Tiger Boys

The life of the Tiger boy’s parents can not be called calm, their son is able to bring variety into a boring life. Active kid with a great pleasure mischievous, coming up with new fun. Do not count the number of his tricks, but it is driven by a noble goal — the desire for knowledge. It differs inquisitive mind, ingenuity, it is very active nature. From an early age demonstrates independence, because pride prevents him from asking for a favor.

Baby Tiger requires a special approach, does not like to obey, it can be influenced by flattery and praise. Aspires to the role of leader, in any game takes command on himself. This charismatic boy knows how to carry away his idea, there are always a lot of children around him. Although too authoritarian, it is difficult to agree with him, so conflicts and fights with his participation happen often. However, the first goes to reconciliation, and most importantly — does not conceal anger and resentment.

Tiger Boy Personality Traits

For this child, life is a fun adventure, it is difficult to wait for balanced decisions from him. Too impulsive, mobile, does not like to waste time on extra thinking. Parents should skillfully guide their son and follow his surroundings. He likes to spend time with active children, it happens that the boy Tiger gets into bad companies. Despite the complex nature, this is a very kind and responsive child, he can inspire any idea. Too noble to believe in meanness of people.

This strong, smart kid is far ahead of his peers in mental and physical development. It stands out among other children with its proud character, can only submit to an authoritative person. He does not like whimsical, crying children, rarely friends with those he considers weaker than himself. Although with the right approach it is ready to take patronage over the laggards, for the boy Tiger has a kind heart. Can quarrel, seriously clash, but quickly forgets about the hostility and is always happy to help the former offender.


From the very beginning the baby Tiger demonstrates his proud, independent character. He needs to be in the center of attention, with all his might trying to stand out. If parents can not get him involved in a useful activity, he may be interested in something that is not worthy. After all, for him the main thing is the conquest of new peaks. I am willing to take risks for the sake of success, but I do not like to overcome difficulties. He painfully perceives failures, is not ready to put up with defeat. The boy Tiger aspires to the role of leader, too ambitious and vain to be in the shadow of other children.


Nature has awarded the boy Tiger with boldness and determination — the qualities of a real man. Do not sit in a corner and wait for someone to solve his problems. In the event of a conflict, the first one will go to find out the relationship. He is not afraid of responsibility, but his fearlessness sometimes turns into serious problems. He is not able to think through all his steps until the end, immediately start to act actively. But rake the consequences can entrust to someone else, usually this is done by parents.


Since the birth of the baby Tiger manifests itself as an energetic child, my mother has to constantly monitor him. So active that he can not sit still. He eagerly reads books, collects puzzles, but most of all he loves outdoor games. It can be recorded in any sports section, where it will find a way out of its energy. He loves team competitions, of course, only he and his comrades deserve victory. Due to his gift of persuasion, it easily enthralles other children with him, his energy and fictions are endless.


The boy of this sign is confident in himself, does not suffer from complexes, does not try to assert himself at the expense of other people. This is a very responsive child, he does not pretend, but really worries about those in trouble. Despite his quick temper, he is able to pull himself together in time. If there was a need for his services, he would do his best. And it helps not out of a desire to seem good, but from noble motives. Nature has rewarded him with a big heart, sincere generosity, but still praise is the best incentive for the boy Tiger.

Raising an Tiger Boy

From an early age, the boy Tiger rejoices his parents with good health and excellent appetite. Likes to play, communicate, not afraid of strangers. He is interested in everything that happens around him, is distinguished by his observation and curiosity. Truth and capricious very inspired, with knowledge. This child — a born artist, adores the public: the more people, the better. It is easy to make contact, seeks to make as many friends as possible. Although not everyone likes his activity, conflicts with other children are possible.

Schoolboy Tiger enjoys authority among classmates. He is clever, well-read, skillfully parries teachers, tries to penetrate into the essence of the studied subject. Teachers like his curiosity, but sometimes he oversteps the bounds of what is permissible. Hot-tempered and emotional boy Tiger often argues with teachers and classmates. But this temperamental child is a find for school self-activity. Has an artistic talent, can play any role, and applause for him is the best reward.

A teenager Tiger can bring confusion to the usual course of life. Despite his ambition, willingness to take risks, he does not always understand how to act correctly in this or that situation. Parents will have to help him not only with the choice of the future profession, but also with admission. During this period, it is worth carefully monitoring the boy Tiger, otherwise, with his penchant for adventures, he can get into a bad company. But worry about the relationship with the girls do not have to, he will certainly make a decent choice.

The secret of educating a Tiger boy is pretty simple: we must try to become a friend to our son. It is not necessary to scold him for his pranks, but it is better to take really interesting business. It is pointless to try to fashion an ideal child out of him, he will never be like that. This is a real person with his weaknesses and virtues. Best if the father can become an authority for his son. In this case, the boy Tiger will imitate him in everything, try to meet the expectations of a strict but fair parent.

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