Dragon Child

People born in the year of the Dragon (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024) are energetic and active, have excellent health. Congenital leaders walking through life with their heads held high. The dragon is the fifth sign in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope. Refers to the sign of Yan, is associated with the Earth element, a symbol of freedom, power. Children in the year of the Dragon are bright personalities born to great deeds.

Dragons children are extremely honest people, aimed at success. They have a healthy ambition, they want to take the leading positions in the society. They love to communicate with their peers, easily carry them with their ideas, boldly lead them. Noble nature seek to help everyone, often suffer from their kindness and gullibility. Too quickly waste energy, trying to prove their worth, need the support of close people.

Children Born in the Dragon Year

Children in the year of the Dragon are idealists, striving to achieve the perfect result in all spheres. They differ in their high demands on themselves and others, they will not listen to excuses and justifications. Consider themselves right in all situations, so others should listen to their opinion. They are too intolerant of other people’s weaknesses, irritated by trifles. Often demonstrate their proud nature, offending close people with caustic remarks.

Children born in the year of the Dragon live an interesting life. They can accomplish any accomplishments, firmly follow the goals set, even if close people do not believe in them. But often find themselves in a quandary, experiencing the pain of loss and betrayal. Natural optimism and vital energy are true allies in solving all problems. They have an amazing ability to find the strength to move on, they are enthusiastically pursuing the implementation of their plans.

Dragon Baby Girl

The Dragon girl is a charismatic personality that attracts attention. Her curiosity knows no bounds. The baby takes the parents with endless questions, is keenly interested in the events taking place around her. It has a wonderful taste, tries to look impressive in any situation. He chooses clothes for a long time, he demands his wardrobe. Has artistic data, it’s easy to turn heads to boys. Too proud and wayward girl does not go unnoticed, knows how to achieve the disposition of people around.

Dragon Baby Boy

Dragon boy — strong-willed person, firmly follows the intended goals. Sharp mind, fearlessness, confidence, optimism are qualities that make it possible to succeed. It has the ability to attract attention, even if it does not aspire to be a public person. Polite and educated boy is equally friendly with everyone, but is legible in connections. He prefers a society of people who are endlessly trusted. He often finds himself in dubious situations because of his desire to help and protect everyone who meets him on the way. Life troubles are hard, often angry and selfish.

Dragon Child Personality

Elements: Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, Water Dragon.

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon is a symbol of power, wealth and success. It is believed that people of this sign live a happy life, but fate often presents them with unpleasant surprises. The shine of the Dragon is deceptive: it does not dazzle its strength, but only brightens it with a bright radiance. He is a carnival figure, created for a holiday, in everyday life is vulnerable, prone to fears and feelings. The child of the year of the Dragon is a controversial personality, behind the external calm and confidence of which lies a fragile inner world. The element of the year of birth has a significant influence on the nature of the baby.

The baby Dragon is trying to look stronger than it really is. He desperately defends his independence, any attempts to limit his personal freedom cause fury and irritation. Always very honestly declares his intentions, does not consider it necessary to trick and deceive loved ones. Nobly protects weak friends, he is concerned with parents. Since early years has a reputation as a reliable, decent person, enjoys well-deserved respect from his peers.

Dragon child — a wonderful baby, pleasing his love for life. He tries not to upset his parents, he prefers to solve the most difficult questions himself, without the participation of adults. A diversified baby has enough vitality to take place in life. He is the winner, leading people behind him, he can get a strict but fair leader. Chooses professions related to work in a team: a manager, an architect, a teacher, a lawyer.

Dragon Baby Health

Parents should pay attention to the emotional health of the baby Dragon. He spends too much energy trying to succeed. He takes misfortunes seriously, carefully conceals his experiences. The kid does not have enough time for rest, it is necessary as often as possible to distract him from his work. You can organize a family picnic, a tranquil setting far from the city fuss has a beneficial effect on the fragile nervous system.

The child Dragon tries to solve too many questions in a short time, therefore suffers from headaches. Moving and active kid often gets injured, can not refrain from risky actions, trying to prove his superiority. Physical activities are useful for him, but sports must be strictly controlled by the coach. It is not necessary to give complete freedom to an energetic baby, he can bring himself to exhaustion.

Hobbies of Dragon Children

Children in the year of the Dragon always bring the case to completion. If the baby is tired of doing the application, he will finish the work and only after that will put the colored paper and glue in the farthest box. Parents can write a versatile child into an art or music school. Thanks to diligence and diligence, he will succeed in any business.

Those who are rich in fantasy love to read, they like to present themselves in the place of the protagonists of the work. If desired, they themselves can compose entertaining stories or lyrical poems. Children Dragons have a sharp mind and logical thinking, boys this year can become talented inventors. They like to fiddle with designers, are fond of modeling.

Study for Dragon-Child

The Dragon child responsibly approaches to study, with pleasure studies new material. He believes that the knowledge obtained will certainly be useful to him in the future. Sam is enrolled in the necessary circles and additional classes. The praise of teachers inspires him to work with redoubled force, tries to participate in all school Olympiads.

Teachers can entrust the child of the year of the Dragon with the most responsible mission, he will master brilliantly any difficult task. He feels pleasure, overcoming difficulties, often takes on additional duties. A physically developed, active child often takes prizes in sports competitions. The universally recognized leader unites classmates around him, his participation guarantees the successful performance of the class at any school event.

How to Raise Your Dragon Kid

Dragon child — the pride of parents who immensely enjoy his success. Purposeful baby tries to achieve the best results. Sometimes he is too fond of his fantasies and ideas, he forgets about close people. It is necessary to tactfully remind him that every person deserves attention. Despite the constant employment and lack of time, the kid should give time to parents, sometimes it is worth sacrificing one’s own interests for the sake of the family.

The desire to win at any cost can lead a baby to nervous exhaustion. Can not accept defeat and failure, strong experiences have a negative impact on the child’s psyche. Adults should teach him to take a calmer attitude to life’s failures, while acting gently. The kid does not perceive criticism, is completely indifferent to beliefs, but responds to kind treatment and care. The love of parents inspires confidence in him and the desire to create, despite the setbacks.

The Dragon child is always happy to help, his noble heart can warm his love to everyone in need of care. Trusting a good kid can take advantage of dishonest people. You need to teach him not to transcend the boundaries of the reasonable, you can participate without sacrificing your interests. Do not take responsibility for all the surrounding people. Even an active and cheerful baby takes time to regain its strength.

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