Virgo Birthstones

Virgo is the sixth sign of the European horoscope; its natural element is the earth. Those born during the reign of this constellation are realistic and organized. They are real pedants, they are extremely suspicious in matters affecting their health. Virgo prefer to surround themselves with calm people, do not tolerate aggressive and impulsive personalities. They suffer most from the need to constantly be on the move and inability to relax. They need to learn to distribute forces so that the natural energy supply is not depleted.

Birthstone for Virgo – Sapphire

According to the western horoscope, each zodiac sign has its own main talisman stone. In the case of Virgo, this is sapphire — a gem whose miraculous properties have been associated since ancient times with cosmic influence emanating from Saturn. Modern jewelers attribute sapphire to the first class gems, determining its value next to the diamond in order. Blue minerals are most common, yellow corundums are found, as well as black specimens. The so-called “star” sapphires are considered the most valuable, as if reflecting the radiance of the midnight luminaries.

Sapphires have long been used by people for medicinal purposes because of the relationship to Saturn attributed to the stone. It was believed that the work of all internal organs of the owner of the mineral will improve and overall health will become much stronger. The gem was especially appreciated for its ability to cope with cardiovascular diseases and help people recover from muscle injuries. It was also believed that the stone restores visual acuity. It was used in the treatment of depression and recovery from nervous strain. It is believed that water infused with sapphires is healing. It is used to relieve pain in the area of open wounds.

For Virgo, sapphire is a reliable partner on the path to excellence. It helps to develop the best qualities in yourself, namely to become kinder, more penetrating, wiser and wiser. Sapphire protects the home of the Virgo, playing an important role in establishing warm relations between family members. The gem normalizes the sleep of representatives of this constellation and strengthens their immunity. When choosing jewelry, special attention should be paid to the pendant with sapphire framed with gold. It is necessary for the Virgo to overcome all complexes, to fully enjoy life and become independent individuals who know which way to go in order to achieve their goals.

Influence of the birthdate and the zodiac decan

Many people do not believe in astrological forecasts due to the fact that general descriptions of zodiac signs often do not correspond to the characters of people born under these constellations. This happens for a very simple reason. Each zodiac sign goes through three stages — three decans. Those born in the first third are pure representatives of their sign. Those who are born in the next two decans, inherit the features of the next in order "spontaneous" brothers. In the case of Virgo, it is Capricorn and Taurus. Also, depending on the belonging to the decan, a person is influenced by different planets. Pure Virgo are exposed to the Sun, while representatives of the next two thirds of the sign are affected by Venus and Mercury. Therefore, depending on belonging to a certain decan, a person should choose different stones, talismans:

  • Virgo 1 Decan (August 24 – September 3) — pure Virgo – Aventurine. Representatives of this decan are very calm and restrained, sometimes even too much, so they need a stone that can add more vivid emotions and events to their lives. It is aventurine that is able to stir up the often overly boring Virgo and push her to something new, relegating all her prejudices to the background. A good decoration will be a ring. It will evenly distribute energy throughout the body of its owner, improving his mood and well-being.
  • Virgo 2 Decan (September 4-13) — Virgo with the features of Capricorn. They differ from the classical representative of their sign by excessive shyness and an open demonstration of self-doubt. Therefore, they need Citrine as a talisman stone. He will help the Virgo of the second decan to realize her strengths and will teach to present herself in society from a profitable perspective. Citrine will also protect the emotional ones due to the influence of Venus Virgos from unnecessary experiences and bring harmony to their lives. Earrings are an excellent jewelry option that allows citrine to reach its full potential.
  • Virgo 3 Decan (September 14-22) — Virgo with the features of Taurus. The easiest and most optimistic of all ten-day representatives of the sign due to the fact that they are under the strong influence of Mercury. Their stone mascot is Garnet. Its importance lies in the fact that the only weakness of the third decan Virgos is the inability to accept and express love. Pomegranate will cope with this shortcoming, help to find a suitable partner in spirit and find family happiness. The best jewelry with this mineral is a ring. It is better to wear it on the ring finger: it is believed that it is connected with the heart.

Birthstones for Virgo man

Men born under this zodiac sign are self-confident and incredibly hardworking. They like to think things over carefully before making a final decision and moving from words to deeds. Virgo men have a very complex character, because of which it is difficult for them to build relationships with others. They are incredibly demanding, often picky, withdrawn and completely immune to criticism. To many, they seem unnecessarily boring and dull because of the desire to demonstrate their intellectual abilities, which are really developed at a fairly high level. The following mascot stones will help them become more pleasant people and succeed:

Jasper – is a deliverer from negative energy. This mineral is considered the best of its kind, as it is able to quickly get rid of all unpleasant and traumatic memories that haunt a person throughout his life. Jasper can make a Virgo man more open and friendly. Thanks to this, he will learn to be less repulsive for those who want to get to know him better. Jasper will give the man this sign enough confidence in order not to pay attention to the words of ill-wishers and temporary difficulties. The stone will make it morally stronger and help to relate to criticism adequately and even learn useful lessons from it. This jasper bracelet will be a great decoration for a Virgo man, able to increase the internal strength of its owner.

Carnelian – is a stone of inspiration. This mineral will motivate the Virgo man to develop innate talents and achieve outstanding results. He will reveal in a new way such aspects of the personality of the representative of this sign as pickiness and suspiciousness, directing them in an exclusively positive direction. Carnelian will make the Virgo man more eloquent and diplomatic, which will allow him to achieve great success in his career. Also, the stone is an excellent charm from the machinations of ill-wishers and accidents. Recommended decoration is a pendant. He will have a calming effect on his owner, filling his days with positive emotions.

Agate – is a source of softness. This mineral will make the Virgo man more sensitive and understanding. Thanks to him, he will begin to pay more attention to the needs of others and not to forget about their needs. Agate will increase the immunity of its owner and make it more resilient to physical exertion. Also, the stone will attract profitable deals and job offers to the representative of the Earth sign, therefore it is especially important for those who are at the beginning of their career paths or are experiencing a period of doubt in choosing the future path. The most powerful jewelry with agate is a ring. Representing a symbol of power and prosperity, it will help the Virgo man to maintain his individuality and achieve success.

Lazurite – is a source of vital light. This mineral will fill its owner with positive moments every day and will teach him to relate to difficulties more easily, while remaining optimistic even in seemingly hopeless situations. Lazurite will purify the heart and thoughts of men born under the constellation Virgo, making them closer to achieving spiritual enlightenment. The stone will drive away difficulties and become a reliable protector from emotional burnout and mood swings. Lazurite will also help to maintain calm in stressful situations and always carefully consider the proposal before expressing it out loud. A bracelet with this blue mineral will be a great companion for a Virgo man. It is better if he receives it as a gift from a loved one. So the power of the accessory will be revealed in the maximum volume.

Birthstones for Virgo woman

Women born under this zodiac sign are distinguished by modesty and severity. They are attracted to the world of ideas, so they prefer the privacy of the office to people. Virgos can be so immersed in work that they forget about their household duties, meetings with friends and stop paying attention to their appearance. They suffer greatly while in a relationship. Due to the inability to defend their opinions, Virgo women often fall under the influence of a partner who suppresses them. For a carefree life without complexes, they need jewelry with the following stones:

Malachite – is a source of determination and confidence. This mineral will bring a woman-Virgo family happiness and harmony in love. Since ancient times, malachite has been attributed to a connection with other worlds, thanks to which it is able to improve the well-being of its owner and his health in general. In addition, the stone is considered a powerful talisman that sets up a wave of optimism, therefore, jewelry with it helps to fight against apathy, aggression and other conditions that interfere with a happy life. It is better to pay attention to accessories in which malachite interacts with silver. This metal increases the strength of the stone, adding healing properties to it, for example, the ability to normalize digestion. Earrings will be a good option for a Virgo woman, making her more self-sufficient and wise.

Jade – is the source of power that pushes towards perfection. The stone is surrounded by a huge number of legends, but all of them mention its ability to accelerate the human thought processes, making it more humane and prudent. The hardness of the stone can help the Virgo woman find an inner core and teach to defend her opinion even in front of authoritative people. With him, she will become less dependent on the opinions of others and will begin to develop as an independent person. Virgos should make a choice in favor of jewelry with red jade, as it will attract love, filled with warmth and mutual understanding, into their lives. A pendant with this stone will become a reliable keeper of energy, protecting the owner’s nervous system from unnecessary stress.

Selenite – is an assistant in matters relating to work. It helps to focus on important things and not be distracted by minor trifles. Thanks to him, the Virgo woman will learn to maintain a balance between work and rest, without putting an end to her personal life in favor of professional growth. Selenite will make her more sentimental and dreamy, while preserving and even increasing her degree of caution when choosing a circle of friends. The mineral will also improve its ability to predict future events, which will avoid many unpleasant consequences, which usually greatly complicate the lives of women of this zodiac sign. A good decoration will be earrings with selenite. They will daily improve the emotional state of their owner.

Serpentine – is a stone that helps to maintain interest in what is happening. The mineral will be an ideal partner in the fight against the loss of interest in that part of life that has nothing to do with work, as it is able to teach its owner to find joy in the little things. Thanks to this stone, Virgo will look at the world with a fresh look and get rid of the prejudices accumulated due to the unpleasant experience of the past years. Also, the Serpentine contributes to the disclosure of creative abilities and the emergence of free time for their development. The recommended decoration with it is a bracelet. Wrapping his owner’s wrist, he will create an energy flow that allows a woman to receive positive impulses from the world around her. It is important to remove the bracelet at night, as the Serpentine is quite sensitive to what is happening around, so it can cause disturbing dreams after a hard day.

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