Horse Child

Children born in the year of the Horse (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026) experience an ineradicable craving for adventure, full of energy and vitality. The horse is the seventh year in the 12-year calendar cycle of the eastern horoscope, the sign is Jan, the element is Fire. A symbol of nobility, endurance, courage. In the East it is considered a friend of man, a defender of evil spirits. Horse Children fully inherit the qualities of the patron animal: impetuous, responsible, energetic.

Children in a year Horses generously share their loved ones with close people. With inexhaustible enthusiasm they study the world around them, they are keenly interested in absolutely everything in the world. They can not sit in four walls, they need a lot of space and fresh air. Children of Horse year — adventurers and pioneers, are in constant movement, a quiet life causes them deep disgust.

Children Born in the Horse Year

Children born in the year of the Horse have a strong will. Perfectly control their emotions, skillfully manage the feelings of the surrounding people. A proud nature does not allow them to demonstrate their own weakness, they rarely ask for help, they practically do not listen to advice. Sudden outbursts of rage of a balanced kid is an important signal for parents, this is a manifestation of internal fears and experiences. Adults should take more care of an overly independent child.

Active and energetic children Horses make friends easily, are extremely devoted to their friends. Do not think that they are so naive and good-natured to believe each of the numerous friends. If necessary, they persistently defend their interests, often show self-confidence and selfishness. May be offended by a harsh word or a caustic comment. But in general, this year’s children are lovely, cheerful people, communication with which brings joy.

Horse Baby Girl

Horse girl — a nice talker and a laugher, a favorite of the family. Able to act quickly and vigorously, for her, in the order of things, combine several things at once. He can chat with enthusiasm, read a book and watch TV, while completely controlling every gesture and every word. She loves to dress up, knows how to profitably emphasize her dignity. Often he is capricious, trying to attract attention to himself. But adults should not bother with their instructions and advice, quickly lose patience and does not consider it necessary to hide that she is fatally bored. Do not think that she is a windy coquette, for all her immediacy she has the ability to clearly achieve the goals.

Horse Baby Boy

Horse boy is independent and often participates in scuffles and fights. He will not tolerate injustice, he fiercely defends his convictions. Loves active games, achieves excellent results in sports. Too quickly out of himself, easily falls into a rage, hard to survive failure. But his bad mood does not last long, after a short time, he again sparkles with optimism and cheerfulness. Differs diligence, persistently achieves his plans. Can reach unprecedented heights in the future, if he learns to restrain his temper. Exposed to passions, very early begins to show interest in the opposite sex, constantly falls in love.

Horse Child Personality

Elements: Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse, Water Horse.

The child of the year has a strong character, stands out clearly against the background of his peers with his independent temper. Strives for freedom, does not tolerate rivalry, demonstrates persistence and determination in the most insignificant cases. It seems simple, open man, loving all people without exception. At the same time it is quick-tempered and irritable, undisciplined and selfish. What will be the baby Horse, quite accurately determines the elements of the year of his birth.

The horse child does not cause trouble for parents. An energetic, active kid prefers to solve his problems on his own. He likes to look older than he really is. Often, unrestrained optimism is replaced by a sad, depressed mood, at which time it is better to leave it alone with your thoughts. He quickly comes to form, again begins to conquer the peaks. Natural cheerfulness, hard work, sharp mind — the components of the success and prosperity of the child of the Horse year.

Baby Horse from an early age is active, parents will have to accept that their society can not fully satisfy an energetic baby. He must shine and subjugate the surrounding people with his love of life. He enjoys spending time with his peers, and aspires to take a leading position. Growing up, trying to choose a profession that involves active communication: a teacher, an interpreter, a manager, a tour operator.

Horse Baby Health

Baby Horse is so active and energetic that often gets injured and bruised. There is a risk of fractures and strains, with age, there may be problems with joints. Despite strong physical exertion, inclined to fullness, too fond of eating. Parents should monitor the baby’s diet, it is necessary to limit consumption of flour and sweet.

Spitfire and irritability negatively affect the baby’s nervous system. Mood swings, strong negative emotions at an early age lead to headaches. Over time, diseases of the cardiovascular system can occur. In adolescence, attempts to relax, to return a positive attitude, often turn into a hobby for alcohol and drugs. Parents should carefully monitor the health and behavior of their Horse child.

Hobbies of Horse Children

The interests and interests of the children of this sign largely depend on their temperament. Calm kids prefer to spend time at home, like to read, draw well. With enthusiasm put home plays, involving all members of the family in the process. Active children spend all their free time in the yard playing with their peers. Seriously fond of sports: riding, running, jumping, swimming.

Children of Horse year are strongly adhered to animals, with pleasure look after their pets. Carefully study special literature, consult with specialists. Parents should support their hobby: communication with animals disciplines, develops a sense of responsibility. The best pastime for children of this sign is visiting the zoo or living corner.

Study for Horse-Child

Freedom-loving nature of Horse can not stand frames and strict boundaries. It is difficult for a child of this sign to sit in four walls, his monotonous activity tires him. Boys constantly find out the relationship with their classmates, starting fights. Parents will have to listen more than once to unflattering reviews of teachers. It will take a lot of effort to make the child learn to arrive on time in time, was attentive throughout the lesson.

Sharp mind, natural curiosity, purposefulness — qualities that allow the child to learn the horse well enough. If desired, can receive only excellent grades, but sometimes he lacks the will and patience. A schoolboy needs a wise mentor, who will be able to attract and interest him, help in choosing a future profession. Achieves great success in sports, often takes prizes in inter school competitions. In terms of physical development, he has no equal.

How to Raise Your Horse Kid

Horse child — an independent nature, requires a special relationship. Parents should exercise tact and patience, otherwise they will lose the confidence of the obstinate baby. The child will prefer to leave home as soon as possible in order to fully enjoy freedom. It is necessary to skillfully interest him, involve him in the game, and not strictly order and demand. Only in this case it is possible to achieve from it the desired result.

The child of this Chinese sign is radiant with optimism, easily perceives any changes, quickly adapts to new conditions. Parents do not have to worry about changing their place of residence or transferring to another school. The only problem is discipline. It is necessary to teach the child to order from an early age, he must understand that in life there are strict limitations and rules.

Horse baby seems self-assured and bold, but often prone to fears. He would never admit his weakness, prefer to break the bad mood on others without explaining the reasons. Parents should develop in him the ability to calmly experience failure. It is necessary to teach the child to direct the negative energy of destruction into a peaceful channel.

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