Pig Child

Children born in the year of the Pig (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031) have a strong, but at the same time gentle, kind character. Pig (Boar) — the last year in the 12-year cycle of the eastern calendar, the sign — Yin, the element — Water. It symbolizes patience, kindness, naivete. The children of this year trust the people too much, they are completely defenseless before the evil.

Children in the Pig year are distinguished by rare cheerfulness, optimistic children never lose heart. It is impossible to imagine a sad child of this sign, he finds happiness in small things: communication with close people and friends, favorite toys, delicious food. In his soul there is no malice and hatred, it is easy to forgive even the enemies. He believes that life is given for happiness, any problems are easily solved, the main thing is health, a positive attitude.

Children Born in the Pig Year

Pigs Children — kind, sensitive nature, enthusiastically rush to help even unfamiliar people. From an early age they show nobility in games with peers, try not to offend the weak, quietly share even the most favorite toys. Behind kindness lies a determined nature, always follow their goals, but act gently and tactfully, without offending the dignity of others. The child of the Pig is very attached to the family, for him devotion and loyalty are the most important qualities.

Children in the year of Pig are so simple that they easily lead to tricks of deceivers. It seems that their credulity borders on stupidity, but this is a feature of the character. Smart, determined kids naively believe absolutely everything that they are told. An extremely honest child does not understand such features of the nature of some people as cunning, a tendency to intrigue. Live a difficult life filled with disappointment.

Pig Baby Girl

Pig girl — a gentle nature, needing care and understanding. Too naive, it is easy to pity her, she willingly believes the most incredible stories. A kind and heartfelt girl takes to heart the troubles of her close people, sincerely sympathizes, tries to help. He never argues, even if he is sure of his rightness. Soft and compliant girl prefers, silently experience their grievances, does not act up and does not require increased attention. She is very attached to her parents and often gives them gifts made with her own hands. Happy, when the family reigns love and understanding, for the peace of the family is ready to sacrifice their interests. The Pig girl is absolutely not mercantile, does not seek to surround herself with expensive things.

Pig Baby Boy

Pig boy — a valiant knight with a good heart. Strongly achieves its goals, but behaves with dignity, dispenses with intrigue and deceit. The little boy draws his peers with his mind, reads a lot, knows countless interesting stories. He treats his friends with great respect, it is impossible to imagine the circumstances under which he would go to deception. He does not know how to forgive traitors, this is the only time when he can show cruelty and anger. Boy Pig in a rage does not control their emotions at all, can get into a fight. He has no equal in sports, a physically strong child easily defeats opponents.

Pig Child Personality

Elements: Wood Pig, Fire Pig, Earth Pig, Metal Pig, Water Pig.

Pig in the East — a symbol of purity, nobility, prosperity. The patronage of this animal largely determines the character traits of children born in the year of Pig: honesty, determination, reliability, goodwill. They are distinguished by a calm, peaceful nature, leading them out of themselves — a difficult task. But if the child of the Year is angry, becomes uncontrollable, shows negative character traits: vindictiveness, cruelty, stubbornness. Much in the behavior and habits of the children of the Year of the Pig depends on the elements of the year of birth.

The child of the Pig sign is optimistic, sincerely happy every day. He likes to spend time in the company of friends, does not like quarrels and curses, nobly concedes in disputes. It is impossible to consider the child of the year a pig as a weak-willed person, if necessary, shows firmness and determination. He just likes to see happy faces around him, in his heart he is a peacemaker. The profession of a psychologist or teacher is suitable for him.

The Pig child is distinguished by intelligence and discretion, carefully weighs each step. For him, a quick-tempered, erratic behavior is not the norm. It affects parents with their unpretentiousness, willingness to endure inconveniences. Adults should not abuse his gentleness and goodwill. There is no doubt that the baby will believe any explanation of the parents, agree to the most unfavorable conditions. But his trustfulness can be taken advantage of by swindlers, therefore it is necessary to teach the child to distinguish truth and lies from an early age.

Pig Baby Health

From birth, baby Pig is distinguished by strong health, which is especially pleasing to parents — excellent appetite. Teachers endlessly praise the child and set him as an example to other children. But in his love of food can lead to a big problem — excess weight. Particularly clearly the propensity to fullness is manifested in adolescence, when a child tries to get his troubles and problems. Parents will have to make efforts to have their child had a fit, athletic figure.

Strong immunity of the child Pigs allows him to tolerate a cold on his legs. The good-natured kid, despite the easy, cheerful nature, is inclined to deep reflections. Experiences often remain unsaid, the child must be able to rid himself of negative emotions: a constant strain causes disturbances in the work of internal organs. The probability of diseases of the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract is great.

Hobbies of Pig Children

Children in the Pigs year from an early age show their talents. It seems that they are able to roll mountains, if they so wish. Have a delicate taste, beautifully painted. Earlier peers begin to read, quite often they come up with funny stories. Possess the ability to collect the most complex models, consisting of many details. In designing and modeling, they have no equal.

Children Pigs — physically developed kids, with pleasure are engaged in a variety of sports: tennis, running, skating, basketball. Try not to skip training, diligently fulfill all the requirements of mentors. In their free time they communicate with their peers in the yard, prefer moving games. They like to spend time in a team, do not standalone.

Study for Pig-Child

Child Pig shows diligence and diligence in studying the most difficult subjects. It is impossible to imagine him among the lagging disciples. Equally, well in both the exact and humanitarian sciences. Always in a good mood, a good disposition of the spirit, he does not hold. He never argues with teachers, he willingly makes concessions. If there is a need to stay after the lessons, it always meets teachers.

Sociable Pig loves to be in the thick of things. He takes part in amateur performances with pleasure: he paints scenery with inspiration, diligently gets used to the role. Do not argue and defend his vision of the character, willingly makes concessions to the director. Child Pig — the soul of the class, maintaining friendly relations with all.

How to Raise Your Pig Kid

In the nature of the child, there is no such quality as harmfulness. Parents can be sure that the kid always acts honestly and nobly. If there is a tension in family relationships, there is a serious reason for this. Adults should act deliberately, trying not to offend the kid with a careless word or rude actions.

Baby Pig is so kind that he is ready to sacrifice his interests even for the sake of unfamiliar people. Responsiveness is good quality, but life is full of various events, a poet often needs to exercise firmness and determination. Parents from an early age should teach the baby to take into account their needs first, only then pay attention to the needs of other people. Kindness and blind gullibility are two different things.

Child Pig too inspiring, often it attracts not the best things. Maybe for the company addicted to alcohol and drugs. He does not see anything terrible in friends with a bad reputation, especially if they are skillfully flattered and showered with compliments. Parents should closely monitor the environment of their child, only in their power to protect him from the negative impact.

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