Monkey Boys

Monkey boy — a great prankster, can not sit still for a minute in one place. His head is crammed with different thoughts, for a day manages to get involved in several dubious adventures. The truth is that no case will be brought to an end. It is not constant, impulsive, so it comes in the mood. Although it is a smart, ambitious, enterprising child, if desired, can reach enormous heights.

The environment will have to get used to his activity, he knows how to color life with bright emotions. Strives to stand out by any means, ready to hooligan and joke around for days. This is a true leader, enjoys authority among peers. Moreover, he manages to maintain good relations with both children and adults. Monkey boy gets away with any indulgence, he so sincerely apologizes that he always receives it.

Monkey Boy Personality Traits

Since the birth of the Monkey boy has shown its independent character. This kid has a very high opinion of himself. Although talentedly depicts a simple guy, devoid of ambition. A cheerful, sociable child knows how to like, it is pleasant to communicate with him. However, you should not trust him unconditionally. Absolutely confident in his superiority over others, if necessary, can sacrifice the interests of close people. Too ambitious to observe what is happening on the part, always takes an active part in all events.

Monkey boy smart, purposeful, often presents himself as an important leader. He is able to manage people, has the talent to make useful acquaintances. Nature has endowed him with cunning, dexterity, uncommon wit, thanks to this, it always turns out to be a winner. Adults admire his spontaneity, and peers — with intelligence and enterprise. It will be easy to find a way to get the best toys and sweets. Boy Monkey will always be able to not just bypass the obstacle, but also to take advantage of the unpleasant situation.


The boy of this sign is distinguished by a perky character. Even in the most difficult situation, does not lose heart, demonstrates equanimity and endurance. Perfectly understands that tears will not help the cause. Monkey boy smart, does not spend time on experiences, but tries to find a way out. Do not get tired of doubts and superfluous reflections. Always does what he sees fit, regrets nothing. This kid easily overcomes difficulties, too cheerful to focus on small things.


Active boy Monkey with great enthusiasm and naughty mischievous. Loves to have fun, easily lights up with some idea and immediately begins to implement it. Instantly he builds a company of like-minded people and begins to lead the process. True, his enthusiasm is enough for a short time. Quickly loses interest, abandons his passion and starts a new, more promising, business. The environmentalists themselves have to deal with the consequences of his stormy and so short activity.


Nature has given the Monkey boy an amazing ability to find a common language with a wide variety of people. Easily makes new acquaintances, quickly gaining trust. From an early age, he knows how to make compliments, adults adore this gallant kid. He can always get everything he wants from his parents. The peers unquestioningly acknowledge his authority. The truth is sometimes unrestrained, can tell superfluous, rude. However, such behavior is a rarity, yet it is a born diplomat.


Boy Monkey is cunning and smart beyond his years, always remains in the win. It is not in his rules to swear and conflict, acts gently and tactfully. He knows how to make a favorable impression, gladly offers his help. The truth and in return will ask for much, but it is impossible to refuse him, so he is nice and courteous. This enterprising child never acts to the detriment of himself, in everything he seeks positive moments. If he can not benefit, at least he will stay with his.

Raising an Monkey Boy

Parents will have to closely monitor their active son, for him every new day is an interesting adventure. Too mobile and energetic to play calmly. The Boy Monkey is constantly looking for ways to amuse himself, his fun and pranks can not count the numbers. In addition, this smart kid likes to view books, collect designers. Quickly learns information, differs curiosity. It’s not boring with him, that’s why the children are drawn to him, the Monkey boy has a lot of friends from early childhood.

For Monkey schoolboy study is not particularly difficult. He is an intelligent, intellectually developed boy, sometimes he knows the material better than teachers. The truth is too impatient and unsociable, quickly losing interest in learning. But his social activities are very exciting. He readily responds to offers to participate in amateur competitions and sports competitions. He is a born leader, he must prove to everyone that he is superior. If in the plan of study he has difficulties, in relations with classmates they do not exist.

Teenager Monkey feels the power to turn the whole world around. I am absolutely sure of my own success. His energy is enough for courtship for girls, and for study. He thinks a lot about his future career, tries to determine his vocation. Does not differ in constancy, each time trying on a new role. Is in good relations with all, rarely rude to parents and does not quarrel with friends. A young Monkey is an active, cheerful person, devoid of ordinary teen pessimism.

Only close people can influence the boy Monkey. After all, he carefully copies his parents, with all his might trying to justify their expectations. With a skillful approach, adults can grow out of him a sympathetic, hard-working person who is able to compassion and help. If parents do not find a common language with their son, he can develop his worst qualities: cunning, selfishness. It is necessary to have close and confidential contact with the child, to guide it with skill, to inspire by own example.

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