go unnoticed at any event and learn to correctly present themselves in society. In November, Aries is recommended to pay attention to the heliotrope rings. Such a decoration will make them wiser, energize them to achieve their goals and protect against the negativity of the world.

November gemstone for Taurus ♉: Citrine. The mineral helps in the fight against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and accelerates brain activity. Thanks to citrine, in November Taurus will become more judicious and attentive to details. The gem will protect the representatives of the sign from getting into embarrassing situations, and will also teach it to be easier to relate to the actions of others, without taking everything into their own account. In late autumn, citrine will improve Taurus’s financial position and attract good luck. The mineral will increase the chances of getting the desired position and an increase in wages. In November, Taurus should wear citrine earrings in order to learn how to properly distribute power and not stop halfway.

November gemstone for Gemini ♊: Carnelian. It is believed that the mineral helps to cope with diseases of the kidneys and circulatory system. It also relieves migraines, relieves fatigue and normalizes sleep patterns. In November, Carnelian will save Gemini from unrequited love and friendship with people who should not expect anything good. He will help to solve family problems peacefully and become closer with relatives. Carnelian will also bring luck to its owner in court cases and matters relating to the purchase or sale of real estate. He will protect against transactions with scammers and indicate where to invest money. In November, Gemini is advised to wear carnival brooches to bring comfort and tranquility to their home.

November gemstone for Cancer ♋: Nephrite. The mineral is used as an energy conductor during meditation. The stone also protects against colds, fractures and sprains. In November, nephrite will teach Cancers better understand their feelings and act guided by logic. The mineral will make them more tolerant and kinder, they will start to pay more attention to the problems of friends and relatives, and will be able to provide emotional support. At the end of autumn, nephrite will replenish the reserve of strength of Cancers, regularly consumed due to daily work, and will help to spend the rest of the year fruitfully. The stone will improve the mental abilities of the representatives of the sign and make them more judicious. In November, a nephrite bracelet will be a great decoration for Cancers. He will help begin a new chapter in life, leaving all regrets and grievances behind.

November gemstone for Leo ♌: Agate. It is believed that the gem improves the circulatory system and relieves the burden on the heart during sports, so that its owner is able to achieve the desired physical form with less difficulty. In November, agate will make Lviv less demanding of others and teach them not to try to fit themselves and their loved ones into a made-up “ideal”. Thanks to the mineral, the representatives of the sign will become kinder and learn to show compassion. Agate will make Lviv more susceptible to criticism and help to understand that they always have something to strive for. The stone will force representatives to take a fresh look at the world and re-prioritize. In November, Leo can be advised to wear a watch inlaid with agate to improve mood and maintain vitality.

November gemstone for Virgo ♍: Turquoise. The mineral helps fight viral diseases and protects against accidents. He also does not let his owner into the life of people who wish him harm or seek to use his kindness to their advantage. In November, turquoise will bring the long-awaited peace and stability to the life of Virgo. Thanks to the mineral, the representatives of the sign will not be afraid of unexpected changes in plans and look with confidence with tomorrow. Turquoise will make real diplomats of Virgos, which will contribute to the conclusion of profitable deals and the establishment of many useful contacts in November. The mineral will make others see strong professionals in the representatives of the earth sign who are not afraid to entrust any task. In November, Virgo should wear turquoise brooches to attract good luck and financial well-being.

November gemstone for Libra ♎: Peridot. It is believed that the mineral improves vision and relieves tension from the eyes. Also attributed to the gem is the ability to calm its owner and put his thoughts in order. To feel calmer, you just need to look at the mineral for a short period of time, and there will be a sense of peace of mind and harmony. In November, peridot will become a reliable support for Libra, helping to cope with fatigue and laziness. Thanks to the gem, the representatives of the sign will be able to find the strength to carry out their routine duties, while managing to devote time to their hobbies and maintain close relationships with family and friends. In November, a pendant with peridot will be an excellent decoration for Libra. It will help the representatives of the sign to cease to depend on public opinion and teach them how to live the way they want.

November gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Chalcedony. The mineral normalizes blood circulation and relieves high or low blood pressure. Thanks to him, in November the Scorpions will feel a surge of strength and energy and will be able to carry out all their plans. Chalcedony will make the representatives of the sign more purposeful and ambitious, give inspiration and desire to actively develop. The gem will help you make difficult decisions and teach you not to regret that you can no longer change. He will make the representatives of the sign wiser and improve relations with relatives. In November, Scorpios should wear chalcedony rings. It is recommended that they be made using silver to enhance the positive energy emanating from the gem.

November gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Opal. The mineral is a source of calm and peace of mind. Thanks to the disgrace, in November Sagittarius will not experience overvoltage and will feel full of strength even in the middle of the work week. The gem will help the representatives of the sign become calmer and teach them how to resolve conflicts without unnecessary quarrels. Opal will relieve Sagittarius of negative thoughts in November and set in a positive mood. The mineral will help overcome phobias and give confidence to representatives of the sign, so that they can begin to develop in unfamiliar areas of activity. In November, Sagittarius should wear opal earrings. During the day they will make the representatives of the sign more productive, and at night they will protect them from nightmares.

November gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Amber. It is believed that the tincture of the mineral helps fight viruses and pulmonary diseases. Succinic acid also speeds up the brain and is recommended for those who are engaged in active mental activity. In November, the mineral will become a source of joy and motivation for Capricorn. He will soften their stubbornness and teach them to listen to others. Thanks to amber, in November, Capricorns will become closer to the family and will make new friends. The mineral will give a feeling of peace and confidence in the future. Amber will strengthen Capricorn’s intuition and will make informed decisions in November. Also, the stone will protect the body and soul from aging, improve well-being and energize. In the last month of autumn, Capricorns should wear amber brooches to maintain a positive attitude.

November gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Hematite. The mineral helps to normalize the digestive system and relieves nervous tension. He teaches his owner to strike a balance between work and leisure so that Aquarius does not waste time thoughtlessly in November. Thanks to the hematite, the representatives of the sign will become more reasonable and will begin to treat others with understanding. The mineral will help improve the relationship of Aquarius with family and friends in November, and with a high degree of probability will even attract a soul mate to their life. It is believed that the stone is able to set up a person to work and put his thoughts in order, focusing his owner on what is important at the moment. In November, a bracelet with a hematite will become a good decoration for Aquarius. He will fill their life with love and bring comfort to their home.

November gemstone for Pisces ♓: Coral. It is believed that the mineral, ground into powder, helps to recover after fractures and sprains. Also in the East, coral is credited with the ability to improve a person’s memory and relieve fatigue. In November, the stone will protect Pisces from nervous strain and strengthen immunity. Thanks to coral, the representatives of the sign will be able to prepare for a long winter, stock up energy for productive work and get rid of disturbing thoughts. Mineral protects the home of its owner from financial problems and disagreements in the family. In November, Pisces is recommended to wear coral beads. They will help you to think positively and teach you to enjoy every day you live, without focusing on possible failures.

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