Rabbit Boys

An inquisitive boy Rabbit is the pride of parents. This active kid is keenly interested in everything around, yet manages to remain a serious, responsible child. Mom does not have to search for him by friends, guessing where he could get lost. Always collected, concentrated, not distracted by trifles. Although he does not mind fooling around, it’s still a very energetic child. From an early age sets clear goals, a great future awaits him.

Charming kid Rabbit, who has an inner flair, skillfully manipulates the surrounding people. Perfectly understands that adults wait for him and knows how to please peers. Although he will not even curry favor with the notorious hooligans. Rabbit boy is brave and brave, he is not afraid of complexity. Excellent will be able to stand up not only for himself, but also for a weaker comrade. The truth does not like to quarrel, tries to be friends with everyone. Any conflict quickly takes him out of himself, he starts to get nervous.

Rabbit Boy Personality Traits

Parents can be happy with the son, he behaves almost perfectly. He has a sharp mind, a rich imagination, strong intuition, besides, he is almost always in a good mood. Boy Rabbit is able to control feelings and emotions, from an early age is distinguished by his judiciousness. Although he has a violent temperament, he can be not only a quiet, friendly, but aggressive child. It all depends on the situation and the mood of the surrounding people, but in any case, do not be afraid of meanness and betrayal on his part.

Hard-working, studious boy Rabbit persistently achieves his. He will not pay attention to the difficulties, try to realize his dream. And he will not ask for help, complain tearfully to his parents. This child has a strong character, he is not afraid to make decisions, he does not avoid responsibility for his actions. The truth often doubts own forces, experiences, even can cry, while nobody sees. Although because of his luck happily avoids trouble, so he does not have to suffer much.


From an early childhood, the boy Rabbit carefully examines the world around him. He closely watches the behavior of adults, a lot of thinking about the actions of friends. It’s like trying to understand how safe everyone is that is nearby. By nature, this is a very cautious child, it is difficult for him to open his feelings. He prefers to solve problems on his own, tries to do without the help of outsiders, because he can not be sure of them until the end. However, this is a benevolent boy, just too sensible.


This quiet kid early becomes independent, it is not at all difficult for him to lay things out in his place and get out in the children’s room. Too fond of order to throw toys anywhere. Almost never loses things, attentively follows his appearance. The teenager Rabbit carefully selects clothes, is quite capable to sew to itself trousers or to mend socks. Especially anxiously guarding his personal space: he needs a place for solitude. Even parents often do not have access to the room of the Rabbit boy.


Baby Rabbit worried about everything that surrounds him. Never breaks toys and does not tear books. He is especially cautious in handling money, he understands their importance. Parents can give him a piggy bank, and he will spend the collected sum on the right business: he will buy a bicycle or rollers. Do not take offense at peers, who often ridicule his greed. Too clever and judicious to get involved in unnecessary disputes. But he will readily share with friends all that he has, because this is not a greedy, but moderately thrifty boy.


Parents can fully trust the boy Rabbit, he skilfully bypasses troubles and problems. It has sufficient physical strength, so it can quickly settle any conflict. However, he does not consider it necessary to start a fight, he prefers a peaceful way to solve the problem. He knows the approach to each of his friends, is it any wonder that he is never denied requests? Especially good relationship with the kid Rabbit with adults, they admire his manners, the ability to conduct a serious conversation without being distracted by the stupidity.

Raising an Rabbit Boy

Parents of the Rabbit child are given a wonderful opportunity to plunge into childhood again. The kid plays so enthusiastically that adults are happy to join this fascinating occupation. Communication with the boy Rabbit brings great pleasure, he thinks quite mature for his age. The kid is happy with any company, but is quite capable of playing with himself. Rarely he is capricious, although he does not mind drawing attention with a loud cry. Deeply attached to his parents, sincerely rejoices every tender word.

Schoolboy Rabbit — a favorite of classmates, because he carefully treats each of them. Has the talent to find a common language with the opposite sex, always polite and considerate. He tries not to conflict with teachers, he understands well the value of knowledge, so he studies diligently. Confidently keeps on the stage, draws well and loves sports. It’s almost an ideal student, but a little secretive. Classmates and teachers can not know the true thoughts of the boy Rabbit.

In adolescence, the boy Rabbit continues to please his parents with his obedience. Enough smart, judicious, to deliver problems to relatives. It is respected among peers, the girls adore him. He perfectly understands the direction in which he wants to develop, but he still expects help and support from his parents. It can become a little reserved and secretive, ordinary teen experiences are not alien to him. The truth finds ways to behave in the hands, so as not to upset parents.

Raising the boy Rabbit is an honorable mission and a pleasant duty. This balanced child behaves almost flawlessly. Parents can trust their son in everything, there is no need to control him and recheck. He perfectly studies, well copes with all his duties. Adults should only support his hobbies and give correct advice in time. Boy Rabbit surely will listen to wise instructions, because he is very attached to his parents, highly appreciates their opinion.

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