Monkey Child

Children born in the year of the Monkey (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028) live bright, full of events full of events. Monkey — the ninth sign of the eastern horoscope, characterized as Yang, is associated with the element of Metal. It symbolizes the mind, resourcefulness. Children in the year Monkeys are deft and agile kids, always ready for new adventures.

Parents will have to get used to the stormy temperament of the Monkey child. Every minute of the life of an inquisitive, active kid is full of surprises. Strives to understand all the events happening on their own without the participation of adults. Self-confident and vain child quickly loses interest in activities that require perseverance and attention. An unreliable and erratic kid often brings close people.

Children Born in the Monkey Year

Children born in the year of the Monkey, have a rare talent – to enjoy life in any of its manifestations. They never lose heart, they prefer not to complain, but to act. Their head is full of the most daring ideas, as it is possible to diversify boring everyday life. Liked to spend time with friends, easily find a common language even with the most withdrawn children. But many people consider them too frivolous, talkative people, so avoid the obsessive attention of the Monkeys children.

Children ot the Monkey year seem charming creatures, capable only of innocuous tricks. But they easily go on deception, they try to create comfortable living conditions at the expense of other people. The trick is just a way to achieve the desired result. Do not like to work long and hard, the most insignificant obstacles confuse them. Do everything to make life filled with only pleasant events, sometimes to the detriment of the interests of loved ones.

Monkey Baby Girl

The Monkey Girl is a coquette, deftly manipulating the feelings of the surrounding people. From an early age, he enjoyed success with boys. A lively and direct girl evokes a sense of admiration. Likes to dress up, and even more — to sing and dance. It is a real pleasure, speaking at children’s matinees. Do not expect from her thoughtful actions, capricious and unpredictable girl always follows their interests. He does not like to cook and clean, does not want to become a wonderful hostess. A cozy life, a measured life cause boredom in it. She was born for adventure and travel, washing the floors and pans do not fit into her notion of a luxurious life.

Monkey Baby Boy

Monkey boy is ready for any action just to not sit around, boredom — the worst enemy of the children of this sign. Often gets involved in questionable business, too much craving for adventure. Often there is not enough patience to bring the business to the end, especially if difficulties arise. But thanks to the mind and vital grasp reaches unprecedented heights. He will not hesitate and be embarrassed, he easily asks for help, has the talent to acquire the necessary acquaintances. The ambitious boy believes that he deserves all the best, by all means achieves recognition, does not shun deception.

Monkey Child Personality

Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

Baby Monkey is an intelligent, talented, cheerful kid. Educating him is easy enough, parents often act as observers. The independent and vigorous child stubbornly moves toward the intended goals, although they often change, but this is in the order of things for the children of this sign. The patronage of the animal and the elements of the year of birth quite clearly define the basic traits of character: dexterity, mobility, intelligence, sociability, impermanence, quick temper.

Ambitious baby Monkey believes in his success, not for a moment does not doubt his talents. Can take place in life if it becomes more patient. Quickly tired of monotonous activity, he likes to live bright and fun. Brilliantly solves financial issues, cleverly establishes contacts, does not neglect dubious methods: lies, intrigues. Recommended profession: journalist, actor, financier, teacher, engineer, manager.

The child of the Monkey year has an easy, sociable nature, surrounded by numerous friends. He tirelessly devises ways to entertain himself and his comrades. Has a great sense of humor, the ability to laugh at yourself often helps out in difficult moments of life. But it can be cruel and vindictive, it is hard for him to admit defeat. He often argues, emotionally defends his point of view, but without fanaticism. He has excellent acting data, easily tries on a variety of images.

Monkey Baby Health

The baby Monkey lives full life, it seems that the diseases bypass it. He has an excellent appetite, likes to eat deliciously, tries to participate himself in cooking fairly simple dishes. Can have problems with being overweight, parents will have to constantly limit it in consuming sweet and fatty foods. The active kid spends a lot of energy during the day, but this is not an occasion to feed him with hearty dishes.

Monkey baby quite easily suffers a cold and runny nose. Danger is the disease of the respiratory system, with age, a tendency to allergies. Despite the activity and cheerfulness, the kid is prone to sad reflections, painfully experiencing his own failure. Possible, problems with the nervous system. Fortunately, the child has enough zest for it to be depressed for a long time.

Hobbies of Monkey Children

The Baby Monkey will not sit quietly away from all the children, quietly doing his own thing. It attracts noisy games, it does not matter if there are no musical instruments in the house, the kid can perform any melody on improvised objects. It’s better to write it to a music school and a dance group. Children of this sign adore attention, with pleasure they will perform on stage, tearing off loud applause.

Children of Monkey year have a sharp mind, they like to solve puzzles, they like to play chess. With pleasure visit mugs and additional classes. Moreover, collective creativity brings sociable children great pleasure. They achieve good results in sports: tennis, volleyball, athletics. Although some Monkeys love only intellectual activity, they can write stories and poems.

Study for Monkey-Child

Monkey child likes to go to school, most of all he likes to communicate with classmates. Excellent gets along with teachers, always kind and friendly schoolboy is considered the favorite of teachers. No event can not do without an active pupil of the Monkey, he knows absolutely everything: singing, dancing, reciting poems. His efforts are always rewarded, the child can boast of a huge number of letters.

Monkey schoolkid sometimes breaks discipline, but usually leprosy goes to him. He studies rather steadily in all subjects, shows diligence and diligence in studying foreign languages. But it can be too impulsive, can not prepare for the lesson, because he was tired or was busy with a more interesting thing. Parents should monitor the performance of homework, unfortunately, believe the word apprentice Monkey can not.

How to Raise Your Monkey Kid

Child Monkey has the ability to instantly get involved in a new business for himself, but quickly enough loses interest in him. It is only necessary to appear on the road to the most insignificant obstacle, as the kid tries to switch to another, easier activity. It is necessary to teach him patience and discipline, it is unacceptable to be frivolous in the most important matters.

The child of the Monkey year is sociable, and talks a lot with all the people around him for a long time. Sometimes his attention can be too intrusive, does not know the measures in jokes and fun. Parents should take a closer look at his upbringing. The child should be polite, but unobtrusive. You can communicate with people, showing tact and good manners.

Monkey child differs mind, is able to show perseverance in achieving the desired goals. But most often lazy, prefers to cheat and deceive. Has the ability to easily rub in the confidence, perfectly accustomed to any role, often gets involved in dubious cases. He tries to succeed without effort. Parents will have to restrain his adventurous ardor, otherwise a frivolous attitude towards life will necessarily lead to significant problems.

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