Dog Child

Children born in the year of the Dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030), have a friendly, but slightly restless character. The dog — the eleventh sign of the eastern horoscope, is characterized as Yang, is associated with the Earth element. It symbolizes loyalty, dedication, and reliability. Children of this sign believe that the main quality of a person is honesty.

Children of Dog years make high demands on a close environment: they will never forgive a liar and a deceiver, even if it is a native person. They live a restless life, experience a lot, trying to save their family from adversity. Try to find a common language with everyone, but keep a little cold and detached. To win the trust of a child Dogs are very difficult, but there is no more faithful and faithful person in nature. Until the latter will protect the interests of family and friends.

Children Born in the Dog Year

The child of the Year of the Dog needs a wise leadership, his role is a faithful helper, but not the main person. He has clear ideas about everything in the world, for him there is only black and white. He persistently defends his rightness, he is ready to sacrifice everything, just to achieve justice. Parents should be extremely honest with him, the kid will accept any explanation, except lie. He will not cheer and justify his actions, he always honestly confesses his pranks.

Children of Dog year from an early age are serious, try to please their parents by their exemplary behavior. They are extremely responsible for the assignments of adults, they can safely leave the younger brothers and sisters. They are happy to help my mother in the household, and do so at will, and not in the hope of hearing praise. Modest, unpretentious in everyday life, children do not require a special relationship: they do not need new toys and beautiful outfits, the main thing is the love of close people.

Dog Baby Girl

Dog girl is an intelligent, serious young lady. He does not like to talk and spend time trying on countless outfits. Rarely she is capricious, if she is crying, then the reason is quite serious. Always extremely honest with the surrounding people, deprived of the main female quality — coquetry. Does not seek to look better than it is, is wary of compliments. A very kind and obedient girl is a reliable mother’s assistant. She is well-disposed towards her friends: first she listens to their opinions, then expresses her wishes. Always ready to make concessions, she can not be considered a selfish and callous girl. Unfortunately, her talent for friendship is taken for granted, she receives too little heat in return.

Dog Baby Boy

Dog boy is a real man, his distinctive qualities: reliability, calmness, honesty. From an early age, he acquires true companions, who maintain good relations with one another throughout his life. Safely stores secrets, first rushes to the rescue. Boy The dog is the father’s pride, the kid in everything tries to be like him, carefully copying all movements. Most of all he likes to make crafts or repair broken toys, the best gift for a child of this sign is a set of tools. A kind and calm kid shows obstinacy and stiffness in the case when it comes to his reputation. Always fiercely defends his rightness and honest name.

Dog Child Personality

Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

Child of the Dog Year are a noble nature with a wide soul. Sincerely worried about the well-being of close people. He tries to behave tactfully with adults, friendly — with peers. Surprisingly combines contradictory qualities: calm and quick temper, friendliness and selfishness. The predominance of these or other qualities largely depends on the elements of the year of birth. An important role is played by upbringing: the baby is very receptive to the feelings and emotions of close people.

The Dog child behaves with restraint from an early age, tries not to show his discontent and bad mood. A faithful, responsible person deserves a high position, but often plays a secondary role. Has no oratorical talent, the achievements of a modest child are most often appropriated by other people. His role is a reliable friend, a devoted assistant. Recommended profession: engineer, builder, financier, doctor.

Dog child easily reconciles with difficulties and hardships. Do not become harassing parents with requests to buy him fashionable clothes or expensive phone. He can tolerate as many as necessary, until the financial situation of the family improves. He tries to help his parents in a difficult situation, he starts working early to have pocket money. Never betrays the secrets of close people, tries to justify their unworthy actions. The only thing he does not accept under any circumstances is a lie. People who are prone to deception, disgust him.

Dog Baby Health

The health of the baby largely depends on the mood of the surrounding people. The Dog child is so close to perceiving a negative attitude towards himself that he can get sick. Pessimism, suspiciousness — the enemies of the baby, significantly worsen health. It should be as much as possible to communicate with him and lead to frank conversations. Favorable influence can rest on nature.

Dog baby is suffering from colds and can not cope with high temperatures for a long time. Self-medication is not an option in this situation, it is necessary to consult physicians at the first signs of illness. The kid does not like to visit medical institutions, he is afraid of people in white coats and is afraid of the pain. Only an attentive attitude of parents can protect the child from serious health problems.

Hobbies of Dog Children

Children per Dog year are realists, do not like to hang in the clouds. They like simple work, which benefits: embroidery, sewing, modeling, gardening. Boys of this sign are happy to perform crafts made of wood. Girls come up with outfits for dolls, and often surpass in the ability to sew adult tailors. From the children of this sign, beautiful gardeners are obtained, they are pleased to take care of plants.

Children have a sharp mind and very good memory, but they lack the imagination. With a rare exception they do not like to draw, they are indifferent to reading. Speaking in public is a real test for the children of the Dogs. They prefer to go in for sports, more to liking disciplines related to physical activities: wrestling, weightlifting. Maximally laid out in training, their goal — only prizes.

Study for Dog-Child

Dog child is an extremely honest and diligent student. With laudable diligence prepares for lessons, even if the subject is completely not like. He has a love for exact sciences, he likes to solve the most difficult problems. Cool enough applies to humanitarian disciplines, but carefully prepares for each lesson, despite his preferences. Teachers always treat a diligent student well.

The pupil prefers to act instead of reasoning. He does not like to talk, an inexhaustible flow of words can only cause an unfair attitude. Would not agree to perform on stage, prefer to help behind the scenes. But in sports competitions it claims itself as a strong rival, which can not be defeated. An industrious child actively participates in the cleaning of the class and the territory adjacent to the school.

How to Raise Your Dog Kid

Raising a Dog child are not difficult, parents do not have to make significant efforts. There is no need to study special literature or attend child psychologists. Sometimes it seems that the kid educates himself, and does an excellent job. A discreet and collected child is able to cope with his problems on his own.

Dog child does not forgive lies, therefore for ever loses respect to adults who once deceived his trust. Parents should be extremely honest with the baby. Responsible, not a serious child for years to take any explanation, there is no need to hide from him the truth. Pretense and deception can destroy good relationships in the family, do not test the strength of the love of the Dog baby to the parents.

Child Dog often doubts his worth, tries to hide behind his more experienced comrades. Quickly loses faith in himself, if he hears criticism in his address. Parents should constantly praise the baby, inspire him to take decisive action. Words of approval are the best cure for sadness and spleen for a too hypothetical child.

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