Ox Child

Children born in the year of the Ox (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021), from an early age are distinguished by a serious approach to life. Ox (Bull) — the second sign in the Chinese horoscope, is characterized as Yin, is associated with the element of Earth. Symbolizes strength, reliability, diligence. Children of the Ox year from a young age are aimed at success, they are trying to make their dreams come true.

The Ox baby pleases parents with his meek disposition. Always reserved, quiet kid quietly engaged in their own affairs, without distracting adults. But it can demonstrate absolutely opposite qualities: irritability, quick temper. In anger, he does not control himself at all. Parents should be prepared for any surprises: the Ox baby is a complex, contradictory nature.

Children Born in the Ox Year

Children in the Ox year are obedient toddlers, adults like their complaisant character. Carefully perform all the instructions of parents, rarely express their displeasure. Calm behavior is not explained by a weak-willed character, but by a desire to help close people. Do not be deceived: shyness hides a decisive character. If the child does not agree with the opinion of the parents, it is almost impossible to change his mind. In matters of importance for himself, he shows perseverance and stubbornness.

Ox Children are distinguished by their endurance and diligence. It seems that there are no obstacles for them. They never complain, they do not try to provoke sympathy and condescension. Persistently move along the planned path, with dignity overcoming any difficulties. They are rarely understood by peers, too serious Ox children often remain alone. From an early age, they are building ambitious plans for the future, while friends spend their time in idle idleness. Try to calculate each step, hard to get used to the changes in the usual way of life.

Ox Baby Girl

Ox girl — a real hostess, faithful mother’s assistant. Loves cleanliness and order, loves cooking. Any activity easily entrains a girl, she likes to see the fruits of her work. Surrounding touches touching diligence baby, it seems fragile creature. But behind the sweet exterior lies a solid character, all emotions are under control. She does not like gossips and intrigues, her friends know that she can be trusted with the most terrible secret. Instead of idle chatter, he prefers to spend time for useful lessons. It attracts the world of art, likes to attend exhibitions, theatrical performances.

Ox Baby Boy

Ox boy from early years demonstrates real masculine qualities: practicality, reliability, diligence. Trying to look calm and confident, but behind the external coolness skillfully hides his doubts and fears. A physically developed boy has excellent health, likes to play sports. At the same time it has excellent mental abilities, since early years has shown interest in designing. He prefers to spend time at work, children’s leprosy seem to him unnecessary pampering. If he takes part in the game, requires complete submission from peers, does not accept disputes and objections.

Ox Child Personality

Elements: Wood Ox, Fire Ox, Earth Ox, Metal Ox, Water Ox.

The child of the year of the Ox is practically an ideal being. Silent, purposeful kid amazes with his diligence, responsible approach to the smallest task. Completely lost in conflict situations, does not like to find out the relationship, can flare up and say superfluous. In anger, it becomes uncontrollable, capable of causing physical harm. The Ox child surprisingly combines contradictory qualities, which of them will turn out to be dominant depends on the elements of the year of birth.

Children of the Ox year from the early years show practicality and frugality. Rarely capricious, parents are so fond of that they try not to worry about trifles. Touchingly guard their peace, do not load their problems. Boys are happy to play with old cars and designers. They possess logical and spatial thinking, they create new constructions from the simplest details. Girls are wonderful needlewomen, they can easily make a toy for themselves.

Ox Baby is an honest and decent person. Always speaks the truth in person, feels disgusted with disgust towards deceivers and intriguers. Excessive straightforwardness leads to conflicts with peers. The kid does not have enough tact and patience in dealing with children, does not know how to yield and adjust to common interests. Parents should teach the child to treat humor with humor, too serious approach to life creates additional difficulties and problems.

Ox Baby Health

Ox Children are distinguished by excellent health. Firms with a blush on the cheek please parents with a good appetite. Physically developed babies enjoy spending time outdoors, like moving games. It should be closely monitored by vigorous children, the likelihood of injuries and bruises is high. Otherwise, the state of their health does not cause serious concern.

Children in the Ox year are diligent, they spend a lot of time behind books. Parents should pay attention to the state of the eye, especially in the school period. Obligatory is the preventive visit of an ophthalmologist. The responsible child of the Ox sign can easily follow the doctor’s instructions. Most likely, it will be possible to avoid serious problems.

Hobbies of Ox Children

The children of this sign are generously gifted with talents, along with excellent physical data have a sharp mind and a wonderful memory. Boys from an early age love to fiddle with designers, are well versed in the most complex mechanisms. Parents can write the Ox boy in the sports section, he will achieve brilliant results in the shortest possible time. A hardy and hard-working kid must prove himself in sports: weightlifting, football, long-distance running.

Girls are wonderful needlewomen, they are fond of cutting and sewing. They like to invent new dishes, they cook with pleasure and treat their loved ones with their culinary masterpieces. Representatives of this sign gravitate to the ground, work in the garden or garden calms, gives a sense of stability. Therefore, parents should encourage the girl’s hobbies, you can buy her houseplants in beautiful pots.

Study for Ox-Child

Ox Schoolkid shows a commendable effort in the study of all subjects. The best sciences are given, especially the lessons of computer science. From it can turn out a good programmer or specialist in finance. Has a subtle artistic taste, draws well. Experiencing a real passion for reading, often the parent has to take the book out so that the naughty child goes to bed.

In his relations with his classmates he has difficulties, too stubbornly defends his point of view. Often neglects the opinion of the team, above all puts its own interests. Parents and teachers should teach the Ox child to be more compliant in communicating with peers, otherwise conflicts are unavoidable. It should be as often as possible to involve him in public activities: participation in sports and school activities will help to establish relations with the class.

How to Raise Your Ox Kid

In dealing with a child, the Ox should show patience, respect for his opinion. The main secret of warm relations is trust. In case of misunderstanding, the child will close in himself, will not share his experiences. With gratitude accept any help, even if he does not ask for it. Needs the support and love of parents, answers them with infinite devotion.

Wise parents will not try the patience of the Ox baby, checking for strength of his endurance. The kid always obeys adults, strictly observes the daily routine, fulfills the duties assigned to him in the house. It should be praised and encouraged by his efforts, but not criticized. The child can become angry, stubborn and stop perceiving the comments of the parents.

The child of the Ox year takes his life too seriously, looks for logic and meaning in everything. It’s hard for a kid to put up with the fact that people around him live different interests, do not understand and do not appreciate him. You should play with him as often as possible, organize outings for nature, invite friends to your home. The kid must learn to live in the interests of society, calmly perceive someone else’s point of view and at least sometimes share it.

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