Horse Boys

Perky Horse boy is full of energy, ready for any adventure. He moves a lot, actively studies the world, it is difficult for parents to keep him from rash actions. This charismatic child attracts attention, is always surrounded by friends. A cheerful, energetic kid is devoid of feelings of anger, good for all children. True, the spirit of rivalry is strong in him, he is not capable of accepting defeat.

Spitfire horse boy will not allow himself to be humiliated, itโ€™s a very proud and wayward child. Although always ready to go to reconciliation. Differs a good heart, does not know how to be offended and angry. A clever, physically strong boy The horse enjoys authority among peers, tries not to use force to harm other children. He likes the atmosphere of universal friendship, fun, likes to laugh and joke.

Horse Boy Personality Traits

The surrounding people pay tribute to the strong character of the Horse boy, he is ready for anything for his own interests. He does not feel embarrassed, embarrassed, but just stubbornly goes to the intended goal. If he fails, falls into a frenzy, it is difficult for him to reconcile with his own failure. Sometimes he does something unfair to his family and friends, he is too concentrated on his desires. Often he is accused of selfishness, there is some truth in this, but he will certainly help in a difficult moment.

Parents can rely entirely on their son. This child is distinguished by perseverance, determination, enthusiastically undertaking any business. However, it quickly loses patience and is disappointed if faced with serious troubles. Parents should be able to support his interest, although he is able to pull himself together without help. The Boy Horse is a gusty, active, but very smart, purposeful child. With a skillful management can achieve in life of great heights.


In the heat of emotions, the boy is unable to think soberly and rationally, is able to cross through a close person. Truth is always tormented by repentance, justified and tries to make amends. However, nothing can do with its nature: for the desired goal is ready for anything. His hot, unrestrained temper makes itself felt in thoughtless deeds. First of all, he thinks about his own interests, and friends and close people should give in to him. But, having settled the affairs, the boy Horse necessarily will help all requiring.


The proud Horse boy does not take ridicule, in every possible way suppresses the slightest attempts to make fun of himself. Anyone who dares to humiliate him, can cause a flurry of discontent. With this baby you can only agree amicable. Affectionate words and polite treatment work miracles: the boy is ready to fulfill any assignment. But an orderly or playful tone necessarily provokes discontent, this wounded child is capable of aggression. Without unnecessary meditations, the fierce argument is getting into a fight. Truth is distinguished by quickness, most likely, the first will go to reconciliation.


This smart kid actively exploring the world around, with great pleasure comes up with new fun. Differs in a lively mind, easily assimilates information. There are many ways to get around the strictest prohibition. Even if parents find a tedious occupation for him, they will easily be interested in their friends. He is a wonderful speaker, he is very persuasive in his arguments. Children immediately get carried away, it would seem, a boring affair, and the boy Horses need only report on the successfully executed assignment.


Energetic boy Horse manages to do a lot of things during the day. He is ready to endlessly jump and jump, parents simply have to write it in the sports section. There is a feeling that this child never gets tired. His strength is enough not only for physical activity, but also mental development, he manages everywhere. A Horse boy can reach great heights, because he has all the necessary qualities: will, perseverance, endurance, mind. Parents need to put before it achievable goals, and activities and energy it does not take.

Raising an Horse Boy

Parents will have to constantly monitor this impatience, he is too active and not always cautious in his actions. He loves to spend time outdoors, the father should often take it with him on hikes or fishing. Around a horse boy there are always a lot of children, it is a born leader and soul of any company. He does not like to quarrel, but if there is a conflict situation, he will not cry and complain to his mother. He is quite capable of dealing with the abuser himself, he is not afraid to find out the relationship with the help of a fight.

Among classmates, the Horse boy is distinguished by his fervent disposition. He is full of original ideas, how to diversify the boring school everyday life. Itโ€™s a lot of fun not only on the changes, but also on the lessons. He is an intelligent and intelligent child, he does not have problems with his studies. Just his tempestuous temperament is looking for a way out, the teacher should interest the boy with his subject. This is an addicting nature, he will spare neither time nor energy for his favorite work. Will enthusiastically participate in the Olympics, to speak at seminars.

Teenager Horse is a hot and willful boy, ready to fight the whole world. He enthusiastically argues and desperately defends his opinion. Differs amorousness, devotes much time to courtship for girls. Unstable personal life โ€” the cause of stress, can not always cope with their feelings. A young man is quite capable of abandoning his studies and sports. Parents should be able to reach out to him, but this stubborn teenager is not disposed to long conversations. Adults will most likely have to admit defeat. Fortunately, the crisis of adolescence does not last forever.

The most important thing in the education of the Horse boy is patience. This is a kind, open-minded child, does not know how to lie and cheat. The kid is sincerely attached to close people, loves and respects his parents. Just differs in an independent, freedom-loving character, unable to obey and admit its wrong. He is able to succeed, but parents should not reproach him and teach him, otherwise the boy will start to do everything for evil. Stubbornness and ardent temper do not allow him to act as adults advise. As a result, instead of a happy future, the Horse boy will get only troubles and problems.

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