October Birthstones

October is the second month of autumn; it is a time of dreamers and connoisseurs of beauty. Many people in October are covered in autumn melancholy, so they need more positive emotions than ever. Also in the second month of autumn it gets colder and the risk of contracting colds increases. In October, Libra and Scorpions are born, who are blessed with one of the most beautiful and intriguing stones on our planet — opal. Most of the month is devoted to Libra ruled by Venus, which helps to raise romantic feelings. The last decade of October is under the influence of Pluto, this is the time of the birth of passionate and purposeful Scorpions. Thanks to the birth in the middle of autumn, these people get significant benefits from wearing jewelry with opal, which is the birthstone of this month.

October Birthstone – Opal

Opal is a mineral whose cosmic beauty attracts people from time immemorial. Surprisingly, opal in Sanskrit means "gemstone" or "jewel". Latin America and India are one of the first territories in which this stone was discovered. It is believed that it was formed as follows — in the desert there was a lake around which trees grew, whose branches fell into the water. The wood decayed, and then, through interaction with volcanic ash, turned into opals. The mineral is incredibly fragile, so people had to find a way to preserve its natural beauty. It was found that opal is a gel, therefore it is necessary to put it from time to time in wet cotton to slow down aging and prevent cracking. There are about 100 varieties of the mineral, the most noble of which are considered to be specimens of rainbow color. In total, two main groups of opals are distinguished: black (all shades of blue, burgundy, green, violet) and white (light colors, for example, pink, yellow, etc.).

In the first three weeks of October, Libra is born, whose main mascot is opal. Representatives of this zodiac sign strive for harmony in everything. Distinctive features of their character — restraint and prudence. In any company, Libra creates an environment in which everyone is comfortable. They are real diplomats and fighters for justice. In the last week of October, Scorpios are born. Topaz is considered to be their main mascot, but for those who appeared at the end of the second month of autumn, opal will be an excellent alternative. Representatives of this sign are very calm and restrained. Scorpions, whose opal stone is the talisman, strive for excellence and try to work on their shortcomings throughout their lives. They are distinguished by industriousness and endurance; they tend to always finish what has been started to the end and constantly set new goals for themselves.

Opal is believed to bring harmony and prosperity to its owner. It helps to clear thoughts and focus on the main thing. Thanks to disgrace, a person becomes wiser and easier to make friends. The stone reduces the likelihood of depression and makes its owner less irritable. Opal also helps to overcome fears and try something that previously lacked courage. The mineral relieves tension from the eyes and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to him, people have increased concentration, memory, and they become less forgetful. Opal inspires creativity and study, and also motivates to work on his physical form.

Opal Jewelry for women

For women who were born in October, the following jewelry with opal is suitable:

  1. The hairpin with opal is a great accessory for both every day and for special occasions. For everyday wear, women born in October can offer a beak clip. For cases where there is a need to create a complex hairstyle for an exit, invisible hairpins are an excellent option. They will complement the image and will not attract the eyes of an admiring audience. Hairpins with opal will give a woman who was born in the middle of autumn confidence and will set up to achieve what she wants, regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Earrings with opals are a perfect decoration for any woman born in the second month of autumn. Transformer earrings will be an excellent option for every day, and for a weekend, you should pay attention to girandole earrings inlaid with opals. These jewelry options will bring peace to the life of a woman who was born in October, make her wiser and teach her to create the perfect balance between work and leisure. Thanks to opal earrings, their owners will make more friends and will gain a new meaning in life.

Opal Jewelry for men

Men born in October are advised to wear the following opal jewelry:

  1. An opal bracelet is an accessory for those who are not afraid to experiment and love to stand out from the crowd. The recommended option for men born in October is a chain bracelet inlaid with opal. Such a decoration will make its owner more confident in their abilities and will help to overcome any difficulties. Thanks to a chain bracelet with opal, a man born in October will be able to concentrate on moving up the career ladder, while maintaining a strong relationship with his family and friends.
  2. A ring is an accessory that will suit even a man who is not a fan of jewelry. A good option is a signet ring with opal. Carrying it on his right hand, a man born in October will become more diplomatic and attentive to the words of others. Wearing a signet ring on his left hand, he will begin to better understand himself and his true desires. It is recommended that the ring is made using silver, since it is this mineral that is in the best harmony with opal.

October Gemstones by Horoscope

October gemstone for Aries ♈: Agate. It is believed that the mineral, powdered and mixed in water, strengthens the immune system. Mascot with agate improves sleep, drives away nightmares and protects from negativity. Thanks to him, in October Aries will be able to remain energetic and will not succumb to autumn spleen. Representatives of the sign will be in a good mood and will be ready for daily active work. Agate will help to improve relations with relatives, protect from conflict situations and attract financial well-being. The mineral does not allow to stray from the right path and directs its owner through life. In autumn, an agate ring will be a wonderful decoration for Aries. It will increase the creative potential of the representatives of the sign and inspire productive work.

October gemstone for Taurus ♉: Rose quartz. The mineral helps to cope with psychological trauma, calms nerves and inspires optimism. Thanks to him, Taurus will be protected from viral diseases in October and will be able to stay in good shape. If you insist water on rose quartz, it helps smooth wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic and evens out the tone of the face. Also, the gem has a calming effect on the human psyche, brings it into a state of mental balance and allows you to forget about the problems. The mineral helps to find love, build a strong family and increases the chances of conceiving a healthy child. In October, a rose quartz pendant will be a great decoration for Taurus. Such an accessory will save vital energy and protect from the negative of the outside world.

October gemstone for Gemini ♊: Chrysoprase. It is believed that the mineral improves the functioning of the glands of internal secretion and relieves nervous tension. It helps to cope with depression, normalizes blood pressure, relieves cramps and headache. Thanks to the chrysoprase, the Gemini will make new friends in October and continue to enjoy life even despite the busy schedule. The gem will teach them how to properly manage time and will attract luck. Chrysoprase will protect the Gemini from envy and slander from ill-wishers and will not allow you to focus on the negative. It will give strength to overcome all the difficulties of life, develop the memory of its owner and aim to achieve a result. In October, the recommended decoration for Gemini is a chrysoprase brooch. It will help make the right decisions and cool emotions.

October gemstone for Cancer ♋: Aventurine. It is believed that if you wear jewelry with this stone, then skin diseases gradually become less noticeable and the skin recovers faster after damage. It is recommended to choose accessories with aventurine based on which particular areas of the body are more affected by skin rashes. Thanks to the mineral, in October Cancers will be able to change their life by 180 degrees. Aventurine will attract luck in their lives, increase the chances of finding a second half and improve their financial situation. With its help, representatives of the sign in October will become bolder and will be able to leave the comfort zone, as a result, new career opportunities will open up for them. In addition, their view of the world will become more optimistic. In October, Cancers should wear an aventurine bracelet. The accessory is recommended to be removed at night to avoid energy exhaustion.

October gemstone for Leo ♌: Ruby. In lithotherapy, it is believed that the mineral helps to improve the condition of the musculoskeletal system and relieves pain in the joints. In October, thanks to the ruby, the Lions will be protected from accidents and people with evil intentions. It will attract strong and passionate love into their lives, and will also allow it to be preserved for many years. Ruby will help to put all thoughts in their places and determine what exactly Leo wants from life in October. Its powerful energy will overcome the uncertainty of the representatives of the sign and save them from doubt. In October, Lions are recommended to wear earrings with rubys to achieve their goals.

October gemstone for Virgo ♍: Emerald. It is believed that the mineral stabilizes blood pressure and relieves headaches, and also improves joint mobility and strengthens the immune system. Thanks to the effects of emerald, in October Virgo will be able to overcome bad habits and begin to lead a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle. Representatives of the sign will make new friends and strengthen relations with the family. They will be able to find a soul mate, while achieving work and / or study. A good decoration for Virgo in October will be a watch inlaid with emeralds. They will clear their owner’s biofield of negative energy and attract financial prosperity to life.

October gemstone for Libra ♎: Carnelian. Lithotherapists believe that the mineral helps to heal wounds, eliminates ulcers and other skin lesions, and also normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. Thanks to carnelian, in October Libra will be free from emotional experiences and will not be upset due to failures in their personal lives. The stone will strengthen their self-confidence and make it bolder, opening new horizons for self-development. It will lead the representatives of the sign to success in the financial field and will help to fulfill oneself. In October, Libra is recommended to wear carnelian pendants. Such an adornment will preserve the energy of its owner and protect it from spiritual torment.

October gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Coral. It is believed that the mineral helps to cope with fatigue, and also accelerates the recovery process after sprains and fractures. Thanks to coral, October will be a month for Scorpios full of happiness and inspiration. The stone will protect them from discouragement and will not allow laziness. Coral will provide the Scorpions with a productive mid-autumn, filled with new achievements, and make sure that the representatives of the sign will not regret the thoughtlessly spent time. Also, the mineral will protect against emotional shocks and will not allow others to destroy the optimistic mood of its owner. In October, Scorpios are encouraged to wear coral bracelets to attract good luck and strengthen their families.

October gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Rhodonite. In lithotherapy, a mineral is applied to the eyes in order to relieve tension and prevent the occurrence of diseases. It is believed that rhodonite has a calming effect, so if you hold it in your hands in stressful situations, then there is a release of nervous tension. In October, the mineral instills hope in the Streltsov for a better future and confidence in their abilities. Thanks to him, representatives of the sign will not be afraid of the unknown and will become the creators of their lives. Rhodonite will improve Sagittarius’s communication skills and help make many new friends in October. He will teach you to better understand art and give inspiration to create. In October, Sagittarius should wear rhodonite brooches. Such an accessory will make the representatives of the zodiac sign more merciful, as well as charge them with positive energy.

October gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Serpentine. It is believed that the mineral eliminates drowsiness and energizes every day. Capricorns will be able to survive any troubles in October thanks to serpentine. He will give them strength of mind and set them up to make grandiose changes in life. Serpentine will develop Capricorn’s intuition and creativity, as well as improve physical abilities. Thanks to the mineral, representatives of the sign of the Earth will become more resilient, faster and learn how to tolerate stress more easily. He will develop the intuition of his owner and help predict the future. In October, Capricorn is recommended to wear earrings with serpentine. Such jewelry will reduce emotional stress and allow you to believe in yourself.

October gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Blue sapphire. Mineral improves memory, normalizes metabolism, gives a good sleep. Thanks to blue sapphire, in October Aquarius will always be in a good mood and will cease to be upset due to trifles. The mineral will increase the self-esteem of the representatives of the sign, teach you not to pay attention to the opinions of others and make you believe in yourself. In October, blue sapphire will make Aquarius more determined, as well as teach to prioritize and be more judicious. The gem will give you a feeling of complete freedom and show that there is nothing wrong with sometimes being alone with yourself. In October, Aquarius is recommended to wear pendants with blue sapphire to attract love and good luck.

October gemstone for Pisces ♓: Jade. It is believed that, taking the powdered mineral inside helps to cope with kidney and bladder diseases. Jade relieves nightmares and soothes nerves. It can also be used during meditation and for facial massage. Jade will give Pisces wisdom in October, help you make the right decisions and always respond quickly to unforeseen situations. Thanks to the mineral, the representatives of the last zodiac sign will become even more patient and unperturbed, which will allow trial and error to achieve the desired result in any field of activity. In October, Pisces should wear jade rings to attract wealth and protect against negative emotions.

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