Dog Boys

This intelligent, out-of-date serious kid enjoys the full trust of adults. The boy Dog definitely does not fail, you can always rely on it. However, children are not yet able to appreciate his dignity, because he is ahead of his peers in mental development. At the same time he keeps the usual boyish fervor, much shameless, but never crosses the line of what is permissible. Distinguished by a rare good nature, literally shines with love for everything around him.

Parents can be absolutely sure of the loyalty of their son. This child will never raise his voice, moreover, he will try to do everything possible to please his close people. He does not exaggerate his own merits, he does not try to attract attention to himself. Dog boy is an amazingly modest, even shy child. In addition, very kind and sympathetic to someone else’s trouble. This kid gets along well with children and adults.

Dog Boy Personality Traits

This cheerful, active kid will not be lost in any company, will find a way to get used to new conditions. However, he can not find a common language with vile people, organically does not tolerate lies. I am ready to put up with poor living conditions, the main thing is a benevolent atmosphere. Boy Dog — a noble nature, always protects the weak from the attacks of hooligans. He enjoys authority among friends, his help and support can be expected in the most difficult situation, when all have turned away, and there is no hope of salvation.

Boy Dog reaches out to people, it’s a very kind child, it’s impossible to imagine it as evil and aggressive. He treats everyone around him well, but is especially devoted to close people. In any situation, he acts conscientiously, works honestly, studies diligently. It seems that this child consists of some virtues, so it is good. Although you can not say for sure what is in the mind of this baby. Hidden, carefully controlled by his actions, afraid to open his real face to people. It is hard to endure treachery, but will never take revenge in return.


The only thing that really worries the baby Dog — the well-being of loved ones. This is a very responsive child, sees the meaning of life in serving other people. He loves parents, since his early childhood he dreams of creating comfortable living conditions for them. After learning and finding a profession, it will be a great pleasure to pamper your relatives. Let not immediately, but very quickly begins to trust people, sincerely attached to them. The Dog boy is a true friend, first of all he thinks of his comrades, and only then he remembers his needs.


The boy of this sign is an example of nobility, a real knight, ready to sacrifice himself for others. He can be asked about anything, he will necessarily rush to the rescue at any time of the day or night. Boy Dog does not need to persuade, rather it is required to restrain his desire to make everyone happy. Constantly selects homeless animals, heals and feeds them. Always the first to offer its help to teachers, classmates and just strangers. And he does not wait for gratitude in return, is embarrassed and blushes when he hears praise in his address.


Nature has awarded this boy tremendous diligence. It does not strive to stand out, to win the sympathy of people, brave with their achievements. Simply quietly and responsibly performs the work entrusted. He likes to see the results of his work, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. If the boy Dog faces difficulties, perseveres overcomes them. He will never give up, not bringing him to the end. This is an amazingly collected, efficient child, does not seek to spend time idly, does not find pleasure in idleness.


This kid is afraid of being in a delicate position. Most of all, he is hurt by ridicule, misunderstanding of people around him. Always strives to look strong, so he carefully controls his emotions. He does not need instructions, tips, he is for himself and the main adviser, and the most strict judge. The Dog boy is an amazingly solid person, capable of significant deeds. He is confident in himself and courageous, skillfully overcomes fears and doubts. Only he himself is responsible for his life, never shifts responsibility to others.

Raising an Dog Boy

From an early age the Dog boy strikes adults with its diligent behavior. With him there is no difficulty, he is spending his time alone with himself. He likes to collect puzzles, designers, with pleasure performs tasks for the development of memory and attention. He is never in a bad mood, he positively perceives everything that is happening around him. If there is no opportunity to play with other children — it’s okay, and if there is — it’s just wonderful. It has strong health, almost no sickness.

The Dog boy goes to school with a great desire, because he is not wasting his time, but is getting new knowledge. Do not shirk from studying, on the contrary, tries to find additional materials. Differs seriousness, not naughty in the classroom as other children. With a willingness to respond to the proposals of teachers to participate in the Olympics and school competitions. It is perfectly capable of clearly manifesting itself in amateur performance, yet nature generously rewarded him with all sorts of talents. However, he likes to learn more, especially physics and mathematics.

In adolescence, the boy Dog remains equanimity and calmness, although it becomes increasingly difficult to contain his emotions. May began to argue or express your discontent. Much ponders about his future, he tries to devote more time to study, not entertainment. This is quite an independent young man, so he decides which profession suits him best. But the relationship with the opposite sex is not quite successful, too shy and modest Dog boy avoids the girls.

The parents of this beautiful baby are lucky and lucky. Fate gave them an obedient, kind and sympathetic boy. He is the most devoted and loving son, he will always uphold the interests of the family. With him it’s easy to find a common language, it’s a very calm child. Always with pleasure helps parents, with great love and care concerns brothers and sisters. Behaves so flawlessly that it rarely receives comments. To be completely happy, he needs so little: close people are close. Parents should only love their son, and nothing else is needed.

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