Snake Boys

Balanced boy Snake produces the most favorable impression, adults trust him. After all, this is a serious, smart kid, and not an outspoken hooligan. Strongly developed intuition keeps him from reckless actions. Careful, prudent, does not run into trouble. Parents can be satisfied with their prudent offspring, who do not cause serious problems.

Strong character helps him to overcome any difficulties, he is aimed at victory and will not let anyone push himself. Boy Snake — the authority for peers, to his opinion are listening. If necessary, can accompany the words with actions, will not be afraid to enter a fight. He is proud of his temper, he will do everything to establish himself in the team. Although quite good-natured, he communicates well with all the children.

Snake Boy Personality Traits

From an early age, this obedient kid is the first mate of the parents. He can be assigned any case, he will certainly cope. It is fully active, like all children, sometimes hooliganism without any measure. However, he knows how to avoid acute angles, rarely gets into unpleasant situations. At least, parents do not have to run to school all the time and find out the relationship with the teachers. In communication with peers, he is confident, tries to become a leader, does not like to obey and recognize someone else’s rightness. At the same time, a very devoted friend, will never leave a loved one in trouble.

This smart kid likes to read much more than do ordinary boyish things. Although he definitely has a hobby that he devotes a lot of time to. Boy Snake from an early age is looking for his vocation, trying to figure out which profession to choose. He is persistent, smart, although sometimes it is too slow and slow. Some people consider him lazy, incapable of useful work. He really can spend all day in meditation, and rarely devotes to his work others.


Nature has given the boy a snake with strong intuition, he subtly feels the mood of the surrounding people. It differs by observation, draws attention to details, makes clear conclusions. He likes to think, think over details, he is quite capable of predicting further developments. Due to his insight, he avoids many troubles and even tries to save his friends, but few listen to him. Some consider him to be a self-assured boy, in every way trying to attract attention.


The Boy Snake piously believes in his abilities, will not miss the chance to show them. He considers himself entitled to lead other children, he willingly gives directions. He aspires to the role of leader, if he does not manage to establish herself in the team, he takes offense and closes. He will not defend his interests with the help of a fight, but will try to come up with a new, more effective plan. Some children shun him, think too cunning and secretive. Pride, self-confidence are qualities that help him in life, but sometimes create difficulties.


The Snake Boy is able to overcome any difficulties due to his strong character. May temporarily retreat, hide, but will not abandon his idea. This very persistent child knows how to succeed. Parents can protest as much as they want against his desire to have a pet. However, he will find a way to convince adults, and most importantly: he will take care of himself. Boy Snake so persistently defends their interests, which seems absolutely invulnerable. Although, like any child, he has doubts and fears, but finds the strength to overcome himself.


Natural care keeps the boy Snake from the desire to confide with the surrounding people. This secretive child rarely shares his plans, even his parents do not trust the innermost secrets. Adults try to impose their opinion on him, and this distracts the kid, does not allow him to concentrate. Therefore, he calmly engaged in his own affairs, not consulting with anyone. Perhaps, this is not the worst quality, but parents are not always aware of the problems of their son. Sneaking prevents him from establishing relations with the closest people.

Raising an Snake Boy

For all its peace, this is a very receptive child. Children’s impressions remain with him for life. If from an early age he is forced to be in a stressful situation, he will grow up to be an evil and vindictive boy. It is important to be able to create a baby Snake comfortable living conditions. He must feel himself completely safe, you can not shout at him, make him do anything against his will. Child Snake prefers quiet games, can spend hours with his favorite designer. There is no need to press on him, trying to achieve vivid emotions.

At school the boy Snake behaves naturally, does not try to please the teachers. I am fully confident in my knowledge, so I study peacefully, without being distracted by stupidity. He will not support hooligan antics of his classmates, but he takes part in competitions and olympiads with pleasure. He likes to receive awards and diplomas, because this is a confirmation of his exceptional abilities. Sometimes it is too much asked, but still respects the boundaries of reasonable behavior. His plans do not include quarrels with classmates, so he tries to maintain friendly relations with all.

A teenager Snake is a mysterious person, it is difficult to establish a trusting relationship with him. He thinks a lot about something, does not condescend to explain. He considers himself right to act as he pleases. He is worried about not only studying, but also personal life. He is quite a temperamental young man, he likes to be in the company of girls. And he makes quite high demands, that’s why he is often disappointed, and this does not add to his calmness. Becomes explosive and uncontrollable, parents will have to try to establish relations with him.

In the process of education of the Snake boy there should be no serious difficulties. Just parents need to understand that their son is a man with a strong character, capable of significant deeds. It can not be broken by anyone, only he himself makes important decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to behave with him on an equal footing, and any attempts at forceful action will not lead to anything good. Parents should become the boy Snake really close people, good advisers, you can only be influenced by your own example.

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