Ox Boys

Ox Boy very early on becomes independent, almost from birth shows a quiet and calm disposition. Due to his strong will, hardness of character makes quick decisions, and most importantly — always goes to the end. Although, like any child, needs the approval of adults, rejoices in praise. In the depths of the soul baby Ox — a gentle, quivering nature, but his true nature is ready to open only to a really dear person. Parents will have to work hard to win his trust.

The life of this child usually develops successfully, because nature has awarded him with strength and endurance. Is able to resist difficulties, does not bend under the weight of problems. This is a real fighter, ready to succeed with work and diligence. It is distinguished by high working capacity, from an early age shows a rare persistence. The only thing that can lead him out of himself is betrayal. Even misunderstanding and criticism do not hurt as much as the lies of close people.

Ox Boy Personality Traits

The parents of this seemingly balanced child are often confronted with his unpredictable behavior. Calm, sweet Ox boy can suddenly become rabid. Although for such a manifestation of feelings there is always an important reason. This is his nature: too long he accumulates dissatisfaction and instantly splashes out all negative emotions. Fortunately, this is a great rarity, mostly it pleases the parents with its obedience. Moreover, from an early age demonstrates not childish wisdom, adults do not have reason to distrust him.

Ox Boy is distinguished for his straightforwardness, pathological honesty. He is friendly enough, and if he does not want to communicate with any of the children, then there is a reason. Making him act against his will is impossible, even the tears of his mother or the threats of the pope will not bring any result. But a sincere conversation will help at least clarify the picture of what is happening. Although the Ox is a serious boy, he has affairs more interesting than empty chatter. He likes to collect constructors, to read, to be observant. He is quite comfortable alone with himself.


For the future of this baby can not worry, it feels like a desire to win. Differs diligence, although he can choose the easy way, but he likes to work. In childhood, he can make toys for himself, he likes to make crafts. He likes to see the fruits of his work, and not just ask his parents for a new toy. Nature has awarded him the ability to overcome obstacles, and first of all his laziness. Therefore, the Ox boy will not object if the parents ask to help them in the household.


From birth, this baby demonstrates his decisive nature. Rarely cries, almost not capricious, but stubbornly achieves his. Carefully pull the handle to the toy until it reaches it. Later on, he enthusiastically studies school subjects, visits mugs. If the Ox boy has set a goal, then his decision is final and can not be discussed. Parents will have to closely follow the son’s hobbies, in order to warn him against mistakes in time. In rare cases, this stubborn is too obsessed with his ideas.


Few people know that this calm boy is a rather temperamental person. Usually focused on himself, he prefers to remain silent, and not to chatter unceasingly. It’s hard to guess what’s going on in his soul. And after all it is very clever, well-read child, capable to support any subject in conversation with children and adults. He is clearly experiencing failures and is thrilled with success. True, all these processes are hidden from the eyes of strangers. He tries not to show negative emotions, but if he does, he will not calm down right away. He will express directly everything he thinks, besides he can start a fight.


The patience of the Ox boy can only be envied, so much he is assembled and unperturbed. If even the kid is upset, he will not show it, but will try to hold back tears. He will not ask for new toys, wipe out the grown-ups with his crying. Parents can calmly talk with their son, tell him about the cramped financial situation, everything — the issue can be considered closed. The boy will just wait for the right moment. Even in case of severe pain, he will be able to restrain himself and courageously withstand all the manipulations of the doctor. This is a real man, though still small.

Raising an Ox Boy

Baby Ox shows an amazing calmness from the first days of life. Parents do not have to rock it down for days and nights on end. But incessant crying — an occasion to ponder and prick up your ears, perhaps, there were health problems. The kid develops rather quickly and pleases with his successes of adults. Boy Ox is smart and smart, with him there is no particular difficulty. Usually quietly plays while mom is busy with important things.

School years are one of the happiest periods in the life of this child. He likes to learn new things, and he devotes much time to independent study of his favorite subjects. Always willingly goes to the blackboard, takes part in the Olympiads in the exact sciences. He loves sports, can achieve great success in this field. The truth a little shy away from classmates, only communicates with a limited circle of children. But zealously upholds the truth, always stands on the side of the offended.

Parents will not have to be surprised at the unusual behavior of a teenage son. The period of growing up is rather smooth, the Ox boy behaves as before restrained. The truth becomes more secretive, it does not share its feelings with the parents. He tries to remain calm and enduring, although he can show aggression towards his peers. During this period conflicts with other teenagers are possible. But in communication with the girls is experiencing difficulties, it is not so easy to establish contact with the opposite sex.

For the Ox Boy, parents are an example for imitation, he endlessly trusts them. Particularly important role in the process of education is assigned to the father. He should not just find a common language with his son, but become for him the best friend and adviser. Parents need to be extremely honest and fair. If they say one thing and do the opposite, then nothing good will result in such upbringing. The boy will quickly feel the falsity, and liars and deceivers can not become an authority in the eyes of this principled child.

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