Taurus Birthstones

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the European horoscope; its natural element is earth. People born under this constellation are not used to taking the initiative. They are extremely efficient and ready to work hard to achieve their goals. Taurus is wise, circumspect and prudent. Thanks to charisma, they attract many people, therefore they are usually in the spotlight. Stability and confidence in the future is important for them, which is why they choose professions that are valued in society and bring good income. Representatives of a fixed sign value constancy in the relationship. Harmony in the family is very important for them. Taurus is extremely difficult to make decisions, especially if the consequences involve significant changes in life. This feature makes it difficult to adapt to new conditions and inhibits career growth.

Birthstone for Taurus – Emerald

The Western horoscope suggests that each zodiac sign has a special birthstone. In the case of Taurus, it is an emerald. It is also called "green ice". The gem stands out for its transparency and purity. The cult of the emerald originated in ancient Egypt. Then he was perceived as a gift from the gods and was traditionally placed in the tombs of influential people. The Indians used the gem for religious rituals, and some tribes even believed that the spirits of their ancestors lived in it. There are different colors of the mineral: from pale green to blue.

Being a natural stone, an emerald is full of energy accumulated over many centuries. It is believed that it is able to relieve headaches and normalize blood pressure. The stone also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the joints and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its antibacterial properties, emerald can purify liquids from pathogens. It is believed that wearing a jewelry with this gem, a person is able to cleanse his aura and be reborn energetically, getting rid of all negative character traits. Emerald — the protector of comfort and understanding in the house. It is necessary for anyone who wants to build a strong family or maintain existing relationships.

The mineral symbolizes the unity with nature, which is so important for the harmonious existence of Taurus. Emerald contributes to the development of character stamina, helping to overcome difficulties and giving an additional charge of motivation. It makes the stubborn Taurus softer and more accommodating, providing more opportunities for building a career, and also develops intuition. The stone seems to attract good luck to the life of this zodiac representative. This emerald pendant will be a wonderful decoration to help you find harmony. Being close to the solar plexus, it guarantees Taurus a positive attitude, while eliminating the existing character flaws.

Influence of the birthdate and the zodiac decan

Even people born under the same zodiac sign can be very different. If you don’t know what day they were born, you will never think about the commonality of their patron constellation. This is explained by the fact that each sign in the western horoscope is divided into three decans, each of which is approximately ten days. Depending on the date of birth, a person will have additional characteristics that distinguish him from his zodiac brothers. In the first decan, pure representatives of the sign are born. In the second and third — those who have something in common with the next in order constellations belonging to the same natural element. In the case of Taurus, the division into decans leads to the following:

  • Taurus 1 Decan (April 21-30) – pure Taurus. Reliable person, striving for calm and prosperous life. The representative of the first decan is able to clearly define their goals and go to them, without being distracted by momentary desires. In love, they are loyal to their partner and expect reciprocal fidelity. Taurus of this period can always be relied on, they will not be deceived, and they will fulfill their promise. Their special birthstone is Amethyst. It replenishes the energy spent in the process of work, helps to maintain clarity of mind and not give in to bad thoughts. The mineral also protects from the evil eye and addiction to bad habits. For a workaholic Taurus, the amethyst will become a salvation, teaching to distribute time in such a way as to manage to regain strength during a short rest, which does not harm work. The best decoration is a ring. Such an accessory will guide its owner in achieving their goals.
  • Taurus 2 Decan (May 1-10) – Taurus with the features of the Virgo. Talented thinkers. It’s important for them to think through everything well before taking action. They will never be guided by their feelings if they contradict their inner convictions. Everything that Taurus does in the second decan makes sense and involves the enjoyment of life. His talisman stone is Sodalite. This mineral is necessary to attract love and loyal friends. He teaches to be more kind and warm to others. Sodalite will develop the empathy of Taurus and help you trust your feelings. This stone is great for meditation, having a relaxing effect on the nervous system. The best jewelry with Sodalite is beads and pendants. Located close to the heart chakra, they have a calming effect, allowing you to find harmony of soul and body.
  • Taurus 3 Decan (May 11-21) – Taurus with Capricorn traits. An ambitious and calm person. He always controls himself, not allowing emotions to prevail. Due to this, he achieves significant professional success, building diplomatic relations with colleagues and superiors. His main weakness is resentment. Outwardly, Taurus of the third decan will not show his irritation, however, with close communication, he can express his complaints in a rather rude form. The ideal mascot stone for him is Topaz. This mineral is a real magnet for success in all areas of life. With him, you can forget about quarrels with loved ones and financial problems. Topaz will become a powerful defender for Taurus from the negative coming from the outside world. It is recommended to choose rings with this stone and wear them on your right hand. So topaz will brighter show its properties as a talisman-amulet.

Birthstones for Taurus man

Taurus man is kind and smart, he believes in himself and his abilities, he is able to work hard to achieve what he wants. He cannot be blamed for his excessive temper and inability to control his emotions, but in anger the representative of this zodiac sign is terrible. Fortunately, the male Taurus is quite quick-witted and quickly calms down. Its main disadvantages are stubbornness, stinginess and straightforwardness. The following stones will help him get rid of these negative traits and become happier:

Amber – is a source of vitality and energy. This mineral makes its owner more optimistic and teaches to properly assess their capabilities. Thanks to amber jewelry, you can not only become more cheerful, but also replenish the supply of creative inspiration. For a male Taurus, this stone is especially valuable as a partner in overcoming difficult tasks. A keyring will be a great accessory. It is better to always keep it nearby so as not to spend excess energy. For more extravagant natures, a bracelet with amber is suitable.

Apatite – is a source of inspiration and inspiration. This stone fights stubbornness, expanding the boundaries of consciousness and allowing you to think outside the box. Apatite helps the male Taurus to take changes more calmly and even encourages him to take risky acts that add new colors to life. This mineral provides the disclosure of the potential of its owner, making it more relaxed and free. An excellent decoration will be a watch inlaid with apatite. Such an accessory will stimulate the development of creative abilities.

Malachite – is a money magnet. This mineral will allow you to forget about the need to worry about your financial situation. Thanks to malachite, wealth will necessarily become part of the life of a Taurus man, provided that he works hard. The stone also protects against negativity and helps to find strength to deal with difficulties. The best jewelry is cufflinks or a tie holder. It is recommended to opt for accessories in which malachite is adjacent to silver. In such a company, the mineral maximally realizes its energy potential.

Pomegranate – is a stone of diplomacy. Thanks to him, the Taurus man will learn to solve conflicts peacefully, without raising his voice and not hurting the opponent’s feelings. Pomegranate will help in solving problems that arise due to the habit of being always honest in communicating with others. He will tell his owner when it is better to remain silent and not to make critical comments. A ring will be a wonderful decoration with pomegranate. It is better to wear it on your right hand to create an energy channel that works during communication.

Birthstones for Taurus woman

The Taurus woman is wise and capable of captivating anyone. All paths are open for her: it can take place both in the professional sphere, and in the role of a loving mother and wife. The woman of this zodiac sign is used to trusting her well-developed intuition. She likes to act slowly and weigh each decision. Sometimes it is too emotional, but always copes with their feelings, not allowing them to gain the upper hand. Its main weaknesses are indifference, selfishness and over-caution. The following minerals will help to cope with these problems and find happiness for a woman-Taurus:

Chalcedony – is a talisman for the psycho-emotional system. Thanks to this mineral, the Taurus woman will forever forget about mood swings and will feel happiness every moment of her life. Chalcedony will help to cope with longing after bright bursts of energy and normalizes the state of the nervous system. It is believed that this stone is one of the best options for those who need to get rid of cases of emotional burnout. Keeping balance in thoughts and feelings, chalcedony will make the life of a Taurus woman measured and harmonious. The best decoration will be a bracelet. It is recommended to wear it on the left hand, so that the stone supports the energy reserves of the body.

Tourmaline – is a stone of youth and hope. This stone will not allow the Taurus woman to lose the desire to live and achieve new heights, which is usually characteristic of everyone at a young age. Tourmaline will become a guide for her during the search for her place in the world and will provide the energy reserve necessary for fruitful work. The mineral will help to reveal talents and help you tune in to a positive wave. It can be used during meditation for spiritual purification. Tourmaline eliminates the tendency to ignore the problems of loved ones and allows you to establish trusting relationships with them. The recommended decoration is earrings. They will protect the woman from negative thoughts and will attract love into her life.

Opal – is a source of faith that completely changes consciousness. His special ability is to rid a person of all negative attitudes formed as a result of life failures. Thanks to him, the Taurus woman will be able to become more open to the world and stop being afraid to show her feelings. The positive energy of the opal will be distributed around the owner, attracting the right people to it, and also making her less concentrated on her own interests. Recommended jewelry - beads and brooches. It is important that the accessory with opal is located close to the heart, so the effect of wearing it will manifest itself with maximum strength.

Jade – a stone of change, helping to leave the comfort zone. This mineral will induce the Taurus woman to take active steps and give courage to decide to do what she has long wanted. Jade has inexhaustible reserves of patience that can be used by its owner. Also, he will not let her forget about the importance of logic and the need to always remain humane. Jade is able to bring good luck to life and drive away all negative thoughts that prevent you from moving forward. An excellent decoration from this stone will be a bracelet. Thanks to him, the Taurus woman, if desired, will be able to radically transform her routine.

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