Pig Boys

The good-natured boy Pig sincerely treats people, loves and appreciates every moment of life. He is positive, his relatives consider him to be a cheerful optimist. This is a bold, demanding and confident boy. Quite clearly indicates his position, he is resolute, attentive to trifles. However, even the most persistent beliefs are not an obstacle in relations with loved ones. He is ready to give up his opinion for the sake of relatives and friends.

Parents can share with their son any doubts, he is able to understand their problems. The Pig boy is quite sober minded, stands out among his peers with his reserved and judicious nature. Like all children, he likes to play pranks, is easily carried away by new ideas, though he does think first, and then acts. This is a tactful child, always trying to get around sharp angles and to hide awkward moments.

Pig Boy Personality Traits

Peace-loving boy Pig tries to maintain good relations with everyone around. Do not raise the noise, even if you strongly disagree with the position of the opponent. Be sure to settle the situation, but will remain at his own opinion. This is quite an ambitious and strong-willed child, just too smart and judicious to complicate your life. He loves his family, respects his parents, treats his brothers and sisters well. He gets on well with other children, although he is not a clear leader, but enjoys authority among his friends.

This kid has shown his various talents since childhood. The Pig boy has a subtle artistic taste, likes to read, puzzles and designers are assembled very quickly. Nature has endowed this child with many abilities, but his main advantage is his ability to be friends. Sincerely attached to people close to him, he does not know how to take offense, he will never take revenge. First of all he thinks about the interests of his friends and only then pays attention to his own needs. Boy Pig — surprisingly positive child, worthy of all praise.


With the baby Pig you can agree on anything, he will definitely meet. The truth is not to think that this is a soft-bodied child who does not have his own opinion. On the contrary, the boy Pig strictly adheres to his principles, makes high demands on those around him. He never lies, so he has a negative attitude towards liars and hooligans. And he can give them a rebuff, find a way to put in place. Simply does not consider it necessary to communicate with them. Although considered a sociable child, it is easy to contact, but very thoughtful pick up friends.


For a Pig boy, words are important, and not a way of presenting information. He does not know how, and does not want to flatter. It is impossible to imagine him ingratiating, begging sweets and toys. For him, good behavior is the norm, not the way to achieve any benefit. Do not harass adults with their vagaries, forcing them to guess what the kid is puzzled about. And just plainly say everything that he thinks. Like any child, he expects love and care, enjoys caresses, but does not accept lies. Therefore, he prefers not to hear the most pleasant truth, rather than insincere, flattering words.


The Pig Boy tries to make out in every person something good. Even his offenders almost always find an excuse, so he positively thinks. Communication with such a child brings great pleasure, therefore children are drawn to it. After all, he will never be without reason to bully the boys, and to the girls is like a real knight. True, those wishing to take advantage of his kindness and failure-freeness should know that the main thing is not to overstep the bounds of the reasonable. Enraged boy Pig can be very cruel.


The people around can be mistaken about the baby Pig, because he seems so simple and simple child. Partly so it is, but it firmly follows its principles. Since his early childhood he shows his independent character, he strives for independence. Can make concessions, easily forgives offenses, does not know how long to get angry. At the same time, he will never act against his will, he will find a way to insist on his own. If the boy has decided on the vocation, parents can protest as much as they want, but he will still follow the chosen path.

Raising an Pig Boy

Baby Pig pleases its parents with good health and good appetite. Behaves about, rejoices every new day. He enjoys playing, loves to walk, always busy with something interesting. Do not get bored in solitude, although it feels more comfortable in the environment of children. Has a rich imagination, can make a beautiful hand-made or a wonderful bouquet to give to mom. More thinks about the mood of others than about oneself. Surprisingly kind and sympathetic kid is the favorite of the whole family.

The inquisitive boy Pig with great pleasure goes to school. The truth does not strive to stand out, to win the recognition of classmates. He simply studies diligently, carefully prepares for each lesson. Teachers like his seriousness, thoughtfulness. It is quite capable of winning prizes at school competitions and city Olympiads. He takes part in amateur performances, tries not to fall out of the collective’s life. He will be glad to become the head of the class, he can responsibly approach the fulfillment of instructions.

In adolescence, the young Pig behaves quite calmly. The emotional state of this impressionable young man largely depends on how the relations with the girls will develop. Often because of his gullibility gets into bad companies. It is not always possible to recognize the selfish motives of your dysfunctional friends. Will willingly fulfill their requests and instructions, forgetting about themselves. Parents should closely monitor the environment of their son, it is their sensitivity and care that can protect the boy from serious problems.

Boy Pig — loving son, he is ready for everything for his parents. He strives to please them with his successes. The truth counts on help and support in any situation. He is deeply offended by the mistrust and lies of close people, although he tries not to show it. Parents should reckon with the son’s opinion, one should not ridicule his dreams. It is necessary to actively participate in the life of the Pig boy, to help him in the fulfillment of all desires. This trusting child can get caught in the tricks of dishonest people, so he needs advice and guidance.

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