Dragon Boys

This self-sufficient child from the very beginning is a person, he has his own opinion for everything. He can be trusted unlimitedly, the boy Dragon is distinguished by discipline and responsibility. He will not dodge and deceive his parents, he is always extremely honest and just. Even a tiny toddler is excessively confident, to convince him of something is rather difficult. Although he thinks soberly and practical, if desired, you can agree with him.

Children are attracted to this boy, who inspires unlimited confidence. He knows how to insist on his own without demonstrating brute force. Although it can be aggressive, but in rare cases. Dragon boy, optimistic about everything that happens, knows how to wrap the case in his favor. His head is full of various ideas, it’s a talented child. In addition, he is fair, reliable, honest, he has many friends, and true and loyal comrades.

Dragon Boy Personality Traits

Proud boy Dragon requires respect for himself, even in communication with adults holds dignified. This obligatory, executive child knows the value of this word. It is too hot and quick-tempered, but only when faced with injustice and meanness. The Dragon boy is an undoubted leader, actively defends himself and all close friends. This is a born fighter, his courage and principled admiration. With him you can disagree, criticize, but it’s better to do it in tactful form.

The child of this sign is a real knight, always attentive and polite to people, especially to girls. Does not offend weak children, on the contrary, takes them under his protection. The boy likes to feel like a strong, almost adult person. He likes to teach and give instructions, scrupulous and punctual in solving even trivial questions. Some consider him narcissistic and conceited, accused of arrogance. However, the desire for an ideal is a natural need, does not pretend to be a drop, and does not want to seem better than it really is.


The boy Dragon has been very serious and sensible since childhood. Parents do not have to persuade him for long, he voluntarily takes on responsibilities. Sincerely rejoices when she successfully copes with the assignment. The Dragon boy considers himself responsible for everything that is happening around him, he has a highly developed sense of duty. And this is quite an ordinary energetic child, who knows how to have fun. It organically combines the boyish mischief and responsibility inherent in adults.


This stubborn child can not be knocked off the intended path, he is always better than others knows what he needs. Ambitious boy Dragon from an early age is building bold plans, dreams of doing a heroic deed. He tries on a variety of roles, he is confident that he can become a famous and famous person. He does not just fantasize, but deals with concrete deeds. Studiously studies, sincerely believes in his success. This is a great optimist and hard worker, so he achieves everything conceived, and without outside help.


Sometimes it seems that this narcissistic child absolutely does not pay attention to the surrounding people. This is not so, the Dragon boy is very attached to his loved ones, he needs their approval. Although it has a strong character, it is up to you to cope with all the problems yourself. However, the approval of the parents gives him strength, inspires a further struggle. The surrounding people are amazed at his determination, his ability to determine the goal and the shortest way to achieve it. Undoubtedly, this boy deserves respect and praise.


Many consider the Dragon boy a selfish child. He really appreciates himself, but he will never humiliate others, gloat over their failures. His noble nature yearns for good deeds, he always eagerly responds to requests for help. Perhaps he will not impose himself, but he will not alienate the one who is in trouble. This is a great optimist, in all circumstances trying to find a positive moment, so he always believes in success. Friends can count on the Dragon boy, he will necessarily come to the rescue, even to the detriment of his own interests.

Raising an Dragon Boy

Toddler Dragon — energetic, cheerful child. A bit stubborn and stubborn, but he needs to study everything around, but without perseverance it is impossible to do. Parents should meet his aspirations, they will have to take an active part in games and amusements. Dragon boy is distinguished by a rare curiosity, it is important for him to know about everything in the world. It is parents who are for him the first people to discover a new world. Only they are able to determine the natural inclinations of the son and develop his talents.

Schoolboy Dragon — one of the best students of the class. It differs by persistence, ambition, it is important for him to receive only good grades. Actively participates in the educational process, often asks tricky questions, to which teachers do not always find an answer. With all classmates maintains a good relationship, is popular with girls. He excels not only in studies, but also heads a class in sports competitions. The Dragon boy can do any kind of activity, the teachers are sure of his successful future.

The period of growing up is fairly smooth, the guy Dragon skillfully restrains his feelings. Although becoming more emotional, he often argues with parents and peers. Internal contradictions and lack of self-confidence force him to be harsh and rude. During this period, he becomes intolerant of someone else’s opinion, parents will have to try to convince of anything. Despite the enthusiasm for studying, the relationship with the opposite sex comes first. The Dragon boy is pretty amorous, unstable in his preferences.

Raising a Dragon boy is a fascinating process: it is interesting to observe the transformation of a baby into a strong, confident young man. This is a grateful child, always with great respect for his parents. With him there is no serious trouble, too smart and judicious to do wrong. The truth is stubborn and self-confident, if the parents indulge him, he can become an egoist. It is necessary to point gently at its shortcomings and be obliged to celebrate dignity. After all, this child deserves the highest praise.

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