Pisces Birthstones

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the European horoscope; its natural element is water. People born during the reign of this constellation are wise and calm. They prefer to go with the flow and do not require too much from life. Pisces are extremely dependent on the opinions of others, so they are easy to manipulate. Representatives of the water sign are able to easily adapt to any environment and are distinguished by excellent stress resistance. However, Pisces often suffer from distraction and inability to competently organize their lives, sometimes becoming addicted to bad habits. They have a kind heart and if in their life there is a person who helps to see the right path, representatives of the water sign will certainly be successful and happy.

Birthstone for Pisces – Aquamarine

A special birthstones for Pisces is aquamarine. This mineral is valued by people for many centuries due to its crystal clearness and a beautiful blue hue. In ancient times, it was used not only for decorative purposes, but also as a talisman. For example, Roman and Greek sailors believed that aquamarine was sent to people by Poseidon, and therefore it was necessary to have it on the ship for a favorable voyage. Translated from Latin, the name of the mineral means "sea water". Also in the ancient world, aquamarine was widely used to create statuettes of reigning persons. Now among jewelers, copies of a pale blue shade are most valued. This opinion is based solely on the aesthetic considerations of the masters.

The color palette of aquamarine is not limited to only blue and blue; in the Southern Urals, specimens of green shade are mined. Minerals tend to fade if it has been exposed to the sun for a long time. As a result, it becomes dirty yellow or even earthy. The uniqueness of the color of aquamarine is due to the large percentage of iron in it, because of which a lot of healing properties are attributed to it. It is believed that it helps to cope with a cold by relieving sinuses and easing coughing. It also accelerates the restoration of the vocal cords and has an antipyretic effect.

If you look at aquamarine from different angles, you will notice that it is able to change color. Because of this, it was believed that the shade of the stone corresponds to the mood of its owner. Pisces gem protects against gossip, not allowing them to learn about the negative emotions that other people experience in relation to them. This will save the representatives of the sign from unnecessary experiences and will not allow you to fall into depression. Also, the mineral makes its owner bolder and more determined. Thanks to its effects, Pisces become masters of their lives and act on the basis of their own desires. Aquamarine develops oratory skills, which helps the water sign to express their thoughts and be more open with others. The precious pendant with aquamarine is a good decoration for Pisces, filling their life with harmony and positive emotions.

Influence of the birthdate and the zodiac decan

In the European horoscope, each zodiac sign goes through three stages, which last about the same number of days and are called “decans”. Because of this, representatives of one constellation can differ greatly from each other in character traits and behavior, because they acquire personality characteristics of their zodiacal brothers related to them by element. In the case of Pisces, these are Cancers and Scorpions. Also, depending on the date of birth, a person is influenced by different planets, which affects his aspirations and life priorities. In this regard, for representatives of each decan special birthstone-talismans are recommended:

  • Pisces 1 Decan (February 19-29) — the canonical representative of the sign, preferring to treat everything with understanding. His talisman stone is Jasper. The mineral helps to cope with stress and eliminates the negative experience that has been accumulated throughout life. Jasper increases self-esteem, makes its owner more confident and competitive. The stone makes Pisces more powerful individuals who are able to defend their point of view, and not be puppets in the hands of others. He also develops intuition and helps make the right decisions. Jasper helps maintain warm relationships between family members and prevents conflict. A good decoration with a stone is a bracelet. It is better to wear it on your right hand to create a barrier against negative energy from the outside.
  • Pisces 2 Decan (March 1-10) — Pisces with Cancer traits: people with a changeable character. Due to the strong influence of the moon, they are very emotional, ambitious and inquisitive. Their mascot is Coral. The mineral protects Pisces of the second decan from accidents and emotional upheaval, allowing you not to be afraid of the future. It helps with diseases, accelerating the recovery of the victim. Coral is a travelers’ mascot that protects Pisces from the problems that can occur while traveling. Also a stone — a charm of the hearth and comfort in the house. It helps Pisces of the second decan to cope with mood swings that negatively affect their relationships with loved ones. Signet with coral is the best decoration for this water sign. He will attract good luck in the life of Pisces and help them achieve success in their careers.
  • Pisces 3 Decan (March 11-20) — Pisces with the features of Scorpio: energetic people under the influence of Pluto and Mars, which makes them more decisive and responsible compared to their "brothers" in the zodiac sign. Their talisman is Alexandrite. It helps to cope with difficulties, gives vivacity and self-confidence. Thanks to this mineral, Pisces of the third decan are becoming more successful in their careers and personal lives. Alexandrite attracts good people to its owner and helps to find love. Also, the gem has a calming effect on the nervous system and prevents the occurrence of somatic diseases. A pendant with alexandrite gemstone is recommended for wearing by Pisces of the third decan, as they are able to withstand the strong energy of the stone and even become better thanks to it.

Birthstones for Pisces man

Representatives of this water sign are extremely susceptible and emotional. They tend to hover in the clouds and pay much attention to little things that others usually do not pay attention to. Male Pisces are extremely talkative and sometimes even too much because of which many people misunderstand them. They need recognition from others, without it, they suffer and fall into prolonged depression. Men of this sign as one of the main goals of their life see a search for true love, but at the same time many of them are interested in becoming a professional. To get rid of weakness of character and achieve happiness, they will need the following stones:

Peridot – is a mineral of light. It is believed that it feeds energy from the sun and therefore is able to protect its owner from everything bad in this world. It helps strengthen friendships and romantic relationships, making people more understanding and involved in the lives of their loved ones. Also, the mineral gives Pisces men a sense of self-esteem, thanks to which they become more independent from the opinions of others and begin to act without fear of being judged. A gold watch inlaid with Peridot is an excellent accessory for the representative of the last sign of the European horoscope. They will not let him become discouraged, while improving his general health.

Moonstone – is the talisman of love. He creates all the conditions for the harmonious development of relations with a partner and saves a couple from the words of ill-wishers. The mineral helps to better understand your feelings and desires, so it is especially important for those who are at a crossroads in life and tormented by uncertainty. Moonstone develops intuition and makes its owner more penetrating, as a result of which it becomes impossible to manipulate. It helps to relax, so it can be used during meditation. A pendant with a moonstone will save the Pisces men from misunderstanding in relationships and will strengthen their willpower.

Heliodor – a stone-holiday. It was created in order to give joy to its owner and fill with meaning every lived day. Heliodor helps to overcome constraint and makes Pisces men more sociable. Thanks to him, they manage to make more useful contacts and feel confident in any company. The gem attracts increased attention to the representative of the sign, which increases his mood, since recognition of society is very important for him. A ring with a heliodor is a good decoration, but it is recommended to remove it during operation so as not to soar in the clouds.

Jet – is a protector from negativity. Mineral better than any other helps to cope with the attacks of others and always remain faithful to their aspirations. It is believed that no one can harm the owner of the jet thanks to the powerful energy of the stone. Also, the mineral can be used during meditation, because it expands the boundaries of consciousness and even allows you to predict the future. The jet gives decisiveness to the Pisces men and guides them along the right path during periods of the greatest doubt in their own abilities. A good decoration for a representative of a sign is a pendant. She will fill her owner’s heart with love and make him happier.

Birthstones for Pisces woman

Representatives of this water sign are dreamy and romantic, they believe in goodness and believe that it is possible to achieve world peace. They are always ready to help with advice, provide support or just have fun with people they love. Women Pisces are wise, sociable, able to attract attention in any environment due to the refinement of words and actions. Their main drawback is perfectionism. They suffer greatly because of this personality trait, as I constantly try to get closer to the ideal and require the same from others. For success in life, they need the following mascot stones:

Pearls – are a source of vital energy. The mineral has been used for centuries to stop aging and improve overall health. For Pisces women, he will become an ideal assistant in preserving the youth of the body and spirit, and will help in the fight against mood swings. Pearls contribute to the development of oratorical abilities, which only contributes to the improvement of the innate skill of the representative of the sign. The stone makes her more confident and does not allow her to doubt her own importance as a person. A pearl bracelet will be a great decoration for a Pisces Woman. It is recommended that it be individually selected and not used before by someone else.

Sapphire – is a stone with the energy of space. The mineral makes its owner more penetrating, less quick-tempered and irritable. In general, he helps to control his emotions and act more often, guided by logic. The stone also gives creative inspiration and encourages the improvement of their skills. At the same time, sapphire makes Pisces women less demanding and critical in relation to those around them. This avoids unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. Sapphire earrings are a great decoration for the representatives of the sign. They will help accelerate thought processes and protect against nervous exhaustion.

Topaz – is a stone of inner harmony. The mineral will help Pisces women become less emotional and more tolerant of failures. Thanks to the decoration with topaz, they will be easier to perceive situations when they do not succeed and will not be angry if everything goes wrong. The stone develops insight and restraint. He improves the analytical abilities of his owner and increases her chances of moving up the career ladder. A ring with topaz will be a wonderful decoration for the representative of the sign. It will enhance its appeal to the opposite sex and will open up new exciting aspects of life.

Amethyst – is a stone of spirituality. The mineral will help Pisces women develop a sense of beauty and make them even more curious. It will improve their memory and make the learning process less complicated. Also, thanks to the amethyst, the representatives of the water sign will be able to prevent the appearance of bad habits in them and protect themselves from meeting potentially dangerous people for their well-being. The purple gem will give them the ability to predict the actions of rivals and predict when it is better to perform a certain action in order to achieve the desired result. Amethyst bracelet is a wonderful jewelry for women Pisces, which can improve their relationship with family and friends.

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