September Birthstones

September is the first month of autumn, its palette is diverse: crimson berries, yellowed foliage, drizzling rain. Pictures of foggy morning are replaced by moist landscapes; it is associated with a gradual withering of nature and a decrease in daylight hours. In September, most people return to their usual daily routine after summer vacations. The stone corresponding to the month of birth in September is Sapphire, a symbol of wisdom and tranquility. It is known that each color has a certain magical power. Blue color symbolizes harmony, spirituality and peace. According to the horoscope, Virgo and Libra are born at this time, representatives of these zodiac signs are able to get significant benefits from wearing jewelry with sapphire. There is a belief that the brighter the shine of a stone, the stronger its positive qualities.

September Birthstone – Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the varieties of corundum. The gem is the second most valuable (after diamond) gem. Various shades of the mineral are found in nature, however, only blue specimens are recognized as science. In the jewelry business, any sapphires are used, regardless of the degree of transparency, shade and shape. The cornflower blue gem is considered the most valuable, so jewelry with it is usually the most difficult to purchase because of the high prices. Over the centuries, sapphire has been associated with the cosmos, endowing it with various abilities and calling it "the favorite of Saturn." They were decorated with crowns and clothes of noble gentlemen, and people believed that he was able to show his owner the future.

In the first three weeks of September, the Virgo is born, whose main mascot is sapphire. Representatives of the Earth sign are true perfectionists, extremely demanding in relation to themselves and to others. They are distinguished by their determination and desire to achieve the ideal. Virgo, whose main birthstone is sapphire, tend to be attentive to their health, although they may neglect it because of the desire to continuously achieve their goals. In the last week of September, Libra is born, whose main mascot stone is opal, but sapphire can also be an excellent amulet for them in early autumn. Representatives of the air sign are distinguished by wisdom and prudence. They always think before speaking or doing, but are often shy, which prevents them from going beyond the comfort zone. Libra, whose sapphire stone is the talisman, are real diplomats who can solve any conflict.

It is believed that sapphire makes people more merciful and balanced, brings prosperity to their lives, protects them from anxieties and worries. The gem helps to believe in yourself and attracts luck. He drives away sadness and teaches focus on the important. Sapphire improves memory, makes its owner more assiduous and helps to concentrate. It makes you reach for knowledge and does not allow you to turn off the right track. The mineral brings peace of mind and protects the mental health of its master. In lithotherapy, they believe that sapphire normalizes the functioning of internal organs and helps in the restoration of damaged muscles. It is also believed that the gem strengthens the immune system, and the water infused on the stone can relieve pain when applied to problem areas.

Sapphire Jewelry for women

For women who were born in September, the following sapphire jewelry is suitable:

  1. Gold sapphire earrings are a universal accessory offered by jewelers. For everyday wear, women born in September can be encouraged to wear tapeworms decorated with sapphire. Such a decoration will keep them in good shape and help to concentrate on current tasks. For publication, chandeliers, also known as chandelier earrings, will be a good option for women born in September. They will help to make a pleasant conversation with new friends and profitably establish themselves in society.
  2. A sapphire ring is an elegant accessory, striking with the variety of options offered. For frequent use, women who were born in September can be advised to solitaire rings encrusted with small gems. Such an accessory will give self-confidence and energize for productive work. In the case of a special event, women born in the first month of autumn can be offered split rings with sapphire. Such jewelry will attract attention to its owner and demonstrate its great taste.

Sapphire Jewelry for men

Men born in September are advised to wear the following sapphire jewelry:

  1. A silver pendant with sapphire is a discreet jewelry that can be worn both around the neck and in the chest pocket. Men born in the first month of autumn should pay attention to medallions inlaid with sapphire. They will help to overcome bad habits and strengthen the relations of its owner with the family. You can also offer flash pendants inlaid with sapphires. The advantage of this type of this accessory is practicality. Thanks to them, a man born in September will always have a carrier with important data at hand.
  2. A mechanical watch with sapphires is a classic men’s accessory, which is designed to emphasize the status of the owner. It will help you plan your time wisely and manage to complete all the tasks set for a certain period. For men born in early autumn, both wrist and pocket watches are suitable. It is recommended to give preference to accessories made using silver, since this particular metal is in the best harmony with sapphire and realizes the potential of the gem, which consists in accelerating thought processes and improving memory.

September Gemstones by Horoscope

September gemstone for Aries ♈: Coral. It is believed that the mineral helps to recover from fractures and muscle injuries. Coral increases the overall tone of the body, relieves fatigue and improves memory, increasing the chances of Aries to succeed in work and study in September. Thanks to the mineral, the representatives of the sign will be protected from accidents and colds in early autumn and will be able to enjoy the last warm days in the fresh air. It will help create coziness in the house and improve relationships in the family. In September, Aries is advised to wear a bracelet or beads with coral to strengthen fortitude and understand how to properly distribute energy.

September gemstone for Taurus ♉: Carnelian. In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that the mineral has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieving stress and improving the sleep of someone who wears during the day or puts jewelry with this gem at night next to the bed. Thanks to carnelian, in September Taurus will be able to relax and begin to take good care of their health. The beginning of autumn for representatives of the sign of the Earth will become a new chapter in life without anxiety and doubt. The accessory with a stone mascot will develop intuition, make it more insightful and set up for active development. The mineral will protect the representatives of the sign from lies and hypocrisy, teach to make informed decisions. A Carnelian ring will be a good decoration for Taurus in September, it can give peace of mind.

September gemstone for Gemini ♊: Beryl. In lithotherapy, it is believed that the mineral strengthens the immune system and helps fight chronic diseases. It speeds up the metabolism, helping to bring yourself to the desired shape. In September, beryl guarantees Gemini success in all endeavors and clarity of mind. Thanks to the gem, the representatives of the sign will be able to establish relations with loved ones, gain a soul mate or strengthen the existing alliance. Also, the mineral in the beginning of autumn makes its owner more insightful and develops its intuition. In September, beryl earrings will be a suitable decoration for Gemini. It is recommended to choose specimens with the most transparent stones, since they are the most reliable defenders.

September gemstone for Cancer ♋: Jadeite. For centuries, doctors have used this mineral to restore energy balance and protect the mother while carrying a child. It was believed that the gem protects against diseases and accidents. In September, thanks to jadeite, the Crayfish will learn to control themselves even in the most difficult situations. Representatives of the Water sign will be protected from anger and nervousness, will find harmony in communication with others and will express emotions more competently. The recommended decoration for Crayfish in September will be a ring with jadeite. Such an accessory will make them more confident and raise their self-esteem, giving determination to translate dreams into reality.

September gemstone for Leo ♌: Rhodonite. The mineral improves visual acuity and relieves tension from the eyes after a long day of work. It relieves insomnia and migraines, and also develops the mental abilities of its owner. In September, rhodonite will attract the desired attention from the beloved person to Leo and will help strengthen relations with colleagues and superiors, increasing the chances of promotion on the career ladder. The mineral will give inspiration to the representatives of the sign and indicate the path along which they most quickly succeed in achieving their goal. In September, Leo is recommended to wear bracelets with rhodonite to prevent emotional burnout.

September gemstone for Virgo ♍: Citrine. The mineral helps to cope with gastrointestinal diseases, improves immunity and strengthens the nervous system. In September, citrine will bring luck and financial prosperity to the life of the Virgo. It will help maintain peace of mind and clarity of mind even in stressful situations, allowing representatives of the sign to try new things and develop harmoniously in various areas of life. This gem improves the circulatory system and makes its owner softer in relation to others, so it is recommended to choose accessories located in the solar plexus. In September, a citrine pendant will be a wonderful decoration for the Virgo.

September gemstone for Libra ♎: Amazonite. It is believed that the mineral accelerates thought processes, helps to preserve the youth of the mind and body, and also improves skin condition. It relieves spasms and accelerates recovery from colds. In September, Amazonite will give Libra courage and encourage decisive action. Thanks to the mineral, they will learn to make choices faster and stop reproaching themselves for the slightest mistakes. The gem will teach the representatives of the sign to love themselves, not allowing others to manipulate themselves. A good decoration for Libra in September will be amazonite beads. They will bring peace and joy to their owner’s life, protecting them from nervous tension.

September gemstone for Scorpio ♏: Zircon. For centuries, powder ground from a mineral has been used to make ointments that heal skin wounds. It is also believed that wearing a stone improves sleep and drives away nightmares. In September, zircon will make Scorpio more insightful and teach you to carefully think through your actions. It will increase the attractiveness of the representatives of the sign in the eyes of others and help make new influential friends. Zircon makes Scorpios more charismatic and teaches to competently negotiate. The stone will help you make plans for the future and tune in to a positive wave. In September, Scorpios can be advised to wear a zircon bracelet on their left hand to attract good luck.

September gemstone for Sagittarius ♐: Jade. It is believed that when taking the powder from the mineral inside, a person ensures his longevity and the preservation of clarity of thought for many years. Also, the stone can be used as a massage tool and heat source. In September, jade will make Sagittarius prudent, teach to show humanity and compassion. Thanks to such a talisman stone, they will be able to fully reveal their mental abilities and achieve maximum success in work and study. Jade will instill in the representatives of the sign the ability to respect others and their actions. The mineral will help to implement the plan and protect against unexpected changes in plans. The recommended decoration for Sagittarius in September is a jade brooch that can provide stability and financial well-being.

September gemstone for Capricorn ♑: Chrysocolla. It is believed that the mineral improves visual acuity and normalizes metabolism in the body. Chrysocolla will give mental and physical strength to Capricorn in September, protects against emotional burnout and nervous strain. Thanks to him, the representatives of the sign will become happier, learn to enjoy the little things and focus on the positive aspects of life. Chrysocolla will protect Capricorn from falling into conflict situations and develop their emotional intelligence, as a result of which they will improve relations with loved ones and make new pleasant acquaintances in September. The mineral will become their main support in case of problems, directing the representatives of the sign to overcome difficult situations. Capricorn in September should wear pendants with chrysocolla to strengthen fortitude and attract good luck.

September gemstone for Aquarius ♒: Emerald. The mineral stabilizes blood pressure, and also strengthens the immune system and relieves chronic headaches. It is believed that the emerald is able to eradicate all the evil inclinations of Aquarius in September, pushing them to self-improvement and the transition to a new standard of living. Thanks to the energy of the gem, the representatives of the sign will cease to suffer from mood swings and will be able to form an opinion on topics that are important to them. The emerald will make Aquarius more reasonable and wiser, protect from rash decisions and ensure a quiet life. With such a talisman stone, they will be able to count on improving their financial situation and acquiring useful professional ties. In September, Aquarius is recommended to wear emerald bracelets to attract good luck and health.

September gemstone for Pisces ♓: Garnet. It is recommended to wear the mineral during colds to relieve fever and alleviate other symptoms of the disease. The gem helps improve skin condition and stops migraine attacks. Garnet will give Pisces strength and protect against depression in September. Thanks to the mineral, the representatives of the sign will be able to competently distribute forces in the beginning of autumn and without any problems will adapt to the working regime after a summer vacation. Garnet will attract sincere and understanding people to Pisces, help to build a trusting relationship with family and friends. The gem will attract a soul mate into the life of the representatives of the sign and provide strong love. In September, Pisces is recommended to wear a garnet ring. Such jewelry will help its owner to lead an active life, while maintaining peace of mind.

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