Rat Boys

For a boy born in the year of the Rat, there are no difficulties in life that he could not cope with. Active, energetic kid always acts confidently, skilfully hiding his doubts from strangers. He has the talent of being liked by all adults without exception, but he shows reasonable caution in communicating with peers. The Rat boy is too proud to endure ridicule and humiliation, therefore behaves in accordance with the situation.

Children of this sign from an early age are serious, if they are foolish, then in moderation. Have an internal flair as it is better to enter in this or that situation. Rat boy — nature is ambitious, he likes to feel himself the most important person in the family and among his peers. Achieves authority not caprice, although sometimes it shows aggression, but with intelligence and diligence. There is no doubt that over time a person who is able to occupy a high social position will grow up from a clever little girl.

Rat Boy Personality Traits

The nature of this child can not be called simple, although at first glance it seems like an easy-going baby. Behind external tranquility, internal tension is hidden, it’s just that he shares his thoughts with few people. This honest, straightforward boy tries to act conscientiously, he is devoid of anger and meanness. But the tricks and fictions he does not hold, this is a very smart and smart kid. Always find a way to get everything you want: from toys, sweets and ending with an expensive phone.

The resolute and assertive nature of the baby should not frighten others. With the boy Rat it is easy to find a common language, he always happily goes to contact. But with the brawlers and hooligans trying to communicate as little as possible. In this case, he will have to develop a special tactic of behavior, and he does not like to waste energy. This is a very capable kid, since early childhood is building ambitious plans, does not hesitate to dream about the most incredible things. At the same time, he is stubborn, vindictive, and some consider him to be a self-centered egoist.


A rat is a boy tied to his loved ones, and it can be not only family members, but also spiritually related people. Strong intuition, high intellectual data allow him to instantly calculate the situation. Will not become friends with bad people, even for games in the sandbox will prefer to have a limited circle of friends. Although it will be happy to communicate with other children, but within the limits of acceptable courtesy. But finding a true minded person, never part with it, friendship will last for decades. The truth is very fond of flattery and sometimes becomes a victim of more cunning and quirky children.


The Rat boy from the very childhood shows a tendency to accumulation. It can be anything: candy wrappers, stickers, cars. The best gift for this cautious baby will be a piggy bank, which he will carefully guard against prying eyes. He does not take offense at friends who sometimes accuse him of greed. Do not spend money on momentary whims, carefully plans to buy. He always has the best phone and tablet, he likes electronic toys. But with great pleasure makes gifts to parents and best friends. In relation to loved ones, the boy Rat is a generous person.


Public opinion is very important for these children. They strive with all their strength to establish themselves in any collective, dream about the role of a leader, do not represent themselves on secondary roles. The Rat boy reluctantly submits to the majority opinion, but with great joy commands. And so skilfully sets his own rules of the game, that does not seem at all a tyrant and a despot. He is a skillful intriguer, but principled, does not like liars and traitors, because he himself is not such a person. Although often found in traps set apart, it is conducted to cunning and deceit.


The Rat boy is a curious child by nature, he is interested in everything that happens around. Quite volatile, energetic kid differs inquisitive mind, from the first days of life actively studying the world. At the same time, it is difficult to endure any changes, is wary of new people. He does not like to break the habitual way of life, even to school and kindergarten always walks the same road. Tremoculously protects personal space, does not tolerate coarse, impudent people. Do not swear and find out the relationship, most likely, will close in itself, take time to think. He adores his room, furnishes it to his liking.

Raising an Rat Boy

Parents should remember that their child is a person, even if it’s a baby in diapers. Since the birth of the boy Rat behaves independently, it is impossible to convince him to do something against his will. He can not be ordered, this child can only be negotiated. And arguments should be weighty, it can not be seduced by candy. The kid is very attached to his parents, so by and large there are no problems with him. He goes to bed on time, eats with good appetite and does not break toys.

The Rat boy initially is wary of his schoolmates, but quickly gets used to and communicates with classmates with pleasure. Purposeful, intelligent child likes to learn, teachers often praise him, set as an example. He takes part in tournaments in chess and checkers with pleasure, adores to solve logical problems. Although he is well-equipped with humanitarian disciplines, at least he can easily win at the contest of reciters.

A Rat needs a respectful attitude, parents should behave as correctly as possible. Usually compliant and open to dialogue the child can turn into an egoist who does not hear anyone except himself. It was in his teens that he began to doubt his own strength even more. However, he can not admit his fears, so he becomes aggressive and disobedient. Trustful relationships with adults will allow him to overcome the crisis without strong feelings.

The Rat’s parents are happy people, because in the East they think that the child of this sign is very devoted to his relatives, he will never leave them in trouble. Adults do not have to make significant efforts, because in the education of this boy the main thing is trust. It is necessary to believe in the strength of the baby, to support his hobbies. It is not necessary to show anger and aggression, with the boy the Rat should be friends.

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