Goat Child

Children born in the year of the Goat (1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027) look timid and insecure, need protection and patronage. Goat (Sheep) — the eighth sign in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope, is characterized as Yin, the element — Earth. Symbolizes sincerity, shyness, kindness. Children of this sign often suffer from their softness and indecisiveness.

To the children of the Goat year people are stretching, it is pleasant to communicate with them on a variety of topics. Polite, tactful interlocutors understand and share the problems of each of the many acquaintances. But they absolutely can not defend their interests, suffer painfully from an unfair attitude. Delicate, vulnerable children Goats need the care of parents, are very attached to home and family.

Children Born in the Goat Year

Children of Goat year are charming, lovely kids, pleasing adults with their calm nature. But they are prone to fears, often worry about trifles. They make close ones a crying cry, can be aggressive and cruel if they see the futility of their efforts to achieve the desired result. At the same time, they think soberly, smart and smart children have a strong intuition that allows avoiding difficult situations.

Children born in the year of the Goat have a wonderful taste, read a lot and reflect on what is happening. Talking with them — a real pleasure, accurately guess the mood of people. With enthusiasm fulfill the requests of friends, are always ready to help them. They have in stock a huge amount of valuable advice that they give out to the right and left, accompanying them with instructive stories and examples from their lives. He prefers to be friends with strong people, in whose society they feel safe.

Goat Baby Girl

The Goat girl is a sweet and helpless creature who wants to indulge and endlessly pamper and patronize. Parents tirelessly fulfill the vagaries of the baby, buy her the best toys and outfits. Ready to make any effort to see her happy and serene face. Excessive indulgence weaknesses and whims may lead to the fact that the baby will grow indifferent selfish. Adults should be more strict in the education of their daughter. The child needs wise counsel, not blind adoration. A kind and sympathetic girl is very attached to her parents, there is no need to buy her love.

Goat Baby Boy

Goat boy is a devoted son and a caring friend. Is able to genuinely empathize, trying to help every needy. An ambitious and intelligent boy does not have enough strength to act rudely and decisively. Always obeys the majority opinion. He does not like noisy games, he likes quiet activities, can spend hours puzzles. He prefers to solve disputable situations by talking, not by brute physical force. A weak-willed boy rarely achieves a high position, the path to success can take too much time.

Goat Child Personality

Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

The baby Goat is a quiet kid, created for a quiet life. He finds pleasure in simple occupations, does not build grandiose plans for the future. Great influence on the personality of the child has a close environment. No less important role is played by the dominant element of the year of birth. Child of the Goat year are a fertile material in the hands of patient, loving parents. Easily goes to experiments, is open to everything new, is not afraid of difficulties and changes if he feels the support of adults.

Sociable Goat child loves spending time in the circle of peers. Absolutely not touchy kid easily forgives rudeness and taunts, it is necessary to cry a little, and he is again ready for new adventures. He does not have enough willpower to occupy a leading position, he does not know how to solve money issues at all. He is not recommended choosing the profession related to commercial activity: it is sure to be ruined. From it can turn out a talented artist, musician, artist. Excellent work in the team, the recommended profession: journalist, psychologist, doctor, lawyer.

The child of the Goat year is very attached to the house, loves to play in his children’s room. He is not bored with himself, however, a couple of true friends will not give up the company. Strives for comfort and coziness, he does not like ugly or cheap things. He loves expensive gifts, parents sometimes reproach him for gain, striving for a luxurious way of life. Easily changes his beliefs if he feels benefited. Despite the kindness and responsiveness is secretive. The kid is so attached to his parents that it may be too late to create a family.

Goat Baby Health

Despite the external fragility, it has strong health. He loves attention, so he often thinks of illness. Constantly complains, cries a lot, parents will have to learn how to determine how serious the problem is. It is not necessary to go on the occasion of a hypochondriac, instead of endless visits to doctors, it is necessary to accustom it to a healthy lifestyle. Parents should leave their pity aside: the Goat child requires moderate physical activity and hardening.

Mindfulness and self-doubt, a penchant for sad meditation — the causes leading to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is worth to be more attentive to the ration of the baby, for prophylactic purposes to visit the gastroenterologist. A goat kid spends too much time reading books and using a computer screen. The probability of problems with vision is great.

Hobbies of Goat Children

Goats Children do not like to complicate life, so they prefer to do quiet things. Creatively gifted kids draw well, although they do not always have the patience to finish the work. Girls with pleasure knit, boys diligently collect puzzles, master crafts made of cardboard and wood. The children of this sign are enthusiastically engaged in the arrangement of the children’s room, they like to surround themselves with beautiful things.

Children per year Goats can not boast of brilliant results in sports. Try to avoid strong physical exertion, if they visit sports clubs, then rather for the company, and not at their own volition. Do not feel the need to stand out clearly against the background of other children, they like team sports: volleyball, basketball, aerobics. They enjoy spending time in training, but do not like to participate in competitions.

Study for Goat-Child

School years are a serious test for Goats children. Their natural slowness and laziness prevented fully integrating into the educational process. Unruly children are constantly late or forget to do homework. Teachers often complain about their inhibition and indifferent attitude towards learning. Parents will have to constantly monitor the school process, otherwise serious problems are possible: poor performance, school absences.

Children goats are the best humanities. They like to read, they write essays well. Their creative work often wins in numerous contests. The children of this sign are absolutely indifferent to the sport, but they are happy to participate in school amateur performance. They want to play the main characters, but they will perfectly fulfill the role of the second plan. They can be relied on: responsibility and diligence are shown in carrying out important assignments.

How to Raise Your Goat Kid

Parents need to control their baby Goat throughout their lives. At an early age you will have to carefully patronize the baby, always be around, endlessly comforting and helping him. A little later you can limit your advice. Material assistance plays an important role: frivolous representatives of this sign constantly need money. In the case of indifferent attitude of adults, Goat’s life can go awry.

The Goat child is not able to observe the regime of the day, is always late and does not have time. Parents should remind him of urgent matters, accompany them if necessary. Chances are great that he will be so carried away by his thoughts that he will miss classes. It is worth maintaining his communication with responsible children, baby Goat will try to match them.

The child of the Goat sign is not confident in its strength, is experiencing internal tension. Constantly doubts, strongly worries about his failures. Parents should cheer him up, calm him and console him. But at the same time push for decisive action. Otherwise, the baby will not learn to defend his opinion, will spend his whole life in fear and excitement.

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